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  1. I wasn't there. However, I think it's reasonable to believe that a group working on Porsche engines for the factory racing team tested in such a fashion. "Because, race car." -KB (...a little-less skeptical than Jim...)
  2. Semi-related: A fellow who stops by my shop now and then worked for Porsche Motorsports on 906 engines and such ... talks about picking up 20+ horsepower polishing and coating the inside of the case. For some, any measurable improvement is worth the effort (he often encourages me to do it, haven’t as of yet). I’ll add that there are a few places on an M10 block which - I believe - can benefit from some massaging/polishing, removal of ‘flash’, etc. -KB
  3. 0.004" on a cast piston IS worn out. Check your memory ... that is, if you're thinking of 2618 alloy forged pistons. -KB
  4. No need to apologize, in my opinion, for wanting a return on your effort and time investment. Keep it / save it / cut it up for parts. Enjoy. -KB
  5. Long Beach, CA (best to PM me ... don’t check here often). -KB
  6. Picked up a couples sets of 2002 calipers I had rebuilt, finished in black zinc plating (not flawless but presentable, I think they will look good behind a set of wheels with ‘open’ design). -KB
  7. May depend on cam grind / specs ... seems prudent to ask the engine builder (likewise, ask if head bolts should be re-torqued, and any other recommendations). I like to keep a record of any clearances which change, and then re-check next time (doing so can tell you a bit about tune, wear, etc). -KB
  8. Those, too, are factory / OEM rocker arms, with a 'race prep' treatment. (the red anodization on the shaft locks is a nice touch). -KB
  9. Curious: Is there a difference between “knock-off’ and “modeled after” when it comes to a copy? -KB
  10. I have one which I installed in one of my cars, but made a detailed template before I did. Was thinking about having a few water-jetted or laser cut.... -KB
  11. I have a full set of Bilstein Sport shocks with very-little time on them; PM for info / inquiries. -KB

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