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  1. Yes, there was a motivated buyer. I will certainly keep you in mind if I come across another. JP
  2. No date in this one. I believe it’s an earlier version (mid-70’s) with the Momo and Alpina stamps on the same lower spoke. Most of the newer ones have Alpina on the top right spoke. Hope that helps! John
  3. Up for sale is a very nice all original 380mm Momo Alpina steering wheel. The wheel comes with the original center pad, a vintage Momo solid cast 152 hub for 2002’s and a real Momo Alpina horn button. Steering wheel is in excellent condition, leather is still soft and firm. A very legit set up for your 2002! Price includes shipping CONUS. $600
  4. If you are looking for something period correct but a little different, this vintage leather Victor steering wheel is a great option. It’s 360mm size is great for an 02 and the hub is NOS. It’s plug and play in your 2002! Also comes with an interspeed horn button, two different style center pads, and a Momo horn ring if you want to use any Momo horn button (BMW horn button NOT included). The wheel is in overalll good shape, with some of the usual wear and nice patina, stitching is very good. $325 shipped!
  5. Up for sale is an original Bitter Rallye wood steering wheel. One of the most stout period correct wood steering wheels IMO. This one has barely any signs of use especially considering it’s around 50 years old. I really dig the BMW outlaw horn button, it’s my new favorite. The wheel is 400mm and comes with the original hub with 2002 fitment and just needs a horn pin. Asking $1,200 shipped if interested just send me a PM
  6. Looks like the seats for this ad were sitting in front of an Alpina Werks 2002. From left to right: Scheel Rennsitz, Recaro Shalensitz, Recaro Idealsitz, Scheel Rallyesitz *edit - I just realized this is basically a close up the full page ad that Uli posted on page 1 of this thread.
  7. Vintage solid cast Momo 152 hub for any year BMW 2002 in great shape complete with an original 1st generation silver bezel Momo BMW Horn Button. Very nice period correct set up for your 2002/1600 can be used with any Momo steering wheel. These are both becoming more difficult to find especially the horn button. $225 Shipped for hub and horn button They give a nice period correct look and feel for an 02 set up.
  8. Wood knob sold. OEM style still available!
  9. Up for sale are two really nice shift knobs. The black one is just like the OEM one but a little more rounded. The wood knob was a custom knob I had made ($85 new), it’s really nice, I had it made the same shape as the OEM knob, the finish is silky smooth, but it’s just a little too “loud” for my stock interior. Both are standard m15 x 1.5 screw-on type fit for 02’s. OEM style shift knob $35 shipped New Custom Wood knob *SOLD*
  10. Since you sold all the keys, I am going to hijack your thread for a bit Riley... I found a few of these Kolb keys, but don’t know the background on them. The folding key length looks to be the longer key for later 02’s but all I found about Kolb was that they made keys for bmw in early 60’s on up. Any info would be appreciated, thanks! John
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