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  1. And, keep in mind - the "10:1 compression piston" is an 'estimate'. They don't know the volume of your head chamber (typically smaller than stock if it's been surfaced), how much the block has been surfaced, etc. That said, choice of camshaft overlap can make 10:1 build more friendly. -KB
  2. Try this (a feature I like to use to minimize clutter (etc) from select individuals): https://www.bmw2002faq.com/ignore/
  3. Get one of those (^) Hazet boxes and mate it up with a (vintage) Hazet trolley....
  4. For those doing an M20 engine swap mated with a Getrag 245 gearbox (the 5 speed O/D, or C/R version), this is the front cover housing (aka 'bell housing') with the M20 bolt pattern to fit on the 245 series transmission. Shipping cost will be added, or pick up locally in Southern California. Please send PM for inquiries. -KB (note: freshly-rebuilt 245 O/D gearbox available ... not cheap.)
  5. Yes - I've got them in 3 of the 2002's racing out of my shop. Send pm for more info. -KB
  6. Not specifically for sale ... but, send me a PM and make offer, I’ll forward to customer (the turbo and remainder of the parts are all there). -KB
  7. Hardy & Beck sighting (this just arrived for a investigative tear-down and rebuild). -KB
  8. I've dabbled in two types of vintage vehicles: the VW Bus, and the BMW 2002. Admittedly, neither of those hobbies/ventures began 'knowing' where the value or market would go; I just happened to like the vehicles, and they were quite reasonable when I got into them. Fortunate to snag a few 02's when I did - some future restorations here, some future race cars. -KB
  9. Another opinion: Part of the magic is the correct camshaft, distributor curve and tuning. My experience: I can’t think of a street car I’ve worked on where - after installing a 38/38 on an M10 - someone has said, “Wait, let’s put that 32/36 back on.” -KB. -> will leave racing a 38/38 discussion for another time...
  10. All the new Weber DGV-body carbs I’ve seen lately have a pressed-in inlet fitting. I remove that inlet fitting (carb top removed and on the bench), and tap with a 1/8 - 27 NPT and install a matching (tapered) fitting. The 90° unit makes it tidy. -KB
  11. Adding (this had been noted before, by Toby, et alia) Some of the later (215 mm?) flywheels - like the one in your photo - were not heat treated / surface hardened around the bolt holes. The installation of those later units typically included a hardened steel ring (BMW calls it a shim - p/n 11221262827) which fit between the flywheel bolts and the flywheel. Here’s a photo of a flywheel from an M10/2002 which bears witness of the heat treatment around the mounting holes. -KB
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