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SAVE THE BAUR - 1 The First Sight




As many of you know, my great love for BMW 02 dates back to my childhood, so when the opportunity to acquire and save from the junkyard this special and exclusive car, I couldn't resist.


My relationship with this "friend" began many many years ago, If I remember correctly… in 1997.


At that time I was studying Management at the University. When I started at the Business School, my parents gave me my first car, the car of my dreams, a 1974 BMW 2002, which I restored and still have.


At that time, my BMW 2002 had a lot of work to be done, so in order to save some money, I used to spend a lot of time in my cousins' workshop, doing the work myself. While my friends were celebrating and partying, I was in the workshop fixing something.


One day while I was in the workshop, a friend of my cousin arrived saying that some people were selling him a BMW 2002 convertible.


Really, a BMW 2002 convertible? Initially I imagined that someone had cut the roof off a regular sedan and now he wanted to sell it, but I couldn't pass the invitation to go see the car for sale.


I remember that we arrived at an autoparts warehouse, we asked the person at the counter, who made us go to the back of the warehause and there was (to my surprise) a beautiful white BMW 2002 Targa Baur. You must have seen my astonished face!!!


Well, to make a long story short, my cousin ended up buying the car. The following years he used it very little and in the year 2006 he decided to restore it completely. By that time his shop had closed, so he took it to an ex-employee's shop to get the job done.


These photos were taken in 2006, at the time of loading the car into the transport to be taken to restoration.


Best regards,



Juan Carlos González

Phone: +57 301 238 4937

IG: juancagonzalez2002 

IG: savethebaur

FB: Zundfolge 1342

FB: BMW 2002 Madness










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