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does anyone know where to get this metal strip around frame?



does anyone know where to get this metal strip around frame?

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its on allmost all 02's. Its a metal strip that has all pieces around frame  held on by rivets

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I have those pieces of strip {(came in two (2) pieces on my '71 2002 (that I bought new and still have)}. 


I haven't installed them after a full body restoration which took me about 4 (or is it 5) years and counting, because I couldn't source the very rivets you are talking about.  


I'll be taking the front windshield out of a '76 that is waiting its turn...to either become a box stock original or a modified beast...IF the latter becomes the case, and it has those metal strips, I'll make them available on here but will send you a PM first is you are still in the market for them then.  Whew!  

Regards, Maurice.(i.e., "schoir" here)

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Duh! Those rivets were not the cause of the yet uninstalled front windshield...I was... and what remains in the way of that installation is the removal of the tar pads on the floorboards (no dry ice available during Covid and counting), the installation of a new headliner, and then I can try to figure out how to get brass rivets such as the ones 02Rescue described in the OP.

Metric Brass rivets source anyone?

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