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  1. 1dollar93

    Upholstery recommendations

    Thanks for the response - Looks like Yig's is permanently closed as of February this year. Bummer!
  2. Earlier this year I parted out a 320is and kept the important parts including a set of Recaros which are in serious need of a reupholster. Does anyone have a preferred upholstery shop in the area who might be able to address these seats? Slowly picking this car apart one project at a time...
  3. 1dollar93

    2 2002 sightings on 395

    Is he running Formula SAE? That looks like a blast. Nice to come down the Eastern Sierra as opposed to the valley views. http://www.lonepinetimetrials.com/ That's the event I was referring to, it happened over the weekend and you most likely were in the right place at the right time.
  4. 1dollar93

    2 2002 sightings on 395

    Were you by chance headed home from the Lone Pine time trials? They could've been headed back as well.
  5. 1dollar93

    Caravan from Sacramento to Brisbane

    Last year we met at the Starbucks at 715 Harbor Pointe pl, West Sacramento, CA. I had proposed we meet there again since it's easy for the Roseville crew and has good freeway access. I plan to be there by 7:30.
  6. 1dollar93

    caravan to brisbane?

    I'm driving mine. I'll be to the Starbucks by 7:30 ready to go.
  7. 1dollar93

    Caravan from Sacramento to Brisbane

    I tried to resurrect last year's thread and meeting place. I'll be driving down from Sac, I liked getting there early for a decent spot. Might be more fun to drive the Delta on the way home. Check the Sac regional forum for more info- I'll be at the Starbucks by 7:30 unless anyone wants it changed.
  8. 1dollar93

    caravan to brisbane?

    I was right there last year- finished upgrading my entire braking system the night before. I committed and it was just fine, strength in numbers kind of thing. I trust my car a lot more now. Bring it out!
  9. 1dollar93

    caravan to brisbane?

    Ok, well, I'd like to caravan with some local guys to Brisbane this year. Last year we met at 7:30 at the Starbucks near IKEA in West Sacramento and were able to make it to the show fairly early. I'd like to propose that we meet at the same location at 7:30 and depart no later than 8:00. Address: 715 Harbor Pointe pl, West Sacramento, CA. I can't be the only Sacramento guy going this year, let's roll together!
  10. 1dollar93

    caravan to brisbane?

    Any caravan plans this year?
  11. 1dollar93

    15x7 BMW Style 10 Wheels

    Bump - Price includes shipping, or I can bring them to Brisbane.
  12. 1dollar93

    15x7 BMW Style 10 Wheels

    The inside barrel of the wheel where the weights attach is approx 13". The rear of the spokes are approx 1 1/4" from the hub flange. I couldn't find any literature on the size of the wilwood caliper when attached, hopefully these measurements help.
  13. 1dollar93

    15x7 BMW Style 10 Wheels

    I can take some inside measurements and get back to you.
  14. 1dollar93

    15x7 BMW Style 10 Wheels