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  1. rear set also sold. contact me (PM) if you want a rear set, I order them directly from Germany which takes about two weeks to arrive to US.
  2. It will be too expensive to ship to New Zealand.
  3. These are for fronts. But I have a set to install at the rear, to go on the top of the parcel shelf, same Klippan brand, new in the box. Please PM me for details.
  4. I have **2** pairs of very high quality Swedish Klippan, brand new 3 point retractable seat belts. Specifically designed to fit BMW 2002 (and similar) models with female buckles of original length, and they work vertically (90/90). I was keeping these for my own projects but it is time to clean the clutter. Price is $300/pair plus shipping (about 25 bucks to east and 30 dollars to west coast, signature requirement is an extra 6.50 bucks (FedEx bs). Paypal adds about 3.2%. They are plug and play. Thanks for looking and happy driving.
  5. BuyOEM from Blunttech or other BMW vendor of your choice and then ask an upholsterer to reinforce the seams with stitching. World Upholstery will stitch you a new headliner using the original BMW 2002 material or any other OEM material they have in stock e.g., E21 headliner material.
  6. Might as well put me on the waiting list even though I have several NOS and new production Bosch units.
  7. There are mounting plates with threaded holes (of size 7/16"-20 SAE) that you can weld or rivet under te oparcel shelf. Check out seatbeltplanet, wesco performance, etc. Large fender washers under the parcel shelf can also be used.
  8. They can be re-webbed but 90% of the time rear belts will just need a good cleaning as mentioned above, especially the retractor side since webbing is protected inside the plastic housing; use 50/50 mixture of Down and water and a clean towel. You can clean the female portions in a dish washer as well, make sure wife is not around... When done, put a few drops of sewing machine oil on each side of the spool that holds the webbing inside the retractor. Re-webbing the retractor is a complex process, especially with old OE Autoflug and Repa retractors. I avoid doing that most of the time unless webbing is trashed, even made a few fellows angry when I refused to reweb the retractors since webbing was in like-new condition, needing only a good cleaning. P.S. Australia used to make quality seat belts when Autoliv/Klippan had factories there before they pulled out of market, about 6 may be 8 years ago. I still have some of those NOS front and rear 3 point automatic Autoliv/Klippan sets if anybody is interested (these are the real ones, not US made versions manufactured by the seat-belt cartel🤬).
  9. I don't know what it is called but I need the small bracket that installs on the firewall and has a small (red) support bushing for the Weber/carb throttle rod. Sherman? TIA.

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