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  1. @Paul Wegweiser was looking for this I think
  2. Bump! Price reduced $1,000 + shipping for this gorgeous rare wheel. Plug and play in your 02!
  3. Uli, that is a fantastic and hilarious story! There is no doubt that the Bitter wheel feels like the most sturdy wood wheel I have ever had my hands on. It’s always great to hear from you and your insight is amazing. I feel a bit less nerdy also 😁 Thanks! John
  4. I’ll take it for my ‘76 please. Thanks! John
  5. Looking for any excellent to very nice condition OEM steering wheels. Interested in any style that you may have wood, Bakelite, etc. I have several nice aftermarket wheels I would prefer to trade then buy, also have parts available i.e. hubs and horn buttons. PM with any offers. JP
  6. Bump - still available! Don't miss out on this very rare ALL ORIGINAL period correct wheel. Nothing copycat about this wheel - it is a genuine period correct wheel significantly stronger than any other wood wheel I have ever seen.
  7. Looking to trade for an AMCO Leather BMW shift knob (see picture below for reference) preferably in very good condition. Have lots of items for trade especially steering wheel Momo items, horn buttons, hubs, and other parts. Cash is also possible of course. PM me with if you have one available. John
  8. Steve, I don’t recall seeing a date on it. I’ll have to dig it out and check sometime. Thanks for the old brochure pics, it is a great way, and sometimes the only way to confirm timelines. Never thought being a steering wheel nerd would take so much time and research! 😀
  9. Great discussion, I love details! Another interesting side note about the sport wheel, the 2002 tii version was 40cm and had a vinyl wrap, the e9 version that looks identical was 42cm and had a leather wrap. It’s very hard to tell them apart visually especially in crappy eBay ads with people that don’t take the time measure the diameter. The thing I look for is the whether it has the horn contact pin for an 02 or the ring for an e9 as it’s a dead giveaway and It’s highly unlikely anyone ever separated the wheel from the hub except wackos like Markos 😀. Here is a minty tii sport wheel I have. The vinyl is so nice it’s really hard to tell it’s not leather, but it’s not.
  10. Yes, there was a motivated buyer. I will certainly keep you in mind if I come across another. JP

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