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  1. Beautiful. Is the bottom reference pic of the later diving boards car the "short" version?
  2. Joesprocket

    Shirts are in!

    Are you printing any more larges?
  3. hey folks- I'm still getting acclimating with my new 76 and as most of you know trying to understand what's been going on under the hood for the past 40 some years. Current set up is the original ail filter with snorkel and what i thought would be the Solex carb underneath. After removing the filter I've come to find it's a Weber 32/36 DGAV (water choke) on a riser or adapter. Looks like some of the smog gear has been removed as I've detected some capped hoses but not all. The car runs really well and starts up easily. Gas mileage is fantastic. NO fumes whatsoever in the cabin. That said, it does smoke on decel from 60+mph and just all around feels slow getting up to speed. Was curious if anyone else was running with this carb / filter set up. I know the usual would be to have the smaller rectangular filter
  4. I'd take both but would require shipping to 23113. PM me if not sold to mac20021972 as he was first in line. Thanks joe
  5. Hey guys, I have a dent about 3 inches from the top of my wind sheild and in front of the sun roof that 2 PDR guys have said they're not interested in removing. They claim there's no access to get underneath without removing the headliner or they're afraid the glue method will pull the paint off. I understand their hesitation but wanted to get your opinion as well. Any advice?
  6. Howdy folks - I'm looking for 4 center caps for my minilite replicas. I don't mind cleaning up some old ones or non mini lite. Let me know what you have. thanks! joe Location: virginia
  7. Good job esty - you can google. And so can I, and already did. BTW - what's the point of search if people aren't actually talking and having RECENT conversation? Search is only good when it has more results.
  8. Hey guys - wanted to see what folk's experience was with fuel additives like Liqui Moli and Seafoam. They claim to be an EPA-registered product, and will not harm engine components, seals, gaskets, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Plus, I see them advertised all the time on sites like Bavauto.com. Has anyone used these products or similar products and have found them useful for things like rough idle or starting issues? Would you have concerns if you did? I'll admit they are not an alternative to addressing any bigger issues but more preventative in nature. http://www.liqui-moly.us/liquimoly/produktdb.nsf/id/us_2030.html?Opendocument&land=US http://seafoamsales.com/sea-foam-motor-treatment/ thanks guys. joe
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for a back seat. If it needs some reconditioning that's fine but I'm not looking to get it rehepolstered or fix holes. Looking to spend $200 tops and that would include shipping. I appreciate the help
  10. there is a clear ground running from the block to the chassis. I'm going to clean those as well. Car started fine again this morning.
  11. Yeah, I should clarify. This is in a late model 76. Cannot say for sure if it's the orig alt.
  12. Alright - I cleaned up the battery, terminals and grounds tonight with still no juice (no lights, starter click, anything. Popped the hood and looked around for anything that looked out of place. Didnt see anyhting. Checked a few wires here and there, turned the key still nothing. Next Inspected the wires on the back of the alternator, looked ok, made sure everything was secure. Turned the key and there was power - car fired right up. here's a few pics...anything look out of place to your trained eyes.
  13. Awesome, hope this tool and a good cleaning does the trick. Looks like water and baking soda make a good paste to cleanup residue. The battery def needs a cleaning.
  14. Outside of a wire brush what are people most comfortable using in cleaning a battery?
  15. I'm in Richmond! Plenty of roads west of town to enjoy your car in. You've gotta get out to Skyline drive and Virginia Int'l Raceway.
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