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  1. Hi David -


    If you still have the engine and any other parts I'm interested.  


    Thanks Dan

  2. For sale! 318i intake manifold and EFI conversion. I have 2 318i intake manifolds with fuel rails for fuel injection conversions on an M10 engine. Im going M42 so don't need these anymore. Manifold #1 will include the fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator and the 318i 45mm throttle body. $100 Manifold #2 will be a kit, if I can sell it like this. Will include intake manifold, throttle body and TPS, fuel rail, FPR, injectors, water neck, Bosch LH 2.2 wire harness from a '86 Volvo 240, 544 ecu, mass airflow sensor and idle control valve. This is currently installed in my 2002 but I'll be removing it soon. $400 The wire harness was totally gone thru and all wires that needed replacing were replaced and the harness re-wrapped. All injector plugs were replaced with newer ones. I also have some spare parts to go along with it. Please feel free to ask any questions. Im located in Everett, WA. Thanks. Have a wonderful evening. David
  3. Not mine, no affiliation. Looks like a good source for parts even though the price is a bit steep. I'd hate to see this parted out. Its up in Skagit County. https://skagit.craigslist.org/pts/d/langley-bmw-2002-tii-parts-or-whole/6899420349.html
  4. Hey Ron. My apologies in not getting back to you. I honestly forgot I posted here and made a Facebook post instead. The transmission was sold but I still have the motor and various parts. Let me know what you're looking for. I'll check my post. Thanks David
  5. Good afternoon everyone. I picked up a complete M42 swap so all my M10 stuff has to go. I'll have pictures of everything soon. Complete running M10 from a 1985 318i automatic with 142k miles that was being parted out. I bought this to swap into my 2002 before getting the M42. Will come with intake manifold, throttle body, fuel rail, alternator, starter, power steering pump and associated brackets. Or if you just want the long block thats fine. $350 for everything Getrag 240 from a 1983 320i with 150k miles. I bought this in 2003 or 2004 and never swapped it into my 2002. Been in dry storage since. Unfortunately I was unable to test it but it spins freely and goes into gear without any issues. This transmission does have the mechanical speedo output. New input shaft seal was installed years ago. Will include shift platform, shift fork, shifter and linkage. $300 I do have a few more things so I'll update this post soon and will post photos too. Im in the Everett/Snohomish area. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks! David
  6. Not a minivan, but you can find a Volvo 940 wagon in good condition for cheap. With the rear facing rumble seats it'll hold 7 comfortably and haul tons of cargo. Later models have the inline 6 while early ones had the 2.3 redblock in NA and turbo. My sister does have a newer Kia minivan but the name escapes me. She loves it and that thing has so many storage areas and cup holders it'll make your head spin😁
  7. Ive always loved the 1800s. But now they're crazy money so I'll probably never be able to afford one.
  8. First picture... Ive never seen that connection on a weber before. I'm thinking it's some kind of fuel shut off solenoid?? That nipple is a vacuum port. Probably for the distributor. The water outlet on the block if for the water choke on the weber carb, I believe its where the water return line goes. The other nipple on the coolant neck goes to the intake manifold. Since you ran the coolant pipe on thw block you can just plug both those water nipples. But the carburetor in your pic ia water choke, so you might have to switch to an electric choke. The tube in the valve cover is the crankcase vent tube. It simply runs to your weber air cleaner assembly with a hose.
  9. Great video!! Unfortunately it looks like another spring/summer with no 2002 for me. I just picked up a complete M42 swap and that will probably take me a while to complete. Happy motoring everyone!!
  10. .......its the best hauler😁
  11. Your mother was an amazing woman who lived an amazing life. My condolences, Harry.
  12. Thanks everyone. I didn't know classic daily was Jake's website. I'll shoot him or blunt an email
  13. Evening everyone. Does anyone know if there is a company out there making motor mounts for an M42 swap? I know JakeB had a group buy a while back. There's a cheap complete M42 for sale locally and my mind is running again lol Thanks
  14. I picked up an old 38 Weber from a fellow FAQer and the inside is super crusty from old gas sitting in it. Does anyone know of a product or trick to clean the inside of carb with or something I can soak it in to release the crud? Thanks
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