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  1. I'm running 165/80/13 (and I absolutely love them) but it seems like they might be slightly taller than the original tires because I feel like my speedo reads a smidge low whenever I have the opportunity to check against a radar sign. I suppose someone could have had the speedo recalibrated for the wrong size tire, or maybe it's just showing it's age. I'd prefer it read either dead on or 1-2 mph fast. Is there any futzing one can do at home say with an electric drill? My trip meter stalled and I'm going to be pulling the speedo out anyway. Why leave well enough alone? 😆
  2. I agree with you. Same exact symptom with an entirely different carb says it's either fuel supply to the carb or spark. If it were inadequate fuel supply it should be worse under load. The trouble clearing itself after cool-down points to overheating. OP, is the engine using a Tii distributor? It would probably run better with a pre-smog non-Tii version, or a 123.
  3. Agreed. Also note that the float settings are different for plastic vs brass so double-check the specs. Next time it stalls pull a plug or two out. If they're wet with fuel, it's flooding. Loaded with dry black soot suggests rich depending on fuel but modern additives leave most of the plug except for the tip of the electrodes pretty black even when the mixture is right. If everything is dry white, tan or brown, lighter than say chocolate brown, it's running lean. Whats between the pressure regulator and the carb, besides rubber hose? And with the pressure regulator, keep in mind you want less than 3psi, preferably no more than 2.
  4. Don't get me started on "profile gaskets." Sing, oh choirs of cacophony...
  5. Very nice. Do you mind sharing the picture you gave him to work from?
  6. Are M42 head bolts likely to have the same sudden failure as the M20 head bolts of the day? Everyone remembers that crap, right?
  7. Both, in Europe it was optional but Hoffman ordered it on all of them that were officially imported by him to the US. It became standard on square tails.
  8. That's a one-owner Tii Turbo Touring Estate currently for sale on BAT for $92,002. Don't you dare question its authenticity.
  9. This is awesome. Thank you for doing it and sharing. I don't think people who are good at this sort of thing realize how much those of us who aren't appreciate it.
  10. Lucian, this brought a tear to my eye. So glad to see the car back on the road and so glad you weren't injured more seriously. I love a happy ending.
  11. There's a few more pretty common ones. The "credibility" guy who makes it into a pointless story all about himself: "If I didn't already have a one-owner AAR 'Cuda and a Gullwing SL I would be forced to bid on this. The color reminds me of the 930 I had when first read about those cars coming out. I didn't buy it because my wife wanted a family car so we did European delivery on a Merc Wagon..." The arrogant incorrect alleged former owner spewing untruths: "They ALL had that feature, I should know, I OWNED one." The alleged bystanders who totally aren't shills who get all butthurt on behalf of a seller when a polished turd gets picked apart for being so. "I don't care how original a car is I would enjoy driving it no matter what anyone thinks." As if it's merely a matter of taste and not one of value. The leghumpers who spew superlatives and glws on every auction.
  12. Wind a spiral around it to perturb the air, something like so: My antenna doesn't whistle. I wonder if it's broken.
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