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  1. Some nice stuff in there... im too far away though in New Hampshire... Good luck. Whoever decides to buy this, let me know how much you would want for the front air dam and the flag mirrors? PM me if youd rather.
  2. i have a couple stock late model wheels, a nice wooden momo, a black leather momo (currently installed), and a faux wood knockoff (grant maybe)... Not sure what youre looking for, but im happy to send pics.
  3. ill take the ignition switch.
  4. do you have a working ignition switch?>
  5. Jake beat me to it, but Ill take the euro signal if it doesnt work out with Jake. Thanks
  6. if this header is still available, please PM me to work out shipping etc. Thanks!
  7. passenger mirror to Hampton, NH, 03842? THanks!
  8. i also have a sport muffler.... and a bosal sport muffler. I can sell one, but not both. Let me know if youre interetsed.
  9. were the front brakes working? I just need calipers... but would also need them shipped to Hampton New Hampshire 03842
  10. just PMd you about the rear strut brace, will take these too if you havent sold them
  11. PMd. ill take it if you can send me the shipping.
  12. Hi there, yes lets talk, my email is [email protected] thanks

  13. i also would be interested in the door. I am in Southern NH and can drive down to boston. also for a 1976. Rich... we should talk. I have a good number of parts as well. maybe we could do some horse trading
  14. Hi there, i see these are still listed. I am headed to Denver in late march. if they are still available in the week leading up to that, I think we can work something out. they keep calling to me....
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