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  1. I have 200 new binder clips you can have for the shipping costs. I bought them to do my headliner and then hired the job out.
  2. You think this tii was bad? Check out this self admitted VIN plate switch on a backdated 1981 911 with a 1972 VIN plate, currently bid up to $123,000. This is the high water mark of people not caring. Titles? Matching VIN's? Stolen cars? Who cares? Looks great. Let's buy it. Maybe it's got Charlie Manson provenance. Holy cow. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/backdated-1981-porsche-911-14/
  3. Apparently you're not driving fast enough with the rear vent windows open, Rich.
  4. Hey Steve, here's another one my father used to say: "For every schnook there's a schnookess". Guess that goes for car buyers and sellers too.
  5. I pulled mine and all its components, inside and out. I also pulled my console as I like the non-console look. I also like the weight savings. Of course, I kept everything for future owners. Bear in mind however, I don't really have the need for A/C where I live.
  6. If you went through the pics, and there were almost 500 of them, you'd see this car was completely disassembled and restored very, very nicely. Like, gorgeously. I'm not defending the VIN discrepancy, but the car was very, very nice. Some people are willing to look beyond to get a really nice car.
  7. Put the cover on it for the winter, but before that, I let my 32 year old 'sports car' son take it for his first 2002 drive. He's owned a 944S, a Miata and currently owns an 88 911. He LOVED the car, Gave me a running commentary as he rowed through the gears, almost hitting redline every time. I enjoy seeing someone I trust drive my car the way it should be driven. He really liked the way it stayed so flat, the rear stayed planted and it handled in the corners. He said it was almost like his Miata with regard to handling. That's a pretty strong compliment for any of you that have driven Miatas. A real 'drivers car'. Not exactly fast, but fun! (of course, he drives a VERY fast 911) Then I got to drive his 911. That's another story for Pelican Parts, but I did hit 115!😀
  8. At least the same as my front subframe estimate, and don't forget the cleaning and servicing the differential, it's carrier, rear carrier bushings, etc. Brake lines? Rebuilding brakes? How are the E-brake lines? Those stupid things took forever because they were jammed in the tubes. Again, it depends on your level of detail and involvement. I sanded, treated and painted my subframe. Plus, I found a few rust holes in it that needed cutting and welding. It would be expensive to have someone else do the whole job. Actually, not sure why you're asking Scott. You did the same for the front and ended up doing it all yourself. This is the same. Just drop it and go. You can't do it in a weekend, at least I can't. Took me weeks of intermittent attention, but I was new at it. GL Nick
  9. There's an entire section of the FAQ Tech Articles dedicated to this. Certainly worth taking a half an hour to read with pencil in hand. After you drop it, you'll see what parts you'll need. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/articles.html/technical-articles/suspension-and-steering/
  10. Engine looks like is was underwater for a year.
  11. It's relatively easy to make a car look pretty. It's a lot more difficult to make a car pretty AND correct. Many people (on BaT?) are happy with the former and don't care that much about the latter. Me? It's a really nice car with a loooooonnnng story.
  12. Well, they're loving it on BaT already Steve. $32.5K with 4 days to go. Maybe it's time to sell Fred? Holy cow.
  13. Not necessarily. Let's say you and I are friends. I tell you the reserve on my car and ask you to bid it to below my reserve just to get things going. In this case, the reserve could be $31K. The $30K bid would be RNM. Shill.

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