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  1. I like it. You have the Gulf livery toolbox to match!
  2. My hat is off to you for sticking with it and getting it all the way back to LA. Thanks for keeping us updated along the way as well.
  3. I had a similar problem with my s14 starter after install, I chased it down to the ground strap on the block. Made sure it was secured correctly and it’s been good since then. I hope the transmission problem isn’t too major and you can continue on your way.
  4. This is awesome, congratulations on your new venture. Sometimes that wanderlust gets into ya. I got laid off from a job back in 2008, threw my fly fishing stuff in the hatch of my WRX and drove straight from SF to West Yellowstone, MT the next day. 2 speeding tickets in 2 states on the same day! My brother in law lives in Scottsdale, and took his newly restored E30 out for a spin to see the OTTO car club, apparently they dont 'do' drop ins - hopefully you can negotiate that. I hope your car runs flawlessly and you have tailwinds the whole way!
  5. I just got my set in the mail: 13x5.5 R1/485 2/74 They’ll need a blast and repaint so it’ll be a while until they are installed, but I’m pleased to join the club. As a side note, this will be the fourth set of wheels I’ve put on this car in 3 years; I’ve decreased in size from 15” to 14” and now these 13”. Sounds nuts when I say it out loud....
  6. I like both of these ideas and was kicking the idea of a drive through the Delta with @alumanorm this past weekend at the nk&k meet. This could be the best of both worlds, since it is ‘midway’ between the valley and SF. Wasn’t there a Mystery River rally a few years ago? Anybody still have that route?
  7. I seem to remember Steve saying it would be the last running as the ‘Shamrock’ but he was planning to start something new in the foothills.
  8. With the rolling stock and brakes squared away, it was time to address the suspension. To my untrained eyes and ears, I could tell that the bushings and mounts were all shot, the car bottomed out on hard bumps and the front tires had a comical amount of caster. I’d been stockpiling parts in plans to tackle the entire thing at once. Thanks to this site (again) as well as @BLUNT I had accumulated what I needed: Steering links Tie rods Lower control arms All front bushings Ball joints Upper strut mounts Fixed camber plates All rear bushings Subframe mounts and urethane inserts One-dot rear pads New upper and lower spring pads throughout Bilstein HD struts H&R springs Ireland 22mm sway bars and end links I continue to have great luck with this car, as the exhaust shop that rolled my fenders turned out to be run by a 2002 guy, and his head mechanic is an old school 2002 guy with a hot tii track car. Since we just had our second child, I opted to have this shop do the install with the exception of the sway bars. I had just completed a full gut bathroom remodel by myself and was tapped out. I wish I could have performed this work myself, but it was completed in a couple of days and everything was safety wired correctly. This totally transformed the car. Everything David E. Davis Jr. wrote about in Car and Driver was being transmitted through the car and into me. The car begged to be flogged, seemed happiest being wrung out and was always ready for more. I’d previously owned a car where I chased big power before addressing the chassis and brakes, but this tiny little go kart has changed the game for me. I don’t think I can emphasize how electrifying this car became, and practically overnight. I still had a touch of understeer, so I installed the IE sways during our kids’ nap time one day and it was solved. The car was neutral and rotated, and I had a touch of bling underneath the car. At at this point I began driving the car everywhere. To the store, to drop kids at school, basically any excuse to take it out was good enough for me. As summer rolled on I took it out for early morning thrashes before the family woke up, took it up to Tahoe and back, and generally put as many miles on it as possible. I changed out smaller parts as they wore- new starter, chased bad grounds, removed the prehistoric smog equipment and gave it a full tune up. It’s happy, I’m happy. The more I drive it the less I care about cosmetics. It’ll eventually be repainted but it’s a driver that I’m not afraid to depend on.
  9. If you spend enough time on this site, you tend to see a variety of wheel/tire combinations, some rarer than others. When I put the Style 10 wheels on my car I had only seen 2 or 3 photos of them mounted on 2002’s. I noticed that the wheels were pretty heavy, the steering felt slower, and I was lusting after other setups. I had seen @bluebmw car on Alpinas and really liked it, and was excited to have basically stumbled into this set of wheels on accident. I decided this would be my inspiration: I bought a $50 set of wheels and tires to put on the E21 before it left my possession, stripped the rotten tires off the Alpina wheels and dropped them off at a local powder coating shop. The wheels I had lucked into were the OZ Alpina reps, 15x6 et12, we settled on a traditional Silver color that they mainly used for coating sand rail roll bars. If you are wheel hunting, I highly recommend www.willtheyfit.com as a resource- it is where I discovered that I was going to probably rub fenders without serious camber work. Since I had not lowered my car yet, I found a local shop to roll all 4 fenders. It should be noted that the paint on my car is less than perfect, so I didn’t have any heartburn about losing more as it flaked off the inner fenders. Got the wheels back from the shop, began masking and painting the centers. I really took my time and used a 1/4” striping tape to get super crisp lines. I’m really proud of how they turned out, and was able to swap the tires from my Style 10 wheels onto these and was in business. Last thing I did was get a before and after in the same spot as the Style 10s. The Style 10’s sold to a local E30 guy who was pumped up on them. From an aesthetic standpoint I think these wheels are about as good as it gets.
