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  1. FREE to a good home - used and battered transmission. Internals are in good shape - no grinding into second gear. I swapped this transmission out for a 'known good' 4-speed because I could never get it to stop leaking. Ya see, it looks like the Guibo let go at some point and allowed the driveshaft to beat the shit out of everything it could find under the car: my trans tunnel has scarring, and this transmission is missing a good amount of material from the area around the shift selector, which is also bent upward. See pics. If you are adventurous with the JB Weld this could be a non-issue - it may seal back up just fine. It's up for offer because the internals are in great shape. I never had any issues with it, it just marked its territory everywhere I went - if it stopped leaking it meant it was empty. I'd rather see it go to someone who is looking for an organ donor. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Looking to bring the rear bumper of my 1973 in closer to the body of the car. Hopefully someone has a pair of these rear bumper brackets laying around, or any creative solutions are appreciated!
  3. 1dollar93


    Please share more info about your wheels! They remind me of a Ferrari 328!
  4. Sold to the man with the paper motor!
  5. Pair of front seats, black, no rails, not in great shape. Black duct tape attempting to hold together several tears in the vinyl. No pleats or horsehair, so they’ve been redone at some point. Good placeholders. They’ll go in my neighbor’s pool at the end of the month. Not interested in shipping.
  6. Right at the intersection of two of my favorite things- beer and my scruffy little car. Cheers!
  7. Do you have all 4 early steelies?
  8. Bumping this from the dead - I'm curious about those 14" ATS wheels. I've never seen a set in 14" prior to this offering. Are they rare or am I just not paying enough attention?
  9. To the top- thank you to everyone who has responded so far. Interested in other 'period' options as well- 14" steelies, widened 13" steelies, Cosmics, etc.
  10. I was planning to lie in wait and snipe these on the final day of the auction, it’s disappointing to find that they are not correct for our cars. On the other hand it’s probably good for my wallet (and marriage) that they are incorrect.
  11. Already sold. Always a day late! Thanks for the heads up
  12. Thank you very much for the offer, these look interesting. I'd prefer to stick with my original search if you have any insight in that direction? Frank Franker?
  13. I would love 6” but beggars can’t be choosers!
  14. This may be a longshot: I'm looking to downsize from a 15" wheel and am interested in finding a set of 4x100 Borrani steel wheels, either triangle hole or circles. Alternately searching for a set of Campagnolo Ragno (Bertone) wheels in 4x100 to fit my car - basically anything 'period hot rod.' Thanks for the help!
  15. Thank you very much! Wheels are sold.
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