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  1. Jimmy

    Brake lights question

    I had the opposite experience. Switch was sticky, I pushed it all the way in...and it stuck. I then pulled it out and observed the spring no longer sprung. I tapped it, even dropped it on the garage floor to see if it would un-stick. Nope. O'reilly's had a compatible one on the shelf, so I replaced it instead of fiddling with it further. Cheers.
  2. Did somebody say 'screw off?' There are Datsun-branded BPxES plugs that have permant nipple-tip (or whatever the hell they're called) connectors that do not unscrew. My father-in-law has a milk crate full of them. Imagine my disappointment.
  3. It's always hard for people, myself included, to see past perceived shortcomings in their own work. It wasn't straight enough, the patch panel was too flat, bead roller kinked the panel a little bit, blah blah blah. There are few restored cars in existence that couldn't have been better somehow. You do awesome work on tasks I wouldn't even attempt. I love seeing your progress reports. But if you want to apologize for the car, that's your prerogative. 🙂
  4. Impressive, as always. Beautiful even.
  5. I have a Simpson I really like, but like everyone else said, what matters is fit. Everyone's head, face, ears, jaw chin etc are different. If I were you I'd go down to Sube Sports and try some on. Unless they have a reputation that precedes them (I'd never heard of them until I did a internet search) I would say they'd be your best bet. Counterfeit gear is an issue with cheap online stuff, is your brain worth the gamble to you?
  6. Jimmy

    Best stealth upgrades?

    Upshift and floor it. 😉
  7. Ask him to translate this captcha to prove he's a real person not a computer 六四天安門 事件
  8. Jimmy

    Where to find 2002 car auctions?

    Plenty of scam stories online regarding that auction site. If this were legit there would be links to sites we've heard of that have good (or better at least) reputations. There's a reason no links to those sites were included in the original post...
  9. Jimmy

    Where to find 2002 car auctions?

    This is link spamming to drive search engine rank for those sites linked. It's not some guy hoping to find a car.
  10. If I recall correctly I had to rotate the driveshaft (move the car) after loosening each one, but I just used normal unmodified hand tools, nothing fancy.
  11. Jimmy

    Shift Lever Spinning?

    This might be an early vs late difference but my shifter installs from the top with a snap ring. Under the car you need to disconnect the shifter from the shift rod but that's the same operation whether you've glued your shifter together or not. I think the upper part of the shifter has to come off if you want to replace the wear items around the ball pivot, so if you stick it together permanently, replace that stuff first.
  12. Jimmy

    Shift Lever Spinning?

    Yep, the M10 doesn't have a balance shaft and they wanted to isolate the shift lever to reduce vibration as well as shock to your hand when shifting. The soft rubber shift knob helps, too.
  13. Jimmy

    Shift Lever Spinning?

    Nope, it's cosmetic right up to the point that the looseness becomes distracting, interferes with shifting precision or results in an annoying rattle.
  14. Pfft. You guys and your fancy heads. 😝