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Car Mod List



This is a simple list of non-stock components that I have put on the 02, plus those in the future when they happen. I will add photos where/when I can.


  • Italian Weber 45 DCOEs
  • Vintage Cannon 2 piece intake manifold and rod-style linkage
  • 8mm spark plug wires
  • 123Ignition distributor
  • Oil pan baffle and windage tray
  • Mechanical fuel pump delete (now electric in trunk)
  • Vintage (and kind of small) long tube header of unknown brand or origin
  • Condor solid mounts
  • IE sidedraft silicone coolant hoses (blue)
  • Ebay special 50mm aluminum radiator
  • 14" electric fan (mechanical fan delete)


  • Unknown brand 80s lowering springs (gold paint, anyone know?)
  • Bilsteins strut inserts/shocks all around from the 80s, unknown mileage
  • Old fixed camber plates (just an offset for the stock strut hats)
  • IE offset roll center spacers
  • Boxed and reinforced front control arms
  • Black poly bushings in all front suspension points (haven't gone through the rear yet)
  • Reinforced motor mounts and front subframe


  • Haven't even gotten there yet


  • I guess currently none after the header is technically an answer (sorry neighbors)


  • AKG chassis-mount short shifter with white DTM style knob (4 speed)
  • Condor poly trans mount


  • 14x6 (might be 7, will check) vintage Panasports


  • A few custom small dents in the hood and roof from when the PO was having roof work done on the garage the car was stored in


  • There isnt any currently haha
  • Vintage MOMO Lauda wheel, 11/80, 350mm


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