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  1. Simeon

    1600 pulley work on 2002 engine?

    That nice wide section of the pulley is unfortunately going to be between two belts so not sure how visible it might be. I might see if I can draw up a degree tape to scale and see what it looks like. Very useful if it works.
  2. Simeon

    Low compression band-aids?

    Presumably this list is for people who build their compression too high for pump gas and then are trying to cope with it without melting their engine. It’s not going to help an engine with low compression.
  3. Simeon

    wheel and tire question

    That’s not going to work. 4 x 100mm PCD is what you are after.
  4. As a minimum you will need to scuff the existing finish to mechanically key it to the clear coat. You will watch it fall off in sheets otherwise. This is also needed as a power wash is never going to clean the underneath of a car enough to take any kind of paint on its own. You will also need to do something about any active rust you have (chemical treatment or spot blast / grind else it will bubble out of your clear within months. Unfortunately, there are no magic shortcuts here, the prep required to do this (properly) is the same as that required to shoot the underneath to the same quality as the top. If you are going to do all of that then you might as well make it pretty. Tom’s idea of the fish oil (after maybe chipping off any loose chip guard / paint) is probably the best as it strikes a balance between effort and reward.
  5. Simeon

    1600 pulley work on 2002 engine?

    I got mine from @halboyles it needed a clean with a wire brush in an electric drill plus a coat of paint. It looked a little bit better than yours (definitely no spider carcass) but yours would clean up well I am sure. (I am itching to find something to try Evaporust on and I reckon that would be ideal).
  6. Simeon

    1600 pulley work on 2002 engine?

    It better, that’s what I have to run mine (not fitted yet).
  7. Simeon

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    Great list. Although you did miss off: ‘spray steel wheels with rattle can silver paint’ 😉
  8. Is that what it said? Not that I speak German but I thought it said that it had been adjusted (with the aid of) electronics. More like a tune up using a AFR meter than a MFI equivalent of a 123Tune distributor?
  9. Just as a point of comparison: any rust perforation within 30cm (1’) of anything ‘important’ (brake pedal, master cylinders, suspension mounting, steering components etc) is an instant fail on the UK MOT test. This would dedinitely fall fall into this category plus the repairs would need to be as well executed as @'76mintgrün'02
  10. Simeon

    Low compression band-aids?

    Try the next hotter range of plug. They need some heat to help burn off some of that crud.
  11. Simeon

    Low compression band-aids?

    Hey, I just like to get my moneys worth from my engines! 😎
  12. Simeon

    Low compression band-aids?

    That’s not THAT bad. I would certainly not worry about running that for a while, particularly if you aren’t driving it daily. I would wait until the oil burning is obvious, relentless and dense.
  13. Wow. That looks pretty well developed and finished. All factory fixing points too. I wonder how sturdy the doors are?
  14. Simeon

    Pertronix on 1968 1600

    It’s best to get the number off the distributor and quote that when ordering. Loads of different distributors were used throughout the life of the 02 plus you have no idea if someone has swapped it out.