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Slowly Improving, highly rewarding

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It has taken years and huge projects to get this far.  However, it now seems the smallest projects are more rewarding.  What I mean is now that the 2402 is on the road every little project makes it just that much better to drive, that much more useful.  Over the Thanksgiving break I was able to tackle some more projects and it really made a difference. 


1. fixed the clunk, the Diff flange was too close to the tunnel and under accel the diff rotates nose up and would hit the floor.  A little tappy tap with the 5# sledge and problem solved

2. Bump steer was HORRIFIC. Turned out the toe in was just too high.  It now tracks straight and the bump steer is totally acceptable.  Steering is slow for my liking still, and turning radius that makes a battleship laugh. 

3. finally got the lights working as they should.  It was a combination of chasing bad grounds and cleaning contacts.  


With all that fixed I can now run around and run errands and such.  The main thing I am noticing...this thing is QUICK! Still much to be done.  It needs an interior and the exhaust is too low.  That's what winter projects are for!.


Went to car and Coffee, no heat is a little rough on a 30* Michigan morning. 


Pizza pick up in a classic BMW.  On the wet roads it's a bit of hand full, but the smiles all around kind!

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