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  1. After a couple of months in storage I finally got Old Blue home to the new shop. It seems like she's spent the majority of her life with me either on jack stands or on a flatbed being towed.
  2. Bavarian Klasse … I dropped you an email with my address to quote shipping. Please let me know price and paypal standing by.
  3. You should check out Blunttech … I believe they sell a kit too now.
  4. SOLD. LOCAL. thanks for the interest Doc & MBA.
  5. MBAUSA, I am aware. Assuming I was to ship, I'd give Doc first crack at 'em. I'll put you second for shipping.
  6. Yes. 20 minutes north of Seattle, so about the same from Bellevue (depending on crappy traffic).
  7. Doc, I'm not close to a greyhound … I'd like to wait a bit and see if they sell local. I'll let you know if they dont.
  8. Doc, Thank you. I may just do that. Shipping of course would be extra. Where are you located?
  9. For Sale are Four (4) used but clean 14" E30 basketweaves and four (4) center caps. Price is somewhat negotiable if someone wants the wheels but not the caps for example. Not interested in shipping, so shipping is not included at this price. PM is the best way to get ahold of me.
  10. Ok, please take a picture of what you received from me. I just want to be sure I didn't mix up the boxes or something. Please email it to [email protected] Thanks, Gerta
  11. Can you send pictures? Here's a link to the anton kit front installed: Let me know what you are missing, but it should all be there unless I screwed up the boxes in shipping.
  12. Sorry, I thought I put them in there! Let me find my copy and I will scan you the instructions if I didn't mail them by accident with the rears. As for the round holes, did you remove the round rubber inserts? I believe once you do that there will be a square bracket that the anton kit will insert into. I have a 75 … and that is what I had I believe.
  13. Package shows delivered yesterday. Can you confirm you received?
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