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  1. I spoke with him. One big issue with the car. The vins have been removed.
  2. The water mark on the photos in the ad lead to an Instagram account that’s all about new mustangs 😂 @hansologt350r
  3. If it were a stock car I’d say keep it stock but it’s not. So go to town!
  4. If I recall tourings have a lower roof line than a regular sedan 02. I don’t think sedan glass would even fit in a touring. All touring glass is specific to a touring except maybe the windshield? someday mine will be on the road... someday
  5. -First is an old (large no space) - Second is a really rare Golden Gate chapter BMWCCA badge -third size comparisons. The Mtechnic badge is slightly larger than your normal bmwcca badge. The 100 Jahre and the 25-40 badge are the standard size
  6. it’s an earlier (no space badge) meaning no space between BMW and CCA BMWCCA = old and desirable BMW CCA = still available today the really early no space badges were also bigger
  7. you need to be on FB (Facebook) then search bmw2002 in its search bar
  8. The Bmw 2002 turbo prize = Bmw driving school passes?
  9. It’s a bit more than 100 bucks if that’s what you were thinking. Closer to 600 for the set ☹️ still cool that they’re selling them though! EDIT the 100 dollar listing and the door trim separately through me for a loop. My bad folks! 389 is a great price!
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