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  1. Perhaps you’ve done a 5 speed swap, and have one around... I’m looking for a solid pedal box from an automatic. Please PM or reply if you’ve got one, shipped to 90813. Thanks, -KB
  2. Thanks. If you have experience with this, what are benefits / drawbacks of ceramic clear coat vs ano process? -KB
  3. The info I was looking for - thanks, @Conserv and thanks, @Delia (I like that vintage photo ... just after the Polaroid days?) -KB
  4. I’m restoring a set of aluminum bumpers (yes, the project / owner commands that). Anodization was stripped off, they are now nicely polished. Does anyone know of / have photos of what the aluminum big bumpers looked like when brand new? Where they mirror shiny? (Which would suggest anodize over brite dip.) Or, were they semi-shiny? (Which would suggest anodize only.) Some discussion in this topic, quite-sure chrome wasn’t the answer. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/149129-aluminum-bumper-polish-question/ Thanks. -KB
  5. Good price for a rebuild unit.
  6. See below. -KB https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/216109-upper-strut-mount-failure/
  7. Yes, that support bracket. In race applications, I've seen serious performance issues when the downdraft manifold isn't supported. A reminder that it was there for a reason. -KB
  8. From an installation point, that’s a benefit. Else: Consider fabricating a bracket, etc., to replicate the function of the factory support which fits the OEM intake manifold (think about that carb and combined weight hanging there of the side of the engine). -KB
  9. Thanks, Jim. Cobble indeed, Mike. I'll be adding the holes in proper location and installing drain hoses. -KB
  10. Thanks - and agreed, I’ve not seen them routed another way from the factory (though I never rule-out missing something). Oh - wait - there’s this, which I found when taking apart the passenger side. Custom! -KB
  11. I’ve got a 1972 2002 here undergoing some metal work (repairing the prior lousy attempt at rust repair), and discovered an issue or anomaly: The car has a sunroof, but has no sunroof drains/tubes forward of the A pillar behind the front fender. Did the factory route the drain tubes in any other fashion, other than as shown in the images? (Frankly - based on what I’m discovering - my guess is the/a prior hack may have added a sunroof top, but didn’t bother to add drains). Photos show without drains, and metal form a car with drains. -KB
  12. My race car has a QR steering box - I guess I've (now) got stronger arms than you (insert smiley icon thingy here). And/or, smaller, vintage tires, with less grip? -KB
  13. A rebuilt set I found on the shelf (well, I think these are 1600, or are they?). -KB
  14. Smooth driving. Is that a quick-ratio steering box? -KB

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