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  1. What voltage are your bikes? You will need to provide at least 5 amps at 12V to run a wide band. Probably not an issue for static set-up but might be a problem if you want to ride them and check AFR.
  2. Ha! I used to live in Ayrshire on a hill with a view to the Irish Sea. The day we went to look at the property before we bought it was glorious, with the white fluffy clouds mirrored by the white fluffy sheep on the hillsides. The day we moved in (in May) was punctuated by high winds and horizontal rain. Pretty sure it remained like that for the next 2.5 years while I lived there. Never saw the sun again, made me leave the UK (well, not quite).
  3. While this is undoubtedly true, I have not worked out if it is the steel tube rotating within the polyurethane or the polyurethane rotating within the suspension component. I ran a Land Rover 110 for years with all polyurethane suspension bushes with coil springs and complex multi link suspension to two live axles. Installed them dry and never heard a peep from them (though recognising that the car was that noisey that I probably wouldn’t have heard them anyway).
  4. You know on other cars, I have bent over backwards to avoid having to bleed brakes. So many problems on different cars I was convinced that I couldn’t do it. Following pressure bleeding on my last 3 cars ( including my 02) I am now not frightened of brakes. Best experience was replacement of the flexible hose on a Ford Sierra front caliper, completely by gravity, just let it flow, perfect brake pedal feel. Throughly recommend pressure bleeding.
  5. Looks externally regulated to me.
  6. Picture would be good. The tii alternator was externally regulated. Why do you think it is internal? If it has the same 3 pin plug on the alternator it is likely to be external. The pin s are typically marked with their function on the case. If so, does this match the marking on the old alternator? I doubt that Bosch would use the same plug but in a different configuration across different alternators.
  7. See if you can find the Blue Book sheets on syncing them. The PHH has a linkage that allows each throttle plate to be adjusted separately.
  8. I would complain to eBay. They might not do much but they *should* make the seller honour that. It’s not your fault they didn’t set a reserve. $1 starting bid looked about right too!
  9. Please no turbo flares on a roundie.
  10. It’s a pretty car and most likely a lot of fun but I would be slightly wary of that new paint job. Do your due diligence with regards to rust. A good look under the carpets and up under the front wings. What about around the rear subframe mounts? Bit nervous about the trunk area too. They took the time to nicely apply trunk liner over everything, including the tank but left everything below the top of the inner wings untouched under the hood. Some pretty gnarly overspray as well. What’s the deal with the race class you are interested in and a ‘bolt in’ cage? Check that cage is allowed and anything else that may be required for scrutiny. What are the harnesses attached to? It’s a bit vague about what class it may run in. The unspecified engine modifications and ‘big brakes’ might push it into an uncompetitive class. $20 K is a lot of money if that has any un-revealed issues. I would give it a very thorough going over, preferably with it up in the air on a hoist.
  11. Can you confirm if you have a 4 speed or dogleg 5 speed with the external lever or whether you have a later 5 speed with the internal throw out lever? If it is the 4 speed, be aware that the master is secured in the gearbox housing by large circlips around the diameter. Watch for corrosion between the dis-similar metals sticking it in place. If it is stuck then don’t get too medieval on it as you can break the lug off the box. If it’s seriously stuck then some gentle heat (watch for fire) from a MAP torch or similar will help. A big pair of channel lock pliers or pipe wrench and a twisting motion will help too after disconnecting the hydraulic line.
  12. If you are not planning on stripping that crap out, take a look under the chewed up insulation tape where spliced to the factory wiring. I suspect you will find wires just twisted together and taped.
  13. Run that by me again? The coil negative terminal is not directly connected to ground. In your case, with a 123, you connect the black wire coming from the 123 to it. If you have no tachometer then there shouldn’t be any other connection to coil negative. The 123 then switches the black wire / coil negative to ground to charge the coil before making it open circuit for each cylinder as the rotor goes around. This collapses the inductive field of the coil and makes a spark. If you have a constant connection between ground and the coil negative via a wire then you will never get a spark. That is how the ‘kill switch’ used to stop a motor bike engine works.
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