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  1. Just went through this, after adjusting the valve gaps three times, using a stethoscope and thinking I had a piston slap. The last thing I checked prior to an engine tear down, was to check for a exhaust leak, which sounds a lot like a knock or valves way out of adjustment. I had 2 small cracks in exhaust header manifold, which I had welded. Upon reinstallation, motor is noticeably quieter, more like a sewing machine. To find the header cracks, I used a shop-vac with the hose plugged into the rear of muffler and reversing the air flow into the exhaust. Next I used a water and soap mix in a hand-sprayer to spray all joints, the entire exhaust system and exhaust manifold. Shop vac puts out enough air pressure to produce large bubbles from the water/soap mix to spot the exhaust leak(s) in about 10 minutes of searching. Good luck
  2. Hello, Dreaded plastic on pass side of sunroof cable broke and looking to replace, will take drivers side or pair if you do not want to separate. Ship to NY. Best regards, Michael mhokeefe@hotmail.com
  3. Hi Resra, WIll ship to my sisters in NY. Will send email to get total costs and shipping to NY. BEst regards, Michael
  4. Hi Resra, If you have any more I would like a set.
  5. Hello Did a search and could not find patterns for roundie trunk Side panels, Does anyone have them electronically or larger paper pattern? Thank you
  6. Great tip! Does anyone have the patterns for the side boards? Thanks
  7. Hello Opening up an old thread, as I did a search and could not find these side board patterns. Does anyone have them electronically? Thanks
  8. Those plate holders are specific to Switzerland: System works like this: 1 set of plates low insurance on second car Insure 2 cars, the second lower value car gets a nominal annual rate from insurer You are issued 1 set of plates, although both are registered (again 2nd car at a nominal rate) You then switch over plates whenever you wish to drive either. (just don't forget to switch them over...) The plate holder has springs and allows for easy plate transfer...
  9. Thank you They are Pepita style fabric front (Recaro Sportsitze on tilting base) and rear. Done by Lars Alpina (of this board) in Frankfurt, outstanding finish!
  10. I've got one. I'm living in CH and car is also in Switzerland. Car delivered to Vienna, Austria in 73. PO was Walter Wilczynski (his personal car) he's the fellow with all those 02's (roughly about 50+ and a warehouse of NLA 02 parts) in Vienna, he also restored my '76 02. Car was originally Malaga, Walter painted it Condor Gelb BMW paint code 003 during ground up restoration he did in 2003.
  11. Have you tried Jaymic, I recall they carried Moto Lita for 2002 inclusive of the boss.
  12. Super helpful, thank you for your helpfulness to the community and your purposeful speed in the transparency!!
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