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  1. How much is the total with shipping to 27701? thx al
  2. Interested in 2- barrel intake manifold, if still available.
  3. Sold out, but I have other sets (Klippan brand), PM if interested.
  4. More Sunday morning bashing... Hose clamps: many are not original, obvious ones are those on the tii intake boot, fuel filler neck, and heater valve. Seat belts: I could only see the driver side seat belt; male buckle/latch plate has a missing plastic part. Some owners would cut that piece to make the buckle free sliding one, or they were simply broken (Autolflug). I would deduct 2000 dollars from the sale price for those missing parts....
  5. I will remove the damn head this weekend. I can then drill the studs out a lot easier using my drill press and left handed bits, or use the acid method.
  6. OK folks I will try Dremel approach again this weekend as a final attempt. If can't, the head is coming out Sunday. I get depressed if I don't drive my 02 at least once a week, ultimate therapy for mind, free massage for my hands and legs and ...other parts, especially around 3400 RPM.
  7. I tried flux core wire, and mig wire with gas. Same thing, just can't get a a good bite. Maybe studs are corroded inside the head and can't hold a weld, I have a small 90A mig (Lincoln) which may not have enough juice. I have seen people use stick welder, may try to locate one or rent one locally to see if it will make a difference. I will try until the end before removing the head as a last resort.
  8. Studs are broken inside the holes sitting slightly lower than the surface of the head, I already tried welding a nut. I just can't get a good weld because of the limited space between the inner fender and the engine. I can probably get them out If I remove the head which I am trying to avoid obviously. It is a tii head (from my 74 installed on my 73) with a 284 cam so it stays.
  9. I tried every method available, welding a nut, washer, drilling and removing with easy out, left-hand extraction drill bits, watched hundreds of videos, still ended up empty. I want to remove two lower exhaust studs on # 3 and # 4 cylinders without removing the head (exhaust manifold is out already). Any tricks? I know I have to remove the head as a last resort.
  10. if you use a strut tower bar, you may be able to attach the tank to it with some brackets?
  11. Yes those were mine, JP got a great deal (free). Yes, they are with a retractor, a pair was also raffled at Mid America 02 Fest, Jason Gibson (Eurotrash) won them! I can add orange webbing but you need to buy and send the webbing to me. I can sticth them into new retractor assemblies but this will void any warranty or liability, in fact no seat belts seller/manufacturer will give you any warranty which applies only to uninstalled sets. There are articles at the FAQ construction zone showing how to install inertia belts to early cars. Do a google search within FAQ for Peacock method, or search for "installing inertia belts to early cars" or something like that.
  12. There is a minimum order on the webbing length, as well as the number of retractors. Webbing is manufactured by Elastic-Berger GmbH & Co. (Berger group). Try searching locally. I am not sharing my resources with anybody.
  13. The project was put on hold due to lack of interest. If you need re-webbing of your Klippan manual belts (in black), contact me around first week of June, I may be off help, price being depending on the condition of the hardware like buckles metal parts etc. I still have a few TRW/Repa sets with black webbing left over that can be retrofitted in your early car with some simple mods. al

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