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God closes a door and opens a trap door.



So as I am sitting here with the flu and cold in full effect sipping on my nice warm apple flavoured neo-citran, I find myself in a meditative state of mind. Looking out towards the many tasks that I have ahead of me and struggling to understand how I ever got to this point.  


What started as a conversation with my better half regarding an old BMW that isn't too fancy and that I could park on the street, soon became a garage only drive, with electronic fuel injection accompanied by a laundry list of parts that I have amassed for the next stage of development. I find myself wondering why... why do I feel compelled to jump into this?, is it ego? is it curiosity? is it bravado? what am I trying to prove? and to whom am I trying to prove it to?


The reality is that I feel enabled by the folks on this forum. And truly enjoy sharing what little time I have trying to help others.  I think what I am trying to say is thanks to everyone for your support on this part of my journey. It means more to me than you may think. 


Now that I have all that touchy-feely stuff out of the way. I think I will close out this blog, as the initial scope of putting a Sniper EFI on a 02 has, at least for me, primarily been fulfilled.  The knowledge that I have gained has been invaluable both as a car enthusiast and a data jockey. 


I have been fine-tuning the system, and for the most part, it is working well. I hold myself to a high standard, and by that measure, it wasn't a complete success. It starts drives and stops well. The shortcomings of a TBI based injection system perhaps are exaggerated by the small displacement of the engine. I do not doubt that it would be an excellent fit for an M20. I have primarily tamed the idle issue by essentially digging a hole for it to sit in. On each side of the hole, I put a very steep fuel and timing curve that "forces" the idle to stay between 850 and 975 RPM when the pedal is less than 2%. Kind of a hack solution, but a solution nonetheless.  


Before I decommission the setup, I will post my log file and tune file for anyone wishing to pursue a TBI setup further. Perhaps Holley will come out with a TBI that is more suited to smaller displacement engines.  I will be starting a new blog on the conversion from my existing build a new one based on the familiar 3 series manifold.  I think it was a good rule that I will post stuff there if anything interesting or new as many others have done an excellent job focusing on the fundamentals of the megasquirt conversion.


Being a data cowboy and learning from this journey my intent is not to make enormous power (just significant power),  but to essentially create a data-gathering platform that I can learn from and perhaps contribute in some way to the 02 community.  The ultimate goal is to inspire others to tinker with stuff (not just cars).   I will fail,  I will pick the wrong wire,  but ultimately I will get through whatever hardships I may have. 


I want to do some crazy shit as well, even more hair brained than this one,  just to see if it would work.. why? ...because life is truly too short. 


Warmest regards



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Just a comment from the peanut gallery, and a noob peanut at that, but thanks so much for documenting and sharing your experiences with the Sniper system.  I read the whole thing yesterday then reread some of the sections today.  Super interesting for both practical knowledge on how this system interfaces with an M10, and also for increasing my general (and currently basic) knowledge about EFI.  Much appreciated! 

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