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  1. I check, and empty if necessary, the catch can every 1,500 miles or so. While it always contains something, it's never, literally, full. With the catch can in place, there's a lot less crap on the underside of the air cleaner. I bought the hoses from either Jegs or Summit Racing: can't remember which.
  2. The following shows my catch can setup with a stock, late model air cleaner. I sourced an oil/fuel compatible hose that had pre-formed 90 degree ends, cut the hose in half and mounted the catch can to a repurposed bracket of some sort I found in the basement of the house my wife and I bought a few years ago. This setup works well. Doug
  3. I encountered this behavior a couple of years ago. In my case, the external voltage regulator was failing; at higher rpms, the regulator would fail and the L light would come on. After I replaced the regulator, the problem disappeared.
  4. That's fantastic! Great job in engineering and explaining your solution.
  5. What's the resistance of the red coil; isn't it below 1 ohm, the minimum that the 123 requires?
  6. Actually, they're not specific to the later years. Thanks.
  7. I'm selling turn signal assemblies for a US, BMW 2002, model years 1974-1976. These turn signals are in excellent condition; the lens chrome, gaskets and inner assemblies are all in great condition. The two filament bulbs in both left and right signals function correctly. Please refer to photos per the following link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/uZL9Qm3bVLbNLUac8 Payment by PayPal. Thanks, Doug
  8. Sent PM... Was wondering whether this is still available.
  9. Harry, Would you post a few pictures of your Tii exhaust header? Thanks!
  10. Do you mean this? https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/rubber-bush/13711263041/ If so, as the link shows, it's still available and not expensive.
  11. What's adhered to the bottom of your air cleaner? Looks like bits of an asphalt shingle.
  12. Great pics Andrew... Looks and sounds like it was a nice trip.
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