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  1. I suppose if one were trying to arrive at a fair purchase price, modifications that affect value may play a role. I've seen the car advertised that he's considering and the seller was asking $7500. If it's a complete running tii without significant rust it's probably worth it if someone wants a restoration project. No pictures under the hood or of the underside of the car.
  2. Jimmy

    No keys

    So did you buy the white one?
  3. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    Cibie is my personal favorite. Beautiful light. I suppose there could be some junk out there now that Valeo owns the brand, but traditionally I would take Cibie over Hella any day.
  4. Jimmy

    center console help

    I think whomever worked on the consoles at the factory may not have been the most quality-oriented employees. The center hole for mounting the console to the tunnel near the parking brake lever in my 76 was never drilled. Only the L bracket on the right side that attached the console to the dash was holding the console in place.
  5. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    Irrespective of the bucket type, isn't the cutoff a mirror image on RHD applications?
  6. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    You keep making this about you. This is a respected public forum which many people refer to for information and guidance. In an effort to curb misinformation/disinformation whether conscious or unintentional, I've tried to keep things generalized and light in tone. As such, I've let statements from you slide that, were this really about you, I would not have initially. Instead I opted to leave things anonymized. Since you insist, let's recap. You stated that we each have our own opinions on this matter. I actually don't have any opinions on this matter. I like facts. Your tone initially seemed inquisitive and open-minded. Faced with the facts which seemed to at first elude you, you instead directed the conversation to the dictionary definition of the word "reasonable" which by nature is subjective. Uh oh. This is about physics, not philosophy. When I tried to clarify the facts of the matter in manner that granted individuals some dignity and plausible deniability, you choose to scold at me for so-called "personal attacks" as if the laws of both municipalities and physics are subject to personal preference. You have repeatedly made it very clear that you're happy with your willful ignorance (which you characterize as your opinion) of the facts presented on Mr. Stern's website. When did ignorance become an opinion? Attitudes like yours are what contribute to the unpleasant nighttime driving conditions (and many other things if extrapolated) that others experience at the hand of those such as yourself who for some inexplicable reason maintain that they are in some way exceptional and therefore facts do not apply to them. Cheers.
  7. Sorry to hear about the color match. I don't think I've seen two Baikal cars look alike. How does anyone know what it's supposed to look like?
  8. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    Yes, referring me to a dictionary to look up the definition of a word that I know because I asked you for context is quite civil and effective communication, not at all veiled a personal attack. 🙄 Great! We're here to help! You certainly can! Aye, there's the rub. There are many things that people like from their perspective that are detrimental to others. It's unfortunate to see people willfully make the wrong choice when good choices are available. Unfortunately, once some people have made up their mind it takes them longer than others to come around when presented with evidence contrary to their perceptions. It certainly doesn't! It isn't any more difficult to install good lights than it is to install poor ones.
  9. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    I said what I meant. At best, you won't get correctly focused light. You can't get correctly focused light because it's not physically possible. Those thousands of pimply-faced Honda kids do not care at all that they're wrong. They love their blue light. They're not unlike mosquitos. Everyone makes mistakes. Even the eteemed 2002faqers. Even me! Some folks with character and humility have even shared some of their exploits in this thread:
  10. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    Reasonable is subjective. Reasonable to whom? You won't get correctly focused light, at best.
  11. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    I didn't know about that one. I suppose paying more attention to the differences between European and American versions of European cars of the era would have made that obvious but I've never paid much attention to Jags newer than the E-type. That first generation of non-sealed-beam DOT spec lights were worse than sealed beams. I have a Corrado and with the DOT lights it's usually pretty difficult to tell that the headlights are actually on on the highway. Sometimes I glance over at the switch and/or push it off and back on to make sure it's all the way on.
  12. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    And my point is that no amount of accepting what you're doing makes Daniel Stern wrong about non-halogen light sources in housings engineered for halogen light sources. An H4 housing isn't a cup holder.
  13. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    Just so that I understand correctly, you're implying here that the testimony of experts regarding lighting properties, fixed geometries and the laws of physics is subjective, and carries no more weight than the opinion of some guy sticking parts together and seeing what it looks like? This isn't even in the same realm as assuming your wife grabbed the tickets to the game and she assuming you grabbed them. I concur that the lighting of oncoming cars seems to be worse every year. One major issue is that now that cars have brighter light sources, aiming is far more critical than it was back before sealed beams were even halogen. Of course a huge part of it is relative height, everyone's driving around in their SUV tanks now, with the lights at the roof height of small sports cars. Then there's the popularity of lift kits on 4x4s. Even on legal lifts, the headlights are rarely re-aimed. On the illegal lifts it's usually not possible to re-aim them correctly using only the aiming provided by the factory. Then there's trucks with trailers that when loaded effectively aim the lights up. These weren't as big of deal when all headlights were wimpy. Now we notice them more. As more modern cars age they also are subject to yellowing of the UV-coating that protects the polycarbonate lens from sun damage. It's common now to see someone rolling around with brighter (illegal) bulbs in a yellowed housing because changing a bulb is easier than fixing the problem. It's also common to see cars that have sustained minor damage with a headlight doing the Marty Feldman, dazzling oncoming cars. Most of the time it's just people getting by the best they can, and in some cases it's selfish apathy. I would say a solid ten percent, if not higher, of the drivers I see around the city are driving with their high beams on. 99 percent of the time it's due to the fact that they put no more effort into understanding and properly operating their car than they put into anything else. People lack awareness of their actions, and the distractions of modern life don't help. But whataboutery isn't the solution. We don't want to be them. We're all sharing the road.
  14. Jimmy

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    One of the easiest ways to not blind people is to not use illegal headlight configurations. Headlight aiming specifications are written for light sources that are also compliant with specifications. Having a buddy drive toward you and decide whether your lights blind him or her does not cover the wide range of conditions that lighting specifications are written to accommodate. As it's impractical to interview each motorist as to their impression of your illegal lights, it's best to assume that smart people who know what they're talking about know what they're talking about and that flawed concepts are not subject to luck.