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  1. rdeeble


    Ive got a core i could ship you but it would probably need to be refurbished by your local radiator shop.
  2. I have some as well if anyone else needs them.
  3. ahhhhh... im going to show this to my daughter. She loves horses - Dad loves old bmw's. Thanks Lisa
  4. Lisa, that is sooooo awesome! I look forward to seeing your amazing car on the episode. Makes all that you went through so worth it. Warmly, Robert
  5. One of these days I can pass on some of mine but not quite there yet - by the way i LOVE your stereo!
  6. pacific northwest im in seattle can you pick them up locally?
  7. I might have one of these for you in my for sale stash - let me check
  8. I've got two nice cards for you in blue
  9. were they different than later model cars? regardless I've got one for you from a 68?. i"ll send to you your email
  10. wow super helpful. a few questions if anyone is still reading... 1. i have the black clips (51411808209) where exactly does this one clip go on each door? 2. A question on peel and seal - I've got it on the inside of doors, just enough of it in spots to sound dampen vibration. However i live in a very rainy climate. Is there anything additional i should do to keep moisture from getting trapped in around the pieces I've stuck there? 3. ok 3 grommets on each door's lock rods - got it! so heres my only problem with the faq... u recommend new ply cards from aardvark & i think thats a good idea then think, wow those complete cards are nice i should just get whole new front cards, in leather... and rear cards too... but wow, i like tobacco better than my tan, ok now i need new seat covers to match.... arrrrrgghhhh rabbit hole... ok back to $3 grommets and a few green door clips.
  11. greetings FAQ. Anyone got some wisdom to share on door card installs? I certainly struggled with a first attempt and figured I'd thought Id ask around before reattempting. First of all my door seemed to have a couple of different plastic clip or inserts in the door holes and I am wondering if there was supposed to be anything other than just the standard door panel clips that were part of the process. In particular what are these sleeve type clips for ? Where they a different type of door clip or intended to be a sleeve for the clip itself? Secondly when I attempted to put my first card in I struggled to find the best way to secure down the top trim attachment to the door without too much pressure on the open door itself. Once I got it started however I was able to close the door and then give it good downwards pressure to lock it down. However once in place I found that the card clips did not seem to line up towards one end of the card - and the corner that did seem to catch on the door seal and pull itself off when the door was opened (argh). One possible problem may be that I attempted to re-stiffen the bottom of the card (that had been damaged by water) by adding some rigid board from behind the vinyl. Although it only adding a then layer of extra thickness it might be complicating the process. If you have any thoughts on this let me know... My doors do have a little bit of peel and seal near where the clips go in - perhaps i should take that off (argh) before reattempting?
  12. i might have the roll up glass and a heater box clip for you. let me check -rd
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