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  1. Thanks for the shout out! It'll be at Cars & Coffee in Richmond VA tomorrow if there are any East Coasters out there.
  2. Hey everyone - figured I'd let my Mid-Atlantic folks know that I'm selling my 76 Chamonix car. I'm in Richmond VA if you or someone you know is interested and in the area. Here's a link to the page in our classifieds. Regards, Joe
  3. Hi gang, I'm selling my 76. It's in great, reliable condition and tons of originality. Ready for next owner. Here's my listing on Craigslist. I'm in Richmond, Virginia. Feel free to PM me for more info. https://richmond.craigslist.org/cto/d/midlothian-1976-bmw-2002/6938151544.html
  4. Hi everyone - so there was a very original 76 Inka, non-tii, that didn't meet reserve last week on BAT. The auction ended at $16K and my jaw dropped. Plus, the usually speculative congregation of commenters didn't seem too surprised (I think i saw maybe one head scratcher comment). I'm an owner of a very (just as) original 76 Chamonix and, not that my car is for sale, but I never would have valued it much over $12K. I feel like that's an honest assessment. Maybe I'm out of the loop but have valuations of base 'squaries' gone up? I'm not saying the Inka car isn't worth it, but was wondering if anyone else caught that and was curious. Plus it's good to get a feel from other owners. thanks! Joe
  5. do you still have that rear bumper? I saw your post but wasn't clear if the parts were ever picked up. Thanks in advance - i'll be in NoVA this weekend so could pick up.
  6. Hey there folks - looking for a short rear bumper for my 76. I'm in Richmond VA so ideally you're located somewhere I can pickup but I have used Greyhound to ship a rear seat across the country. Open to any situation. Not looking for concourse condition but would like for it to be free of rust and dents. I can probably live with dings depending how severe. thanks so much.
  7. Yes! That’s my primary fear as well but wanted someone else to validate. Unplugging until I can find someone with a spare or source on eBay
  8. Was wondering if anyone has tried using a wine or champagne cork as temp or permanent fix for a brake reservoir float thats taking on brake fluid. My brake light has been flickering for months and happy to have found the root cause but taking a while to find a new plastic float with rubber grommet. Hoping this solution might be a patch
  9. My brake warning light has been flickering for months. Ruled out the ebrake and sticky switch plunger and turns out my float is half way full of brake fluid. Can’t seem to find one online so hoping someone has a spare. Looking for justbthe float and the black rubber grommet the plunger seats into. Thanks in advance
  10. I have no idea if DMV would take up beef with my fog light set up. Yes the fogs are completely independent from my head/parking lights. I also don't run with a front plate which is also mandatory in the Virginia. So I'm already not technically on par on legalities in this Commonwealth. I appreciate the complement tho!
  11. Your upper house looks similar to mine. At the time I also questioned flow because the hose wasn’t completely round allowing for optimum flow. I decided to trust in the manufacturer and not cut anything. Happy to say my car runs very cool and all is operating as it should. Very happy with the hoses and the clamps. Not a single leak. That said, I was working with a stock radiator.
  12. Here ya go! 2708E523-89D6-4E30-8D2F-104007477D15.MOV
  13. Im so close to being finished with hooking up. With 2 little kids I can work a few minutes at a time. I’ll follow up to this thread this weekend with photos!
  14. man i so want to be the one to powerwash your car. I'd probably want to stop there tho. LOL
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