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Late model console panel replication

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Oh the Wheel Wells!

It all started one day many months ago when I inadvertently discovered rust lurking below the paint surface. Because my 76 spent who knows how many years with its tail end exposed to the elements, as it sat in a car-port style storage facility, the trunk area had obvious surface rust spots. One of the first over ambitions things that I started doing when I first got the car, was to strip paint on the whole trunk top. Sure enough, the rust spots were pitted and nasty, fortunately none went all th


Jesse in Body Work

Replicating the late 02 model console panels

I have been experimenting and researching how BMW manufactured the console panels on our beloved 02s. This all started about six months ago, when I was faced with my 76 raggedy panels and interior renovation. I first tried to find replacements that were new or nearly new ones.  That proved to be a dauntless task, as mine were actually in better condition than many of those that I was finding and or the prices were excessive. After giving up finding new replacements, I resorted to try to figure o
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