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  1. Sent PM... Was wondering whether this is still available.
  2. Harry, Would you post a few pictures of your Tii exhaust header? Thanks!
  3. Do you mean this? https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/rubber-bush/13711263041/ If so, as the link shows, it's still available and not expensive.
  4. What's adhered to the bottom of your air cleaner? Looks like bits of an asphalt shingle.
  5. Great pics Andrew... Looks and sounds like it was a nice trip.
  6. Is the vacuum source you're using with your 123 Switched distributor ported or manifold? Which Switch setting are you using? Doug
  7. Did this manifold originally have tubes in it for the air pump?
  8. Is that a fan clutch in the picture with the hose to the snorkel?
  9. I used this, and it's held up fine for 3+ years: https://www.mcmaster.com/1488n221
  10. I'm interested in the larger (later model) air filter housing. Would you please post a picture of its underside (the carb-facing side)? Thanks.
  11. I'm about to change the plugs in my '02 and stumbled across this thread. I don't understand why, if you switched to a hotter plug (e.g, BP5ES) that you'd also want to fill your tank with a lower octane fuel; that would seem to be a recipe for pre-detonation: wouldn't you want the same or, perhaps, a higher octane fuel with a hotter plug?
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