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  1. Ha! I did that with bags of topsoil. That reminds me, I still need new spring pads or new, taller, stiffer springs or something. The sag/camber change is pretty significant these days even with an empty trunk.
  2. I usually find photos with people and cars together to be preposterous. I'm not sure if it's always the art director or photographer who drives the concept that the person must be touching or leaning on the car. I'm sure it wasn't the model's idea in this case. Regardless, it always looks unnatural at best. I love the vanity photos where some idiot has his picture taken with his foot on the tire or bumper of his car and it looks he's about to fall over or tear the crotch of his pants. The final pose is almost always something nobody would ever do except for a camera (and many people not even then). But hey, classic car, must sit on a part of it that wasn't designed for sitting. 🙄
  3. I've found that the easiest way to fill without an adapter is to rotate the whole pump nozzle so the hose is pointing in the 4-5 o clock position, then pump slowly, listening for the sound of fuel filling up into the neck. I've had a couple splashes using this technique but it's served me well otherwise.
  4. I had one of those minimum-wage idiots hit the emergency pump shut-off and call the cops on me for doing it. The cops then proceeded to bully me for 20 minutes while they tried to figure out what law I broke. Finally they told me it was under the jurisdiction of the fire marshall. Pumping your own gas. Perfectly fine in 48 states. In Oregon, DISPENSATION OF DANGEROUS FLAMMABLE SUBSTANCE.
  5. I've been very happy with ARP hardware. I've also been very happy with OE hardware. Lots of garbage out there in the aftermarket including so-called "OEM" hardware as well as counterfeit "ARP" hardware available for a few bucks less on a well-known online auction site. Whatever you do, buy engine internals from someplace reputable.
  6. I'm running these in 165/80 13 and I love them. https://www.falkentyre.com/hu/press/article/38830 Vive les treizes!
  7. I meant all of us who aren't complete show-offs! 😂 Yeah, yeah, yeah, early cars don't have this problem. I'm sure there's some disadvantage to it that I'm too tired to come up with at the moment! 😉 Cheers.
  8. Did you do a postmortem? I guess the risk of the switch popping out in our absence is something we all run, unless our switch is relatively new. I like to keep my car plugged into a battery tender because battery tenders are cheap and AGM batteries are expensive. I guess it won't save me if the switch dies while I'm out and about though. Cheers.
  9. Closely related to Hyper-E10-sion.
  10. When you tried to repair yours, were you attempting the approach outlined below? I'm going to give it a go before I fork over for a new one. Cheers.
  11. I broke my flasher switch. And by "I broke" I mean, I got into the car and closed the door, the flasher switch popped out, never to detent again. I'll search for a rebuild article but if anyone has a good one on speed dial fire it my way. Cheers.
  12. Their junk isn't exclusively Chinese. My friend replaced all the stupid split arm 20-balljoint-per-side Audi front suspension bits with Meyle "Original" "Quality" parts made in Turkey, and he had clunks and creaks in three months on a street car.
  13. Bitchin. I'll start working on the secret handshake.

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