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  1. I resist guessing ... but I’m with @Conserv on this one. I wonder if @02Les has it documented in the database already. -KB
  2. Perhaps worth noting: 1. If the center of the spring hat is deformed/collapsed, it can cause the strut bearing to bind (even if hardware is correct). 2. I've seen lousy manufacturing tolerances of aftermarket strut bearings (which I stopped using after a wicked failure); and as such, you may need an additional "#2 large diameter washer" - or similar shim - for the bearing to function properly. -KB
  3. Curious: Is this the car the OP was looking to buy a complete floor pan for?
  4. Interested. Please send a PM with ET of the wheels (probably stamped on the back). All are "for racing..." correct? Thanks. -KB
  5. Helpful info for the community. Interesting. Per my research, both the 2002 and 320/320i used a clutch master cylinder with 19.05 mm bore, and a clutch slave cylinder with 20.64 mm bore. Does the clutch pedal ratio impact the operation here, and is it different between the two car types? -KB (not a hydraulic expert ... amongst plenty of other things...)
  6. That’s silly $$ ... it’s my understanding they will be available through retail channels. -KB
  7. Yep. Research procedure - or have a competent shop - measure head chamber and piston dome volume, measure the cylinder bore + head gasket and calculate the compression ratio of the build as is sits now. Everything else is a guess, regardless of markings (though it could be close). -KB
  8. Yes - they are selling the Hot Wheels car in that Eibach livery (they’re giving them away at SEMA, I believe). As for the wrap, TBD. -KB
  9. Eibach and Hot Wheels paired up to release a BMW 2002 in custom racing livery. They used one of my race car builds (vintage bmw racing) for the show and wrapped it to match the car. -KB I believe this link will work: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4fNu44Blv1/?igshid=pirbf8orbd71
  10. Good looking cars for the Woodley Park event, as always. The VARA race at Willow Springs is this weekend as well ... a fresh shot of the #02 car going into T1. -KB
  11. Interesting. I swap dozens of differentials a year; I clean both the bolts and flanges, and use red Loctite (higher strength than the garden variety). And not once - ever - have I ‘required’ heat for disassembly (okay, so once in a while the diffs are warm .. not fun). But what do I know. Experience and stubborness aside, it’s likely that blue loctite - properly applied - will suffice. -KB
  12. Why? (data point: I use red thread locker on all the race car half-shafts, and likewise on street cars - never had one move, or have trouble removing them) -KB
  13. If I didn't have a few, I'd purchase this. GLWS (and, I don't think you'll need any luck). -KB
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