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  1. 15x7 BMW Style 10 Wheels

    Bump with FAQ price drop
  2. 15x7 BMW Style 10 Wheels

    Bump - open to reasonable offers. Here is a link to how they look on our cars:
  3. 15x7 BMW Style 10 Wheels

    Selling my set of BMW Style 10 Wheels. 15x7", et24, direct bolt on fitment for the 2002. These wheels are the Technocast version, stamped "90" on the back of the wheel. They are true and very clean for their age, with the exception of one scar which is pictured, and some minor clear coat failure on some of the lips. I got my hands on a set of OZ's and have decided to go that direction. Please contact me with any questions! Thanks Mike
  4. You may be interested in these: http://www.kooglewerks.com/new-products-1/bmw-2002-led-tail-lamp-covers-roundie - simple design with some impact protection. I'm pleased with my set.
  5. Ok, Have an Idea That I Want to Expand Upon

    I'm over here with (another) brand new baby and thankful that I have zero time for this old car. Also wondering where you are located before I attempt to dive into my suspension.
  6. E21 Sport Steering Wheel

    Up for sale is a 3-spoke E21 Sport Steering wheel from a 1983 320is. This wheel is in fair shape, it is definitely a candidate for a recover, or just pull the leather and it'll look clean. The leather is torn and gatored, the spokes have some very fine cracks in them which are visible to the naked eye but tough to pull up in photos. Horn button and innards are intact, the hub cover is included but is missing all but one of the mounting tabs. Price includes shipping within CONUS. Please inquire for more info or photos.
  7. Any Panasport experts out there?

    I'm willing to bet those are 14x6. Unsure of the offset on these- have you perused The stance thread?
  8. LSD swap axles with e21 (10mm) /e10 ( 8mm) CV's

    I'm interested- I've got a set of axles freshly picked from an '83 320is. Located in Sacramento.
  9. Sahara Sacramento spotting

    This car was parked on my street on Thanksgiving! Paging hynrgee...
  10. CARFAX Report

    Link not working here.
  11. Starter fluid? ...Why?

    My car is doing this exact same thing right now, starter fluid and all. I replaced all of my fuel lines earlier this year but neglected the plastic sleeve at the fuel pickup. It had been starting fine until this month. Let me know how you fare, I'll likely be following in your footsteps.
  12. Sacramento body shop

    PM sent.
  13. Sacramento body shop

    I am looking to repaint the whole car - I'm also looking for a little bit of body work in addition to prep: Dents and dings mainly, but I have a solid hole in the front valance that will need to be patched. Is that work in their wheelhouse? Do you have any contacts you could share?
  14. Sacramento body shop

    Bumping this for visibility- I'm also looking for a shop for a repaint. Looking at staying within the greater Sacramento area. Anybody with good experiences?
  15. Hey Team- There is a cool little 'end of season' car show along Fulton Avenue, Saturday, October 7th from 3:00-7:30 PM. I saw 2 local cars there last year, and assuming my car starts I'm planning to enter this year. If we get 10 cars pre-registered we can corral them in a parking lot of one of the businesses, otherwise it's a mixed bag of cool cars parked bumper to bumper on Fulton. Plenty of American Iron, the 356 CAR club was out in force, etc etc. Thought it would be an easy alternative to a Bay Area meet. Info: https://www.calautomuseum.org/event/cruisefest-fulton-avenue-presented-california-automobile-museum/