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  1. I've got a used radiator I can sell you - pm me if interested.
  2. do any of your stickers say Anthracite Grey?
  3. Hi Does anyone have the foam surround that is under the headliner for later sunroof cars? I'd be interested in purchasing a used one or even borrow one to have my headliner guy reconstruct something similar.
  4. I think i have this for you. Do you know if they are drivers/passenger specific? I'll try to pull it out of storage this weekend and give you a pic.
  5. still looking for a clean roof from a sunroof car. I have transportation lined up from SoCAl to Seattle.
  6. hello Faq family... I am looking for a "clean roof" from a sunroof car to either pick up or ship to Seattle. My beloved sunroof, which I have been enjoying for the last two years (following a not so good paint job), is now dead. I took it in last week to try to get ahead of some rust bubble. Once my new (very good) bodyshop sanded it down they found it riddled with holes and unrepairable. The main issue is rust around the seams of the sunroof itself - this makes for a very tricky repair and one that even if repaired often doesn't last. If any of you know of a clean roof from a sunroof car please call me - Otherwise I will be chopping up my parts car to use the non-sunroof roof instead. Thanks for your help, Robert 206-679-4521
  7. Yep it's a worse case scenario for me. I took my refurbished 76 into the shop this week to hopefully repair some paint bubbles in the roof of my otherwise newer paint job (3 years ago). Turns out my roof is toast.. Looking to see if there is a sunroof chop car out there with a good roof for sale... otherwise I'll need to chop up my non sunroof parts car. Im in Seattle...
  8. rdeeble


    Ive got a core i could ship you but it would probably need to be refurbished by your local radiator shop.
  9. I have some as well if anyone else needs them.
  10. hi estey which material have you had success with from this company? I noticed they don't go back beyond 1980 in their car models are they able to fit the standard o2 front and rear seats ok?
  11. Anyone have a good recommendation to buy seat covers for standard 2002 seats? Something affordable to buy a little time before I invest in having an upholstery shop do it for real.
  12. Super helpful thanks - do you by chance remember what was the color of the radio wire that you connected to continuous power on that SQR27 - im going to need to do that.

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