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So what is the Diff?



So In the category of doing stuff that I have the parts for, I decided that this week was a good one to get the differential done.  It has been complaining a lot, especially as I take my foot off the gas and coast.  About a year ago I got the rebuild kit from I.E  and shortly after that I got a phantom clutch.  


Now for those not familiar with phantom clutches, I want to tell you everything I know about them... which is absolutely nothing.   They are supposed to be a "LSD like" device that you put in the differential to help you with the one tire fire.   Pictures are attached.  I purchased it for about $300.   At the time a true LSD that needed rebuilding (now or in a year or two) was going for about $1500.  Including the inevitable rebuild you are looking at 2000-2500 all in.  So I will let you know how it goes.  One noteworthy item is that it places a good deal of force on the side bearings, so it may eat itself, time will tell. 


Also a little surprise... I don't have the factory standard 391, I have a replacement 363 as noted below, which is better for the highway anyway.  From yellow markings on the case, it looks like someone was in there before. 






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So what got lost in translation is that I needed E21 diff output flanges drilled to accept the 2002 CV's.  Sooo.. now that the differential is rebuilt I don't think I will use the phantom clutch, as paying twice to get it rebuilt makes no sense.  I know that I will need an E30 diff with the power I produce, so .... yeah... kinda disappointed, but what can you do.   I really really wanted to get it in, I was excited to get rid of the one tire fire... but what can you do.   


The good thing is that it is now fresh as a daisy, and I can sell it knowing that whoever gets it, will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.    

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