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  1. yes im interested please. Where is Ligonier?
  2. does that mean everything else sold? I am interseted in the fenders.... perhaps the door as well.
  3. Hey there, neat stuff you were able to pull from that car... Headlamps to 03842? Feel free to PM the cost if youd rather.
  4. im interested if this falls through. My 38/38 has a terrible leak so i had to put the 32/36 back on. But i have a cam, headers, and bigger valves so it really wants the 38.
  5. blackrado

    Ash tray

    if no one cares if they have been used or not, I have 3 or four of these lying around in my basement. Feel free to PM me.
  6. find a member to sponsor the printing. Im sure there is someone out there for whose blood the cost is not too steep. :)
  7. interested in hubs and calipers if still available. in New Hampshire 03842
  8. I will take it if 2ManyBimmers doesnt. Im in NewHampshire 03842
  9. what condition is the rear seat in, and would you be willing to send that separate from the rest of the interior? How much to 03842? thanks
  10. can we do $20 plus shipping? They slide perfectly, but need some cleaning up. Not sure what shipping will be to BC though
  11. Hey there, cleaning out garage and came across these. More stuff might pop up. The sliders are dirty but function great. The e30 seats are in good shape. See pictures. Drivers bolster had a tear that the PO covered in black duct tape... there is residue that needs to be removed and a patch or something done to clean it up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Received PM and will follow through with the payment, but might have pulled trigger too soon. I have a 76. I suppose I should ask if this subframe will mount on a late model car... and then, are the bushings the same? The reason I am in the market for a new subframe is so i can refurbish it with the new bushings without having the car laid up while i do it. Any info is helpful.
  13. Ill take it. I am in Hampton NH. Can pick up or meet you if you are on the east side of MA. esp if you give me a break due to no shipping
  14. You still interested in the rear bumper kit?  I have a buyer who has paid for the front now, so just paypal me or let me know you are not interested.

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