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  1. Hey Enoz, I would like to buy this if it’s available. Regards, John
  2. If it started after you installed a different hub, than the problem is likely with the contact pin and/or hub combination you used. The push contact pin is usually surrounded by a plastic insulation that keeps it snug in the hub, these become brittle and often break apart allowing the wire to make contact with the hub. If the wire that connects the horn button is touching the hub in any place it will likely activate the horn. I have had that happen when I had no horn button installed and the wire made contact with the side of the hub. Hope that helps! J
  3. Up for sale is a vintage 365mm Moto Lita steering wheel complete with a BMW 2002 hub, plug and play in your 02! Wheel is overall in decent shape, leather could be replaced, but it totally usable as is. Has a very cool hub that fits any Momo size horn button. Please see pictures for condition. $125 + shipping.
  4. These guys do the whole deal: https://prdesignsf.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Ffully-rebuilt-heater-box
  5. Want to try something period correct but a little different and totally rad in your BMW 2002? How about this 385mm Leather two-spoke Ferrero wheel complete with a 2002 hub. Wheel is used but in excellent condition, grip is nice and firm and stitching excellent. Comes with the rare vintage Ferrero horn button, but also fits a Nardi/Personal style BMW horn button (NOT included). $300 + shipping
  6. Up for sale are two vintage Personal shift knobs. Both compatible for 2002, the leather has a threaded insert. The leather knob had some loose stitching that was sewn up, but basically just throwing it in the deal. The wood knob is the real prize, rare and in excellent condition. $125 shipped CONUS for both knobs
  7. If those are radio knobs I will take them. thanks John
  8. I believe these wheels were issued on some early 1600's and all the 1600 cabrio's. The bakelite is not easy to repair and will only get worse especially with use. There are good examples out there, I would keep looking. There have been a few that have been posted for sale on the Vintage BMW Facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/119995768661704/ I found a nice one last year, dated 1970. They are out there!
  9. Definitely not 500’s, but I agree the mechanism is different than what I have seen. As I understand it the only/main difference between the 200 and the 500 is the stitching in the middle cushion section. The 200s were offered as a “BMW seat” and in the accessories catalog as early as ‘74. Hope that helps!
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