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I purchased the car a little over a year ago. I knew going into ownership that I was getting my self into a project. Not quite the scale it has turned into, but i'm still enjoying the process. A pre-purchase inspection showed lots of rust on the underside, mostly focused in the rear.  In particular the subframe mounts, wheel wheels, spare tire holder, rear control arms, and shock towers were all swiss cheese. Basically the usual suspects... The PO had some less than stellar work done on the front to stabilize the floor and frame rails, so I looked at this car a good opportunity to learn with. The body was not in terrible shape, the worst areas were, and still are, the fenders, hood, and lower rear window frame.


My game plan was to tackle the rear portion of the car with the goal of making it water tight. The farther I got in exploring the rust the more I realized this car was in need of serious surgery. I made decision to cut out and replace the rear subframe mounts in order to give the car another chance at life and a solid foundation to build the project on. Once this decision was made it lead to refurbishing and replacing nearly everything in the rear end. Below Are some photos of the car before any work got started. 











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