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Project Complete!



Finally the project is complete!  Here are some photos and description of the final product.  


As you can see, I had the side markers and reflectors deleted.  I also got rid of the knee height rub strip.   I installed euro turn signals and new short stainless bumpers with the integrated euro plate lights.  I sourced earlier bumper brackets to pull them closer to the body.   


I purchased new rain gutter trim, rocker trim, tail panel trim and badges.  The beltline trim is mostly new with a couple of professionally restored pieces that aren't available currently.  I used King of Trim and they did a fantastic job.


The driver side grill in in great shape.  The passenger side has some corrosion.  I decided to keep it and use it.  It's the original one the car was born with and the overall finish matches the other pieces.   I will keep an eye for a better one and may look into having the original badges restored.  


In the end I achieved what I had set out to achieve.  A sort of euro/backdated tribute to the original E10 design combined with the awesomeness of a tii. 














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Congratulations!  Well done and oh so clean with the trim and bumper choices.  Hope you enjoy the fruits of your labors and go for a drive this Memorial Day weekend!  

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Looks great! Similar to my course of action. Nice to see someone else deviate a little from the norm. Good job. Now drive the tires off of it!


Mine goes like hell, just needs some electrical sorting.



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Awesome. Congratulations!


a question: my 1602 is supposed to be Malaga but a bit dark. Do you think yours is dead on correct for Malaga? Just trying to get a reference ...

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It changes so much with lighting and camera settings.  The body shop looked up the formulation.  Its still in the database 

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