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  1. Anyone got a 75-76 Drivers side door card to sell? Vinyl needs to be intact Tan preferred.
  2. hey all Ive used this guy for transport from California to Seattle... he was totally great. Darrell Tindell (713) 857-4504 he regularly transport furniture for my brother out of long beach ca and he helped me out with a 2002 roof to seattle. Very cool guy
  3. sure, I am currently traveling at not at home but would be happy to send you a pic when I return. The frames/springs have all been wire brushed and painted with rust conversion paint.
  4. HI I have a completely refurbished frame but no horsehair or foam - it would need to be upholstered. Im in Seattle - I assume shipping would be costly due to size
  5. Damn! sorry I missed this. Just bought a set from Rogerstii but they are bright white and look weird against the off-white headliner... Ill probably need to paint em
  6. Mystery Solved! I read a long time ago somewhere on the faq (probably 2007) another person with a similar question and Max from Maximillion responded "call me - the cables change by vin number" - which i thought was odd. I did call Maximillion last week but the person who answered did not seem knowledgable on the topic and so it dead ended on on me. Steve I'll measure the lengths when i get home and PM you!
  7. ok so it seems that prior to 75-76 seat cables had looped ends on their mechanism side. That makes sense... i can sleep at night now....
  8. Ok we are on to something here. Thats the #4 short vertical cable but yours being a 74 connects via a loop to hook. That same cable in my 76 connects via S hooks on both sides. So perhaps this is a hardware variation on seats prior to 75-76. One other possibility that I haven't considered yet is if the hardware is different between driver and passenger seats? It dawns on me that I only stripped down one front seat so far and just assumed that the other would be identical. Perhaps I will find that hook cable on the other seat?
  9. Yes that part number is 52101805955 which is NLA Also I asked Gerrad at Blunt tech why there were multiple part numbers for what appears like the same cable (#2 on the diagram) and he told me that the various numbers were in fact the same cable but with different ends (i.e. plain rope end, S hook end etc) so I am guessing that the loop cable is similar in that it had multiple numbers as well and that their were variations over the years of how the short vertical cable connected to the recline/tilt mechanism.
  10. Its weird. I asked both ECS and Rogerstii and both stated this looped cable was standard. When I asked Roger (who sells it) why it wasn't shown on the realoem diagram - he stated that realoem removes the part picture on the diagram when the part goes NLA - somehow that didn't seem right to me... or maybe i misheard him. Anyone know more on that?
  11. ECS Tuning's Site states: "This cable unlocks the backrest and allows for adjustment. If the cable has stretched or snapped, replace it with this Original BMW replacement from ECS Tuning to comfortably adjust your seat again." Still perplexed....
  12. Hi john, I get the fix - but decided to completely replace all cables as my original cables are so badly rusted that I worry they will eventually break close to the hook ends. In researching new cables I found the one long one that you referenced here (#2). To my understanding it is one long cable that goes through the roller with S hooks at both ends and a length adjustment (like yours shows) at one end. Then a second cable (#4) that runs vertically down from the lever to the mechanism w/ S hooks at both ends. but I am still perplexed by this 52101805955 cable with an S hook at one end and a loop on the other...
  13. Does anyone know where this cable is supposed to go? I am told by some parts venders that this is a required part for all 2002 standard seats. However I don't see any looped ended cable identified on the diagram and there isn't a cable like this on my existing seats. My 76 seats seem to have just two cables: one long one that goes through the roller (#2) and one short vertical cable (#4). Both of these cables have S ends (neither has a loop end).
  14. Bingo! Thanks that makes a ton of sense.
  15. Hey Faq can anyone walk me through this... I have 76 with standard seats that I am refurbishing to prepare for re-upholstery. I'm at the stage of dismantling the seats down to their frames to make mechanical repairs. I would like to replace all the rusted cables used to recline the seat backs (I call these S cables due to the end piece that looks like an S). From best I can tell my 76 seats had just two cables: a longer cable that went through the roller, and a short vertical cable that attached from the lever down to the seat latch. Looking up these parts on Realoem has confused me. There seems to be 4 cables here, two which I recognize (#2 & #4) and two (#8 & #3) that I don't recognize or understand what they are for - unless they relate to a prior year of seats? On Parts availability: The longer cable #2 appears to still be available new but I have yet to find #4 anywhere. Does anyone know of where I can find some? And just to make matters more mysterious Rogerstii's parts site features yet another S cable with a "looped end" alongside their listing of the #2 cable. Does anyone know what that is for (it does not appear in the diagram below)? thanks, robert
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