  10. This all started as a desire to replace my seats, but turned into the find of the year. The original seats in my car were completely shot, and I had replaced them with a set of blue 320 comfort seats as an interim solution. They didn’t match the interior and looked heinous, but at least I could drive the car. I found a guy in the foothills of Northern California selling a ‘non running’ 1983 320 for $1500. I called him for some information about the car, and to see if it had the Recaro seats I’d begun to covet. It was his step daughter’s car, the rear end was “slipping” so he parked it on his property for a few years and was about ready to scrap it. He confirmed that it had “sport bucket seats,” so I pitched him the idea that I would bring my comfort seats, remove and replace his seats with my seats and $100 on top. He thought I was insane, but said if I showed up with a trailer and $600 I could take the whole car and do the swap at my house. I was able to convince my very patient and then 8 months pregnant wife that I needed to at least have a look, so I rented a Uhaul and headed up the hill. The car was a Hennarot 320is, Recaro seats, G240 transmission, 3.91 rear diff, OZ Alpina wheels. You bet I paid the man his new price and loaded the car up on the trailer with his help. Giddy with excitement, I brought the car home and began explaining to my wife how this unregistered field-mouse habitat was going to be worth it. I received a one month deadline to have the car gone. I was able to enlist the help of a savvy neighbor and my best bud to harvest this car: trans, diff, driveshaft went in the shed for a later date, seats got new webbing and cheap eBay covers and went in my car. Steering wheel is wall art, and the rest of the interior was stripped and sold on eBay, recouping the initial purchase price. I wasn’t able to assess the usability of the running gear and I wish I had pulled the hubs, but I was able to sell the shell of the car for $100 to a local E21 enthusiast. My wife even helped me push it back onto a trailer. She’s a keeper.
  11. It’s been quite a while since I posted anything about this car- it’s been a slow process but I’m still smitten with it. Our son became an older brother in 2018 and then again in 2019, so my time and attention is elsewhere most of the time. For those keeping score at home, that’s 3 kids aged 3 and under as of this writing. After mounting the wheels and tires, I began focusing on the braking system of the car. This was my first time performing brake work on any vehicle, and thanks to this site I was able to have all of my questions answered easily, so thank you! This was also my first introduction to the true meaning of deferred maintenance, as I ended up replacing nearly the entire system short of the Master cylinder. I purchased Porterfield R4S pads, discs, stainless lines, new wheel bearings and rear wheel cylinders, rear shoes and fluid. The calipers had been painted a smurf blue, so when I pulled them to repaint here is what I found: The red substance on the pistons was a sort of contact cement that had been used to adhere the pads to the half-missing piston. Not what I was hoping to see, and a decent indication of some other kludge fixes I’d have yet to find. I ordered a new set of calipers to be safe, which left the car in ‘hovercraft mode’ for a week while I awaited their arrival. In the meantime I was also able to address the stainless lines both front and rear. The lines were original to the car and still dated to the original build year of the car. I was thankful for the advice to buy flare wrenches prior to starting this project, especially in the rear trailing arms. I got the lines buttoned up, the calipers and pads installed, and upon pressurizing the system I saw fluid began weeping past the grommets on the brake booster. Another quick parts order, got the new grommets installed and repressurized the system to bleed it. This time the reservoir and lines to the Booster began to leak, so again made a parts order for a new reservoir and lines, got the whole system bled and was good to go. I started the project in the beginning of April and put the car on the ground over month later- at midnight the night before the Bay Area 02 Show and Swap. Got the brakes bedded in at midnight then caught a couple short hours of sleep before heading out. Down to the wire! In all it was a good experience but my experience with the R4S pads has been a very dusty one. I like the stopping power but I suspect the aftermarket discs I bought are a touch softer than the factory setup. Big brakes are in the future but it’s 100% safer than when I started.
  12. Compliments on a beautiful paint job! I'll hazard a guess that your wheels are original Minilites made by Western Wheel. Hopefully the wheel savants on this forum can confirm. Cheers!
  13. The S14 motor hammered at $27,500. All you M2 guys should be jumping for joy!
  14. FREE to a good home - used and battered transmission. Internals are in good shape - no grinding into second gear. I swapped this transmission out for a 'known good' 4-speed because I could never get it to stop leaking. Ya see, it looks like the Guibo let go at some point and allowed the driveshaft to beat the shit out of everything it could find under the car: my trans tunnel has scarring, and this transmission is missing a good amount of material from the area around the shift selector, which is also bent upward. See pics. If you are adventurous with the JB Weld this could be a non-issue - it may seal back up just fine. It's up for offer because the internals are in great shape. I never had any issues with it, it just marked its territory everywhere I went - if it stopped leaking it meant it was empty. I'd rather see it go to someone who is looking for an organ donor. Let me know if you have any questions.
  15. Looking to bring the rear bumper of my 1973 in closer to the body of the car. Hopefully someone has a pair of these rear bumper brackets laying around, or any creative solutions are appreciated!
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