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  1. hi estey which material have you had success with from this company? I noticed they don't go back beyond 1980 in their car models are they able to fit the standard o2 front and rear seats ok?
  2. Anyone have a good recommendation to buy seat covers for standard 2002 seats? Something affordable to buy a little time before I invest in having an upholstery shop do it for real.
  3. rdeeble

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Super helpful thanks - do you by chance remember what was the color of the radio wire that you connected to continuous power on that SQR27 - im going to need to do that.
  4. yeah thats entirely possible that i didn't set it up correct. I only found two wires coming off the car. The power wire was the purple white wire off the hazard switch and a ground wire going to the heater box nut. The back of the radio had some other discontinued wires - so what I am hearing from is that there would be two power wires coming off the car into the radio plus the ground?
  5. did anyone figure out how to preset radio stations - when i use the me button it will preset but defaults back to factory settings one the power goes off
  6. rdeeble

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Got my Cassette/Radio working today (ps if anyone has a manual let me know - i need to figure out how to change the clock).
  7. rdeeble

    wheel & cap identification/help

    Thanks! that gives me a good direction - those wheels look great by the way!
  8. Hey Faq - I am trying replace these center wheel caps or find a generic cap in the same dimensions that I can stick a roundel on - and curious if any of you know what the make of these wheels are and where I can go to find some caps? Googling the serial number didn't seem to come up with anything similar. Someone on the faq previously told me he thought my wheels were from American Racing but I am not entirely sure.
  9. rdeeble

    Anti theft reminder

    i use a club on the steering wheel and leave all doors unlocked and keep a good insurance policy- the smash and grab problem in Seattle is literally out of control.
  10. I can say that I replaced gaskets on my car with URO seals about two years ago. It took a very long time but they eventually got soft enough for good door closure (the passenger door is still a little stiff just because of less use). On windshields I decided to have them professionally installed and I did get a minor windshield leak the first time so had them reinstalled and haven't had a problem since.
  11. rdeeble

    WTB early 1600 parking brake cover

    well here is what I have... it looks similar but different where the handle comes out of the boot. This was taken off a 68' 1600 that I had very little history of as I wasn't the po. let me know if this is helpful.
  12. rdeeble

    WTB early 1600 parking brake cover

    i'll take a look for you later today.
  13. rdeeble

    WTB early 1600 parking brake cover

    HI Micheal did you find one ok - I might have one
  14. rdeeble

    Shifter plate for center console

    HI Stephers would you do $65 shipped to Seattle Washington. Also is the lip for the boot in good condition - thats the issue with mine its totally cracked and doesnt hold the boot.
  15. rdeeble

    WTB Black or Blue Door Cards

    I have some blue rear cards, I will pull them out for you and get you a picture.