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  1. “One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.“ - Sigmund Freud. In the meantime, good luck with the sale. -KB
  2. @Tsingtao_1903 (Trieu) does such cool stuff with that printer (if this happens, I’d purchase a handful of them). -KB
  3. kbmb02

    Lower Dash

    Another viewpoint: In this ‘notification’ world of today, I believe a seller could reasonably consider an incoming PM which comes in ‘first’ and/or before they see a post on the FS ad. (Let’s say you’re like me - who sometimes forgets to click the “Notify me of replies” switch when posting in FS). One could also send a PM and then post on the ad thread, when interested in an item. If you don’t like the way a seller/buyer operates, block them, using the feature of the forum (thank you, Steve, for that). If you’re wondering, @PaulTWinterton, I have no interest in this dash or experience/ties to this seller. Good luck in your hunt. -KB
  4. This item is sold. Straight front 20020 subframe, includes welded-on reinforcements including LH engine mount arm, bottom plate, and heavy-duty 'aftermarket' tow/tie-down hooks (these don't bend/break like the OE type). Not a beauty-queen ... priced accordingly. Note: This subframe must be used with the Ireland Engineering (or similar) "pillow block" anti-sway bar, as the retaining tabs for the factory bar clamps are not present. (If interested, I have that front sway-bar and will sell at a discount.) Prefer local sale, will ship at actual cost. -KB
  5. Marked rocker arms with this cool (I think) electronic engraving pen... IMG_2129.MOV
  6. I would not suggest #1. For what it’s worth, I will sometimes use a ‘pre-stretched’ chain on the race engines, shimming as needed. In your case, the cost of shims might grow... -KB
  7. A set of IE's billet aluminum rocker arms (if I recall correctly, these are from the final batch when they made this type). $450 shipped, plus PayPal fees - cash discount for locally-picked-up sale. -KB
  8. Compared the installed height of a few valve spring retainers I had on the shelf; this impacts valve spring pressure (can be adjusted via shims) and - in some instances - clearance between the retainer and the under-side of the rocker arm. -KB
  9. Post an image showing the top of your steering box / the adjustment screw length ... it’s a possible clue to #2. -KB
  10. Made a little progress on the Tii engine re-install...
  11. Interesting ideas. Racing community: Perhaps it’s worth checking whether your racing organization rules allow for non-factory control arms, spherical bearings, or changing of suspension pick-up points. (Example: current VARA BS / BSL rules do not allow the changes mentioned herein, though they may be legal in GT classes). -KB

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