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  1. kbmb02

    S14 remote oil filter

    Jim’s right on the loss of area - surprised not to see the mathematical equation. As a person who cuts open M10 oil filters regularly, I’ve observed the filter elements typically aren’t close to ‘forgeign material holding capacity’ on a good-running engine (if I understand your post correctly). All bets are off when a bearing spins ... the debris in the pleats is substantial. -KB
  2. kbmb02

    FS: E21 Recaro Seats.

    Bump with price reduction, to an even $1k.
  3. kbmb02

    S14 remote oil filter

    If you got the remote filer adapter route, I have a number of them (new, almost-new, used) - I would trade + cash for the S14 filter head. -KB
  4. Here’s one opinion: That rust to the right of the vertical support which holds the ‘pedal through bolt’ may be cause for concern; weak enough and left as-is, the bad scenario is you push the brake pedal and the vertical support tears / collapses. (At that point, you’re hoping your parking brake is fully functional.) This is not intended to minimize the time/effort of fixing or replacing the pedal box - not exactly fun. -KB
  5. Added this M10 stroker engine build to the list of projects...
  6. kbmb02

    FS: E21 Recaro Seats.

    A pair of E21 Recaro seats. I’d call them ‘3-tone’ - black vinyl, and an ‘off-black’ bolster fabric and embossed-like seat and back. They include the OEM seat adapters (note: I will remove the 2002 factory sliders shown in the photos before sale). All the plastic bits and handles are present. Driver side tilt works fine, on passenger side the metal ‘release’ lever (at the hinge) is sticky, but I believe it can be coaxed to work (the release cable is present and connected, and tugs on the lever). Straps underneath have been replaced. Vinyl to the side of one headrest cracked, but not torn. You can bolt your own sliders to these, install them and enjoy the huggy fit which makes these popular. Those looking for restored, concourse seats ought keep searching ... or, buy these and refinish them. If you have questions about function, PM is best. I’d prefer local, cash sale, and such buyer would get priority.
  7. kbmb02

    WTB Roundie Taillamp Lenses

    If (and only if) his aren’t excellent enough for you, I have a set. (I presume you want the original units, and not the URO repros). -KB
  8. kbmb02

    Hazard Switch?

    I’m quite-certain I have one of the switches, @rcf925 - shoot me a PM if you’re still looking. -KB
  9. Sold - thanks, @2002#2
  10. Rebuilt 2002 steering box - this from a handful I sent out for rebuild, completing only those with good gears, replacing any/all brass bushings as needed (most got new bushings), re-shimmed, and with new seals. No core charge. Add shipping of $20 anywhere in the U.S.A.
  11. kbmb02

    Output flanges

    Correct. To use the E30 or E36 LSD carrier, you need fine-splined output flanges as shown in photo #2. (I have heard of a person/company who cuts and splices the early and late flanges together, but have not tested or seen one in person.). -KB
  12. kbmb02

    Ignition switch

    I may have one ... will send you PM. -KB
  13. kbmb02

    M10 Crankshaft Mystery

    Not in my experience. In fact, I have M10 crankshafts* checked and straightened before each build (and yeah - about 75% of them require some straightening). -KB