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  1. Very pleased to see so many chime-in here after the gates closed... Definitely sounds like you easily have another full batch of interested parties, if/when you are again inclined to build another run, Pat!
  2. Argh, this lurker missed another batch! Still haven't seen one of these in use, but I've heard good things through the years. Clearly need to leave a note here, in hopes of catching the next production run... [fingers crossed].
  3. Always interesting to see something that is somehow so very familiar, yet so very foreign. I'm all about that rear-window visor though. Dang.
  4. QtheGenius - I believe you've been updating (decrementing) the original post with the 'remaining' stock... if so, I'd love to jump in on this. Please look for a PM shortly for both L & R quarterpanel trim! Thanks!
  5. I had previously replaced the fuel lines & filters (from the firewall forward) with my rebuild / deep clean attempt of the original solex. (Those earlier 7 steps I mentioned in that post). Those efforts did appear to help the problem, but the issue definitely persisted afterwards. Still running the stock mechanical pump. In my case, it was only when we went back in and swapped out the carb (and necessarily, the intake manifold) that the problem did finally resolve. Been quite some time now, and thankfully, I haven't seen it since! I still have that solex in a box in the hopes of someday returning her to stock form (the rest of the car still is), but I suppose I've just been enjoying driving her so much that I've never gotten around to sleuthing what had gone sideways. Cheers to everyone's suggestions earlier in this thread. Was great to have a systematic approach to chew on this one! rs
  6. Ah, fair question--and poor form of me not to follow-up here! I worked my way through all 7 of the steps I outlined above... but was still running into this. Ultimately, I broke down and sprung for a new Weber 32/36 from IE as a test. That, and a borrowed 'later' two port intake manifold crushed the problem so completely that I forgot I even had it. Car has been running without any issue ever since. Well, it has issues.... just not that issue.
  7. birdhouse


  8. Ah! Here I thought it was just a very early 'tralla, my bad! (Don't think I've seen a mercurio stateside yet, super cool.) Pretty rare to see 'road ready' Bultacos here--makes me smile to see one bubble up on the 02 FAQ. I lucked into a Metralla2 myself a few years back... that one spilled as overflow into the livingroom amidst the tides of iron in and out from the garage. Really should move it back and get it running again... but as the lady says, well, "it matches the diningroom table." Fortunately they're fairly tiny, as well as rather pretty to look at!
  9. ...Metralla and an Airhead! Nice to see those tucked away in the space betwixt. Definitely an eclectic mix there, Dig. (Man, those car lifts look the bees knees.) Someday, when I grow up...
  10. To be fair, it looks like you have room for a dozen more motorcycles... (The real fun is the tetris reorganization every time you have to shift things around in order to unearth and work on the next project.) I dream of a dry-cleaners-like conveyor belt that whisks them away to the back room when I'm not wrenching on 'em. (PS. Made me smile to see another Daytona lurking on the 02 FAQ. ) Crummy photo found on phone, but helps to enhance the clasutrophobia...
  11. Arrived just as nicely as described--and even faster. Thanks again!
  12. I've only raced motorbikes on this track--sure was fun to watch along in a familiar cockpit, and familiar place, doing unfamiliar things. Man. Sure looks like good fun, that business!
  13. Ha! I wonder how many 'yeah, ok, I'll only do it if i can swap it back to stock in an afternoon' projects can be compiled together before one loses the trail completely...
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