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  1. I’ve got one, very good condition. Messaged you. -KB
  2. Data point: I see 30 year old plastic pivot pins which are slightly worn, and brass pivot pins which are overly-worn in less than a year of usage. -KB
  3. I've got a lead on an Inka roundie for sale in Southern California; send me a message, or put your email in a reply. -KB
  4. @sam1904 Whichever you choose (I’d suggest the 38/38), you’d benefit from having your Tii distributor modified so that the ignition advance curve is more suitable to your carbureted engine. -KB
  5. The wrap material is thick enough to cover minor imperfections. However, to achieve a good result on the wrap for Eibach / Hot Wheels 2002 race car for the SEMA show, I repainted the nose panel and air dam (which had some deep chips). So far, the wrap has been durable (that ‘02 race ar is now racing in the Hot Wheels livery). -KB
  6. Yep, that's where they crack. I've observed two iterations of the straps - one lighter, one manufactured of thicker/stronger material. -KB
  7. I think this is the point to focus your attention on... What and when - during those spirited drives - do you notice your 2002 being short on power? Or responsiveness? Or fun? (I’m curious, too, to know if you’ve had the car tuned, put it on the dyno, etc, to make sure you get the most out of it.) It is possible that a change in diff gearing and a close ratio gearbox (not your typical O/D 5 speed) might get you to where you’d like to be. -KB
  8. I decided to try a U bracket ... with the intent and joy (hope?!) of collecting data which does NOT support what Marshall insists must-absolutely be true. (All in good sport, of course.) -KB
  9. I need a solid pedal box from an automatic .. you know, the type you yanked out when doing an auto-to-manual conversion. PM better, but I'll follow this thread. Thanks. -KB
  10. I had the rental race car on the track last weekend... A photographer captured itgoing off in turn 9 at Willow Springs Raceway (most, if not all, have gone off in T-9). Dust, but no damage. The driver - a rookie - did great, actually, had a good time and reserved the car for the next VARA race. -KB
  11. I installed one in a customer (race) car, fitment required custom (raised) tunnel + mounting system. -KB
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