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  1. The quick and dirty solution is to buy a $180 Ireland Engineering tii distributor with a ‘pertronix like’ magnetic pick up ignition. This is not perfect for your engine either but will be a lot better than a broken and worn distributor. Make sure you time it based on maximum advance. The next solution is to post a ‘want to buy’ ad on this board. Distributors are easy to come by and someone will have a good one for a reasonable price. Again, this may not be an exact match for your engine but it will out perform a broken one. Next option is to send it out for rebuilding. Advanced Distributor seem to be the go to guys in the US. Depending upon how much needs it might be a similar cost to the IE or a bit more. The advantage of this is that Advanced will actually tailor this to your engine if you can answer some questions about your engine and how you use it. Parts are available, depending upon what’s broken. There are some excellent posts on here with regard to disassembly and restoration by Tom @76mintgrün'02 Have a read of these and then contact Blunt to see what he can get.
  2. eBay in Australia is flooded with fake FAJS Weber clones. While I would never buy one the pictures and prices make them look like a good deal. I wonder if they are such a good deal when stripped? This one is a genuine! (FAJS)
  3. Simeon

    320i shift platform

    It allows the rubber to be in compression and not tension. Good for longevity.
  4. Simeon

    BMW 2002 Gland cap

    They are still for sale. or try a want to buy ad on this board.
  5. Why not? It’s probably a little more cash than I would like to tie up in a ‘someday’ part right now (or more accurately, more money than my wife would like to tie up right now 🤨). It it would be a nice warm feeling to have one on the shelf, warding off the risk of ever actually needing it!
  6. Simeon

    Ac parts help please

    This is going to be the case for all of the ‘universal’ parts I am afraid. You can scout cars at wreckers to find an equivalent size condenser and the order a new OEM part. This will also be made in China but at least Car Manufacturer X is putting their name on the part and will stand by it until they work out you have installed it in an old German car. You may also find that the hose fittings on the condenser don’t suit the type of fittings that you might want to work with on your home brewed system. From reading up about AC Systems in various places it sounds like you need to stand ready to replace items like driers and condensers relatively frequently as part of the usual maintenance over the longer term. With this in mind, cost and ease of replacement are fairly high up in the criteria for selection for these parts. i feel your pain here but I think as long as you avoid the cheapest looking eBay specials you will be OK for something that ultimately isn’t a critical component on a car.
  7. Simeon

    Ac parts help please

    Is the 10” dimension mandatory or it won’t fit in the nose through the grill opening of through the radiator opening?
  8. Simeon

    Trunk Seal Dilemma

    Exhaust tips are often only secured by internal spring steel ‘teeth’ that bite into the exhaust underneath. You will probably find that it will twist off slightly if you want to extend the clearance at the rear. The BMW seal stands more proud than the Uro seal. I fitted that and, like the door seals, I regret it. I added a secondary seal of self adhesive EPDM draft excluder seal around the bottom of the trunk where it meets the seal. Also, check that the edge of the opening hasn’t been deflected downwards away from the seal. If so, it can be bent back up again slightly.
  9. Simeon

    Rally casualty

    Ouch! Still, my favourite line is: “...I firmly believe that if it doesn’t happen once in a while you’re simply not trying hard enough”. Thanks for sharing and good luck to Dave.
  10. I was going to say, I thought it was a little cooler of late.
  11. Any pictures of the proximity of the exhaust to the brake line? Your brake pipe is unlikely to heat up *that much* that it causes a problem with the performance of the brakes (assuming your brake fluid is in good condition). The fluid is subjected to pretty high temperatures within the brake calipers if you use them hard. I would have thought you would be damaging your paint in the engine compartment before it did anything to the brakes. People run some fairly outlandish turbos and I have not hear of this causing, or contributing to, any brake fade. Also, while a coating may cut down heat radiation from the exhaust, is it likely to be enough to justify the cost (if this is the only reason that you are doing it)? A secondary heat shield that cuts down radiated heat and allows air to flow over both sides would work too. You could form one out of a sheet of stainless steel and ‘band it’ to the header using locking stainless steel ties.
  12. Simeon

    Behr AC install help

    The sensor bulb is supposed to come in physical contact with the evaporator core or the ‘suction’ pipe coming from the core. Yours would have been wrapped around the pipe judging by its pigtail configuration. It would then be wrapped in cork tacky tape. Everyone seems to install all these into the core through holes in the case these days. Maybe get a replacement with an unadulterated capillary bulb and start again. Video about installation into evaporator core.
  13. Nope. Not sure why his prices are in USD but...
  14. Hey, question for AC abled folks: I have a great line on a new Sanden clone compressor but it has flare fittings. Obviously, since I am making my own hoses, I can fit whatever fittings I want on the end but what’s the disadvantage of flare fittings and would you then pay, say, $100 to eradicate them? one thing I can think of is the hose between the compressor and evaporator is likely to be long in my application and therefore if I go flare fittings now, that means I am stuck with them to a certain extent if I then need to change the compressor. Flare adaptors don’t get a great write up in @thehackmechanic‘s book.
  15. Simeon

    Ac parts help please

    Spal include figures for performance of their fans against different static pressures. Random fan table: The fans have their own built in shroud, basically the ring around the outside. This doesn’t seem like much but when the fan is installed tight up against the radiator or condenser, this should be enough. If you think about it, the radiator is a series of tubes tightly packed together. Once the air has gotten across the gap between the fan and the radiator there won’t be any further losses out of the sides. A fan without this ring on the outside, like an engine driven fan, will be throwing air all around. These are often installed further away from the radiator as well so lots more losses. A fan shroud will increase the pressure right across the face of the radiator so will be more efficient but it shouldn’t be significantly better than a well designed electric fan installed tight on the radiator.