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  1. The popularity of these cars is resulting in competition between parts vendors / suppliers, and with BMW as well. A good thing for us. -KB
  2. kbmb02

    2barrel intake manifold x2

    Message sent.
  3. You might also consider insulated sleeving for the brake lines; many types / sizes available, something like this: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hsp-204002
  4. Look for an experienced, old-school tire shop - they can spin each tire/wheel on the car and correct the tire roundness and wheel balance. Nate Jones Tire in Signal Hill (Southern California) is my local guru. -KB tire-roundness-check-1.mov
  5. kbmb02

    steering box

    FYI - from the factory, there was a large(er) diameter washer installed between the inner wishbone bushing and the nut. -KB
  6. Q: If the sleeve is not removed from the 1600 trailing arms, would the new replacement bushings fit within the still-installed sleeve? (I have a set of trailing arms with bushings removed and sleeves present ... the old bushings were burned out.)
  7. Question on these 1600 rear trailing arm bushing issues: For those who removed the original bushings, did you remove the metal sleeve from the trailing arm?
  8. kbmb02

    steering box

    @Einspritz has done some impressive work on this, evident by his desire for and choice of word "perfectly". Outside of that standard, there are a range of options and methods available - I suspect that within this post/topic, folks can find enough information to decide which approach they'd like to take. I'll bet 5 bucks they will cost more than $1k. -KB
  9. Somewhat off topic... Unsubstantiated claims are a reality. ( <- not intending to be funny ) Studies are valuable, not always practical. "What would Smokey do?" What impresses me is when someone makes the effort to educate and inform, with real testing, like Gale Banks' series on the value (or not) of aftermarket differential covers. Agreed (to the best of my knowledge, because I haven't checked that single element on a dyno). For some of us, a lightened crankshaft is one component in reducing the weight of the rotating mass, with the goal of improved acceleration. I would suggest quicker acceleration gets you out of the corner quicker when road racing, adds responsiveness on the street and gets you off the line quicker in a dragster. )I, personally, do not knife edge a crank to reduce windage.) More on topic: I reckon the BMW engineers did a pretty-fine job designing the header / exhaust system for an engine with OEM specs for the intended usage. As variables of the engine change, the system is probably less optimized. Perhaps the hope/goal of an aftermarket header is that it will improve performance with relation to the the general trend of engine modifications. Data point: The quoted cost to design and fabricate a new header/exhaust system for one engine I'm building is $2,500<->$3,000 (before dyno time) - and that's to a very-specific design set. -KB
  10. We're cutting up a late model 2002 today ('76 model + wrecked roof + some previous shoddy repair work makes this not worth saving). Parts I anticipate having for sale: - front nose (straight / solid) - frame rails - rear panel between the lights PM (please) if you have any of these on your WTB list. -KB
  11. kbmb02

    steering box

    Add: What I don't see mentioned above is one of the primary causes of wear, that being the long brass bushings inside the box the housing, which the roller shaft 'rides' in. Those bushings are not included in refurb kits, and - rightfully so - as it's not a simple DIY job. I do not know whether the boxes sold on ebay include bushing replacement. 'I've got a guy' who replaces those brass bushings when I bring a customer's steering box, and it makes a difference. (Of course, the worm/roller contact surfaces need to be in very good shape.) One day I plan on bringing a couple of good cores over to rebuild and then sell 'em.... -KB
  12. Have one. PM sent. -KB
  13. kbmb02

    WTB. Headlight sheet metal

    Did you find the headlight sheet metal? If not, tell me precisely what you need (I’m cutting up a car tomorrow, can possible remove those sections during the process). What’s your budget for these? -Ken
  14. kbmb02

    Too many cars?

    ^ that. -KB