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  1. cscmanagement

    Parting out 1974 02' tub

    how about spare tire well....or complete trunk floor?
  2. cscmanagement

    13x6.5 Carroll Shelby CCS Wheels (Epsilon, BBS Style)

    so do you have pics of actual wheels …?? "Mounted picture is for fitment reference only. NOT actual wheels.".. sorry confused... do you have center caps?
  3. cscmanagement

    E 12 Head, complete with intake and exhaust manifold attache

    you have a windshield in good shape?
  4. cscmanagement

    Battery Tray

    pm sent have the hardware to hold battery down? … plastic battery top cover? thanks chuck
  5. cscmanagement

    Crusty 1975 part out

    pm sent
  6. cscmanagement

    WTB CMR/Borrani or Campagnolo wheels

    if you like these pls PM … ATS classic 4x100 6J 13 Inch … media blasted … triple primed ready for scuff and final paint... with BMW center covers … really love them and they have been test fitted with 215/60 tires and fit great in STOCK not rolled setup... pic is fastest I could get as example and will send actuals if interested …. just found another wheel set had to have.
  7. INTEGRITY…. I have bought thousands of dollars and sold here also. However, have lately noticed the use of “PM” to do several things…. 1. For whatever reason Circumvent the courtesy of 1st come 1st served thread replies 2. List without pricing and just note “PM” in order to “BID OUT” ITEMS. In my opinion EBAY is for AUCTIONS! This type of use does several very derogatory things (intended or not) …. LOSS of TRANSACTION TRANSPARENCE and therefore, all the very important used market pricing and availability information that I thought was the reason for the forum’s existence. I do not expect some utopian scenario and note that most of my dealing has been great, although I have run into some less scrupulous situations. Just seems to me that a few simple rules could greatly improve the Quality, Value, and Integrity of the for sale forum.
  8. cscmanagement

    Rear bench seat for sale

    you seem to have missed the price?
  9. cscmanagement

    NM/NA - reupholstered Recaros

    am I missing something?...… link goes to wheels?
  10. cscmanagement

    Winter cleaning

    I guess using that theory …. thread replies are WORTHLESS...JUST PM ! so much for the transparency the forum should provide.
  11. cscmanagement

    Parting 1970 2002

    what color door cards?
  12. cscmanagement

    Winter cleaning

    so much for the courtesy of 1st come 1st served!
  13. cscmanagement

    Winter cleaning

    I will take the arm rests... they are black correct? please pm paypay address thanks Chuck
  14. cscmanagement

    Used Windshields For Sale

    could you please forward shipped price to 33948 for 1 windshield... THANKS!
  15. cscmanagement

    WTB Under Dash Panels

    best answer = ….