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  1. $50 + ship. Original BMW 2002 radiator for manual trans 1972-76. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. This was a working radiator that came out of a working car, however not sure of its condition so it has been priced as a core for you to have re-cored at your local radiator shop. Please note 1602's and early 2002's had a straight lower water outlet (vs the angled version shown here). This radiator is for later models from 1972 -1976 Provide me your address and I'll get you a shipping quote. Free pick up in Seattle.
  2. Hey sunroof owners... for those of you with perfectly working sunroofs with stops installed and with headliner installed. Can you take a measurement from the inside of your car with sunroof rolled back to stop position to tell me how many inches of the headliner panel is still present? I am trying to ascertain how far I should be able to roll my sunroof back without it scratching. I noticed some paint scratching on the rear, driver's side of the sunroof panel curious and whether the stop isn't working or if it's another issue. Thanks
  3. hello all - curious when you guys have your annual drive down to Golden Gardens? Would love to join you. -robert
  4. Drivers side vent window glass & frame. Chrome is in pretty good shape. From a 69 1600. $50 + ship from seattle. PM me or email at [email protected]
  5. The roof project - so not so much what I did today as last month... and not so much "I" as I can't take credit for the work either, that goes to the Amazing Jon Carlson at Fenders and Fins in Woodenville. Jon is just fantastic. Here is the story.. I had my car completely painted two years ago with American Autobody in Renton. I am sorry to say they did not do a great job especially with prep and I had to take the car back to have them redo the work, which to their credit they did and refunded a portion of the job in addition. Two years after that body work I began to get bubbles in the new paint on roof of the car. This was due to a rusting support frame where it traps moister between the frame and the sheet metal of the roof. In addition I had discovered that my sunroof drainage tubes were damaged (probably from American when they did welding to the cowls) now directing water into the cabin. This time for repairs I went north and brought the car to Fenders and Fins. Jon the owner gave me a reasonable bid to fix the roof, redo headliner and drains. I brought the car up on a Saturday and by Monday I got a call that the roof was already sanded down to metal but he had bad news... really bad. The cancer was far worse than he imagined. The car was literally riddled with holes and unfortunately much of the damage was at the seem of the sunroof that was extremely hard to repair. Jon recommended getting another roof so off to the faq I go... and as often occurs on the faq the stars aligned... Ken from Long Beach California (my home town) just happened to have a cut sunroof available and my brother who works in furniture had a great transporter that could pick it up and take it to Seattle in a weeks time. What Jon did with the new roof was awesome. Next thing I know he sends me a pic of the sheet metal removed from my current roof leaving only the rusted frame - followed by a total and complete por15 job to the frame. The roof of the new roof was then removed from its frame and reattached to the current painted frame, drains repaired and headliner installed a walla new car. Lastly came the bill... but I was super pleased with that too. Obviously the work changed significantly from the original quote but the additional hours were very much in reason. I can't say enough about finally finding a body shop that isn't afraid of vintage cars, gets to the bottom of problems and is honest. Btw I still have a perfectly good sunroof frame available if anyone wants to make a conversion. - Robert
  6. The gears on my current crank are getting pretty worn and I'd like to get another one in better condition. Please pm if you have one you can part with. -Robert
  7. Hi Does anyone have the foam surround that is under the headliner for later sunroof cars? I'd be interested in purchasing a used one or even borrow one to have my headliner guy reconstruct something similar.
  8. I think i have this for you. Do you know if they are drivers/passenger specific? I'll try to pull it out of storage this weekend and give you a pic.
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