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  1. I could use the driver side tan armrest that has the top piece on it-I really just need the top piece. It looks like the armrest from an E9 from the photo. I might be able to help you with 2002 parts. I bought my '02 48 years ago last Sunday.  Send me an email to  [email protected]  Thanks, Drew

  2. Need to buy the manual trim ring gear assembly part# 54 12 9 734 133. That's the oval chrome piece above the crank handle.
  3. @TodB The IPhone protractor angles were probably off 1 degree due to the levels of our garages. We know the angle differences between the cars' back glass is 10 to 12 degrees.
  4. I just used an app on my IPhone-Protractor. Laying the phone on the center outside top of the CS coupe glass, the angle is 32 degrees. The angle on the '02 is 44 degrees in the same center top spot. How does that angle measure up to your light housing edge for the 2002?
  5. Looks like several of us have both the coupe and '02. With most of the vehicles on the road today being twice as high as our vintage cars,the OEM tail lights are not seen very well. This light should be in all the older Bimmers.
  6. Chris is the one who told me about your light. I'll wait until he gives us a report. Driving in South FLA. was tough even before drivers had their eyes glued to their cell phones. I really need a light that can be seen,day or night! GR8 design!
  7. 1972 2002 original owner

    1973 3.0CS

    2001 X5 original owner

    2017 Mercedes GLE 43 AMG

  8. Hal--I have a '72 2002 and a '73 3.0CS coupe. Will your light fit the CS window profile ? Thanks, Drew
  9. Coop--Just wondering about your '72 2002 in Baikal with the Tobacco interior. Does it have a sunroof? I bought my car in Charlotte on 5-31-72. It's Malaga (sunroof) with the Tobacco interior. The Baikal 2002 I originally ordered was in Tennessee and sold out from under me. I always wondered what happened to that car. My 2002 is in my garage.
  10. Euro style rear license plate frame
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