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  1. I picked up an old 38 Weber from a fellow FAQer and the inside is super crusty from old gas sitting in it. Does anyone know of a product or trick to clean the inside of carb with or something I can soak it in to release the crud? Thanks
  2. MAD02

    Weber 38/38

    Payment was sent, Bert. I believe my address is in the PayPal information. But I'll PM you the address just in case. Thanks again! David
  3. MAD02

    Weber 38/38

    Cool. Let me know where to send the payment, Bert. Thanks
  4. MAD02

    Weber 38/38

    No worries, Bert. Thanks
  5. MAD02

    Weber 38/38

    Thanks Bert
  6. MAD02

    Weber 38/38

    Hey BK. Can you get me a shipping quote to 98203? Thanks! David
  7. MAD02

    M10 intake manifold with Weber

    The 26 and 27 are the venturi sizes for each barrel.
  8. Someone needs to make an adapter or bellhousing to use T5s or Miata transmissions on the M10. Forty year old Getrag 5 speed prices will only continue to climb.....
  9. MAD02

    Getrag 240 driveshaft length

    Oooo thank you for this. I have a 240 from a late 320i that I'll be installing hopefully this summer. This helps lots!!
  10. MAD02

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    You have to make your own. I used a 20 inch Lokar cable to make mine. Works ok but needs adjustment. It's attached to the original throttle rod and mounted to the brake booster mount. Sorry I dont have pics at the moment.
  11. MAD02

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    Hey Jim. Its a MAF. Here's a generic one, but the Bosch unit is exactly the same withthe screw on the left. Later LH verions dont have the adjustment screw.
  12. MAD02

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    Im using the Bosch LH 2.2 system from a Volvo 240 and it runs great. The MAF (mass airflow sensor) has a correction screw on it so you can adjust it till itruns correctly. The volvo uses 19lb injectors so I just used smaller 17lb ones but might go a but smaller since my engine was stock. But over all it was a simple installation. And you can use the LH 2.2 for turbo applications. Just swap the ecu and injectors and that's pretty much it. Cost wise, this is how I broke it down 318i manifold, tbi and fuel rail $100 Volvo 240 wire harness, MAF and ecu from junkyard $75 to $100 Linkage $30 Fuel system maybe $100 forget a 318is fuel pump assembly
  13. Just wondering if anyone has ever run a 40 DCNF carb on their 2002. I know the linkage and bolt pattern would be all wrong but hmmmm. There's one for sale locally cheap and I'm thinking out loud again lol Thanks!
  14. Thanks everyone for your help. Gordon, I emailed Mr. Taylor regarding the intake manifold. Thanks.