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  1. Had the set of recently-purchased 13x6" Cromodora CD40 wheels stripped down to inspect for cracks, before re-finishing. Magnesium (alloy), these weigh-in at just-under 10 lbs.
  2. What I’ve noted: On earlier hoods those fasteners are coarse ‘sheet metal / fender screws’ whereas later they are M6x1.0 (I could be imagining it, but the stub of the fastener appears to be the hardware from an early hood). -KB @Conserv - nope, I haven’t note carefully what the cut-off date is! EDIT: I looked again, was mistaken (at a quick glance I thought I was looking at the hardware for the hood brace). Good job @Steve Tochi .
  3. Here's how they can fail ... 50 year-old parts + grip + ... (not mine - but I spotted one beginning to crack and quickly changed/reinforced it) -KB
  4. I'll second @'76mintgrün'02 - get an adjustable timing light, use the TDC mark (which is labeled "OT") on the flywheel. In my experience, typical "all-in*" ignition mechanical advance setting is 32-36° (*most advance curves are all-in at 3,500 rpm - pinch the vacuum advance/retard hose, if present). You can then check advance at idle, and with math you'll know the mechanical advance of the distributor. -KB
  5. Let's see how well (or not) the shop does before publicizing... -KB
  6. Dropped off a pile of Getrag 245 OD 5 speeds, clusters and parts at a rebuild shop that's willing to disassemble and inspect the whole lot, then build what they can into good units (new synchros, seal kits and bearings not shown). -KB At some point, I'll do a few 4 speeds...
  7. Were these designed for a specific engine build spec, with the goal of improving performance or changing the exhaust note? Or, are they a bolt-on-to-whatever-M10-you-have sweet-looking stainless steel header? -KB
  8. I believe I have a Tii valve cover on the shelf; PM if you're still looking. -KB
  9. Do you still have a source for tie struts? (for 69)




  10. And/or/consider: Tune the low-speed* circuit first (*aka idle circuit, though it's more than idle), then adjust the main circuit to improve transition and higher RPM's as necessary. -KB
  11. Question: How many 'turns out' are your idle mixture* screws? (smooth, at idle speed, warmed-up engine)
  12. Wow. I'd better get out my grinder....
  13. "Blasko Racing" does (well, I worked with a specialist to design to spec, and he fabricates them ... heck, if I could weld like that, I'd have a different job/hobby). -KB
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