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  1. Are you still in the seatbelt biz? I need a pair for my 1972 2002.

    1. bluedevils


      yes. I have new belts for around $350 shipped. Klippan brand. Best quality seat belts. Does your car have the upper and lower b-pillar anchors?

    2. jerryasi


      Its been years since I looked at it assembled, but a 72 had shoulder belts so yes, upper and lower at the "B" pillar, then buckled into a cable connected female end secured to the tunnel. PayPal F&F?

    3. bluedevils


      not all 72s have upper and lower b pillar anchors. early 72s had Klippan manual belts and no upper b-pillar anchors, that is why I asked. But my belts will work on early 72s as well with some simple mods.

      My paypal address: [email protected]





  2. I could use two of these decals...
  3. Those belts look good. You can wash them in dishwasher. The only problem is that safety tags might be destroyed unless they are removed before washing and re-stitching back on the webbing. You might as well replace the webbing since its mechanical strength (braking point) might have been compromised due to aging. The best approach for safety is to retrofit 3-point retractable seat belts (I have some high quality units, not cheap chinese crap you get elsewhere).
  4. I have zink plated/new Klippan end fittings, several hardware pieces, and of course thick 5 bar webbing, if there is interest. al (aka bluedevils aka the seat belt guy among 02 community)
  5. Hi Bluedevils. From what I've read you're the 02 seatbelt guru. I have a 76 and am looking to refurb or replace my belts as they no longer retract. I'm new here and wasnt able to direct message you so I'm not sure if or how you will see this but I am anxious to connect. -Chris

  6. I can provide 3 point rear seat belts similar to Autoflug sets BMW offered 20-25 years ago (NLA). Retractors are installed on the top of the parcel shelf. Contact me (PM) if you are interested. I provided many 3 point rear seat belts to 2002 community over the last 10 years (or more) with many happy customers. Al aka Bluedevils
  7. Great fabrication skills.
  8. FYI, W&N (Wallothnesch in germany) sells all kind of new shiny hardware, engine, engine bay, suspension, brakes, doors, tii components, hood, trunk lid, etc.
  9. Hi ken; I am interested. Can you send an email/PM please? best al
  10. I have some E30 Autoflug (used but in excellent condition) and new aftermarket Klippan retractors (and some Repa) that can be installed any way you like it, like in the pictures above. E30 rear belts can be installed by fabricating recessed pockets inside the parcel shelf to mount them so the top of the retractor will sit flush with the parcel shelf surface, just like in E30s. I have to add new webbing and other hardware. I can also get you a pair of Klippan or Euro made rear retractors designed to work horizontally on the top of the parcel shelf (special order from Germany). I prefer installing on the top but a few folks insisted on installing under the parcel shelf for cosmetic reasons, but it will need fabrication. Let me check my stash this weekend, and I will PM you. I don't know if any of my stash have child safety locking feature but that can be added to any belts using small webbing locking brackets (aftermarket, they are kind of H shaped) effectively converting them to child safety belts. Custom belts will not be inexpensive though, just to let you know. You may search for used E30 belts yourself and have your guy make the mods. al
  11. A pair of brand new TRW/Repa seat belts, these are OE BMW seat belts to fit any 2002 (early models built before mid72 will require some simple mods). I was keeping them for my concours restoration (74 tii) but my 73 engine needs work and I need to raise some cash. Price is $425 shipped anywhere within US. (Don't mind shipping to Canadians, but you will pay $80 for shipping). These retail 250-280 bucks each. Plug and play with all the original hardware. In addition both receivers (stalks) have the wiring for seat belts warning switch installed. Happy holidays.
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