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  1. I’m driving a Uhaul from Sacramento to Indiana next week, if those Corbeaus float your boat we can make it happen.
  2. My set are this dull gold as well. Was this a thing back in the day? Maybe just a trend?
  3. These are great. Are they true to size, or do they run a bit more athletic?
  4. Apologies for the hijack- I have one single side plus hardware if anyone is still looking.
  5. EDIT: Have to withdraw these seats, thanks for the interest. This is a set of E21 Recaros I pulled out of an ‘83 320is. I put new Aardvarc straps on the bottoms, bought some Iggee (eBay) covers and have been running them for about a year. This set is not perfect, but would be great candidates for an Aardvarc restoration, which was my plan. Last 2 photos show condition without covers. Rails and adapters not included. Located in Sacramento, would prefer not to ship, willing to meet within reasonable distance.
  6. I like it. You have the Gulf livery toolbox to match!
  7. My hat is off to you for sticking with it and getting it all the way back to LA. Thanks for keeping us updated along the way as well.
  8. I had a similar problem with my s14 starter after install, I chased it down to the ground strap on the block. Made sure it was secured correctly and it’s been good since then. I hope the transmission problem isn’t too major and you can continue on your way.
  9. This is awesome, congratulations on your new venture. Sometimes that wanderlust gets into ya. I got laid off from a job back in 2008, threw my fly fishing stuff in the hatch of my WRX and drove straight from SF to West Yellowstone, MT the next day. 2 speeding tickets in 2 states on the same day! My brother in law lives in Scottsdale, and took his newly restored E30 out for a spin to see the OTTO car club, apparently they dont 'do' drop ins - hopefully you can negotiate that. I hope your car runs flawlessly and you have tailwinds the whole way!
  10. I just got my set in the mail: 13x5.5 R1/485 2/74 They’ll need a blast and repaint so it’ll be a while until they are installed, but I’m pleased to join the club. As a side note, this will be the fourth set of wheels I’ve put on this car in 3 years; I’ve decreased in size from 15” to 14” and now these 13”. Sounds nuts when I say it out loud....
  11. I like both of these ideas and was kicking the idea of a drive through the Delta with @alumanorm this past weekend at the nk&k meet. This could be the best of both worlds, since it is ‘midway’ between the valley and SF. Wasn’t there a Mystery River rally a few years ago? Anybody still have that route?
  12. I seem to remember Steve saying it would be the last running as the ‘Shamrock’ but he was planning to start something new in the foothills.
  13. With the rolling stock and brakes squared away, it was time to address the suspension. To my untrained eyes and ears, I could tell that the bushings and mounts were all shot, the car bottomed out on hard bumps and the front tires had a comical amount of caster. I’d been stockpiling parts in plans to tackle the entire thing at once. Thanks to this site (again) as well as @BLUNT I had accumulated what I needed: Steering links Tie rods Lower control arms All front bushings Ball joints Upper strut mounts Fixed camber plates All rear bushings
  14. If you spend enough time on this site, you tend to see a variety of wheel/tire combinations, some rarer than others. When I put the Style 10 wheels on my car I had only seen 2 or 3 photos of them mounted on 2002’s. I noticed that the wheels were pretty heavy, the steering felt slower, and I was lusting after other setups. I had seen @bluebmw car on Alpinas and really liked it, and was excited to have basically stumbled into this set of wheels on accident. I decided this would be my inspiration: I bought a $50 set of wheels and tires to put on the E21 before it left my p
  15. This all started as a desire to replace my seats, but turned into the find of the year. The original seats in my car were completely shot, and I had replaced them with a set of blue 320 comfort seats as an interim solution. They didn’t match the interior and looked heinous, but at least I could drive the car. I found a guy in the foothills of Northern California selling a ‘non running’ 1983 320 for $1500. I called him for some information about the car, and to see if it had the Recaro seats I’d begun to covet. It was his step daughter’s car, the rear end was “slipping” so he parke
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