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Hilton Head Legends of the Autobahn



Attended the 2022 Legends of the Autobahn East in conjunction with the Hilton Head Concours.


Drove Vern down to Hilton Head over 2 days with my friends Wayne Killen with his 1987 Mercedes 190e 2.3 16v Cosworth & Doug Dolan with his 1972 S38 M Powered 3.0 CS.


Spent Thursday detailing our cars at the rented beach house with a 3 car garage.


Vern & I  competed in the 2002 Class with Stuart Oberman's 1974 2002 Tii & Tim Wing's 1974 Turbo.


The juddge had his work cut out for himself. In the end, each 2002 was separated by 1 point.


Vern 3rd, Stuart 2nd & Tim 1st. 



Vern Legends Rear View.jpeg


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