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  1. Who ended up buying this wheel? I need it for my current project
  2. how about the time associated in removing all said parts, then the time it takes to sell all individual parts. The e21 specific crap wont sell. then the time and cost to get rid of the shell. You aren't splitting the car because you don't want to deal with any of that shit and I don't blame you but the asking price should take into account more than just what the parts are worth separately. and the "make your best offer" line is just asking for people to low ball you. You know what you want for it. Give a number a bit above that and let people talk you down to your number, win win. They feel like they got a deal and you got the price you wanted to begin with. You seem to always have problems selling stuff... maybe you're the common denominator...
  3. Curious if this is still available?
  4. It’s a Tii kidney grill so it worth at least double a normal 02 grill
  5. Excellent work 😎👌. Stoked to see this car come so far in such a short time. It had been sitting in a shack in Morgan Hill, Ca since 1980 up until Oct of 2018 when it was rescued and sent on its way to fame! It’s been exciting to watch Turn3garage work their magic! Cheers, Max
  6. Can you take photos of the date stamps?
  7. I know someone that can paint that white door for you >.< hehe
  8. you use the stock 02 sliders and adapter plates. @eurotrash use to sell his own custom plates if im not mistaken.
  9. CoastalCrush


    Sitting since 2007. Going to DD once its running again. 😎 First pic is in 1980 second pic is current
  10. CoastalCrush



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