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  1. https://www.4statetrucks.com/lighting/semi-truck-blue-deluxe-headlamp-city-light-blue_3169.asp?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt4m6-Yyg5wIVEW6GCh3EGwSOEAQYAyABEgJ_2PD_BwE
  2. price and pics Set of Arm rests black?
  3. http://xcars.amiouhome.com/bmw-2002-alpina-style-flares/bmw-2002-alpina-style-widebody-fenders
  4. forgot.... do measure YOUR opening..... think 62mm BUT I found it was odd and no caps I could find was correct… let me know and will try to chase size … also my wheels are ATS Classic...BUT GM with VALVE stem is "inside" spoke where hits rim …. other is on rim NOT in spoke.
  5. I have the same …. use micrometer and measure opening (forgot size ? 62mm) … found that ordering plastic "clip ones" that fit the opening with new BMW metal backed emblems(?58mm) look great....fit FLAT to opening and 58mm (think that's correct MEASURE YOURS) AND... "BMW" is much bigger and better looking. or you can get "OZ" ," M" etc
  6. I have a set of 4 ATS send me a pic of yours and I can confirm we are talking about same wheels..... please send to my email address [email protected] ..THANKS Chuck
  7. how about spare tire well....or complete trunk floor?
  8. so do you have pics of actual wheels …?? "Mounted picture is for fitment reference only. NOT actual wheels.".. sorry confused... do you have center caps?
  9. pm sent ..you have the hardware to hold battery down? … plastic battery top cover? thanks chuck

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