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  1. Hi Lisa, yes I have an aftermarket silver hub that could be used for this. PM me if interested. Les, that is a different wood version of the wheel also made by Personal but with slots instead of circles. They are both pretty rare.
  2. Up for sale is this incredibly rare wood Hubert Hahne steering wheel made by Personal (now Nardi). The wheel diameter is 38cm and its in overall mint condition, I’ve never used it and I don’t think it’s seen much use at all. These were commissioned/styled by Hubert Hahne, very rare and special piece of BMW history. Great for a collection or to rock in your 02. Price is $750 shipped firm.
  3. Price reduced for quick sale! $275 shipped!
  4. Mint condition vintage leather 38cm Momo Cavalino Steering Wheel. Condition is excellent, wheel looks unused, leather retains its original grain, look and feel despite being over 30+ years old! Great opportunity to snag a classic leather Momo wheel in a great size for an 02. $275 shipped CONUS
  5. I think I need to adjust mine as well, has been difficult to engage lately, I ‘may’ be swapping out wheels a bit too much 😬 I have about two dozen of the cancellation rings if Paul ever runs out. Was going to send them all out for plaiting soon.
  6. Sorry to hijack your thread Michael, but I’m curious if the Alpina A2 systems were fitted with the Weber 40DCOE19 or 45’s? Seems like they would have been 40’s but I believe I have also seen some with 45’s. Any help would be appreciated. 40DCOE19 45DCOE??
  7. Thanks! I would tend to agree about the size, I usually use a 370 Momo or a 380 Petri, but I was using an old 350mm Momo for awhile this summer, and you get used to it. Of course parking and slow corners are more difficult, but overall I liked it.
  8. Was lucky enough to recently pick up this NOS 35cm stacked Momo Alpina wheel. The stacked MOMO stamp on back indicates it was made sometime between 1968-1973. It’s not perfect, and there some signs of storage, but clearly it’s never been mounted before and the leather and spokes are perfect. This one is staying in my personal collection.
  9. Original 1st generation (with silver bezel) Momo BMW Horn Button. Great shape, works perfectly. $100 shipped CONUS Original rare Momo Clay Regazzoni helmet horn button also in excellent condition. $150 shipped
  10. Up for sale is a very hard to find 380mm vintage Momo leather steering wheel. It’s a pretty-date Momo meaning that it was likely made before 1976 when Momo started date stamping their wheels, has the very cool box stitching on the back of the thumb pads, another trademark of early 70’s wheels. Leather is in great shape, a little dry between 10-12, but seams are all nice and tight just a great wheel. Comes with the BMW horn button and center pad. Great deal for a period correct very hard to find size original leather Momo wheel. $375 shipped CONUS
  11. Hi John,

    Just saw your post. Sorry I missed the harness. Please let me know if you get another!


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