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  1. Is the Hartge motor the matching vin for the car or just Hartge parts on a random m20b23?
  2. This is an old set that I had blasted and ceramic coated. Pitted from years on the road
  3. More progress. Got the nose stripped and most of the engine bay! More stripping tomorrow, yay!
  4. the skins fit well. A buddy has put a few mvp skins on and likes the fit
  5. Bump. All this rare stuff is still for sale. Taking deposits now. PayPal friends and family only cuz we’re all fam here 😎👍
  6. Bought one of these with all the hardware and rubber strip for 75 bucks a month or so back
  7. @Jae oh yeah, those are top notch. Lemme search google for the highest prices possible and screen shot them for my ad. See!? Mine are real low cheap!
  8. Selling a bunch of really rare stuff. As the listings have been lately. I will not be posting an actual price, I’ll be fishing for the highest price possible. no email no text no photos no phone calls no responses on this thread no DM’s carrier pigeon is the only form of communication I’ll respond to. depending on who you are I’ll “calculate” a price. thanks, Chauncey
  9. Just as the headline states! Looking for a set of French tail lights for my touring. thanks, Max
  10. And for good measure here’s a couple photos of other parts that will be going on the car. I’ve been stashing stuff like this for close to a decade with the dream of building my “perfect 02”
  11. More progress today! I got the fenders and passenger door stripped (the doors on the car aren’t going to be used) I Used a different brand stripping wheel today and they were trash. I still need to go back over all the panels that I’ve worked on with a smaller disc to get all the nooks and crannies. I also want to do the inner fenders and fender well as well. Also I upped the PPE game with a new respirator. Making progress but still a long way to go!
  12. Best way around this is keep it registered out of state and avoid smog all together. Got friends where you’re moving from? Register it with there address keep the out of state plates on it.
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