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  1. NYNick

    Rocker trim install help

    I have these also. I found them no better than the white ones. Rocker trim delete I tell ya! ; )
  2. Euro, Call Stefan at GTS Classics. If he doesn't have it he can steer you in the right direction, if it even exists. Great reputation and good guy. After I did all my searching, he was the best price and had what I wanted. He also has some awesome seats! Regards, Nick
  3. I have a tan interior. That would look awful.
  4. NYNick

    Rocker trim install help

    Rocker trim delete?😁
  5. NYNick

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    This whole lock thing drove me crazy recently when I was installing those stupid anti-rattle grommets inside the door on both the door latch rod and the lock rod. I couldn't figure out why the lock mechanism wouldn't work with the key, until I closed the door. Then it worked perfectly. It wouldn't work just actuating the door latch upwards, as if the door was closed (but it was still open). I still don't understand why this is, but my locks work fine with the doors closed, so I don't care.😀 The only other part of your door card that touches anything is the door handle spindle on the inside. Doesn't seem logical, but.... And make sure your lock rod is oriented correctly. I'm spatially handicapped (or just dumb) and it took me a while to figure out which way it went. Good luck mate.
  6. NYNick

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Take the lock push rod off completely and see what happens. The door card has to be hitting something.
  7. What's wrong with 65 year old white guys? 😨
  8. NYNick

    Camp Fire, Paradise CA

    So sorry but glad you're safe.
  9. This reminded me... I've had my car out on the road exactly once, illegally. Almost 3 years ago I took a set of plates off one of my other cars, put them on the 02 and risked driving it 30 miles (and back!) to the auto body shop for an estimate. I hadn't gotten 6 miles before I was honked at and flagged down in a gas station and accosted by an interested and excited onlooker eager to talk about the car. And this was when it looked like crap! I'm looking forward to all the waves and thumbs up in the near future when I get the restored version on the road!
  10. With the cars, just touch them to see if their fiberglass or steel. Easy. With the other, well, I'll leave that up to you to figure out. [emoji2956] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  11. A Speedster? Holy iconic grail!
  12. For those who care, the Black and Tan Houndstooth material is hard to find and when you do find it, it's expensive. Black and white is easy. Black and Tan is tough. I found 3 suppliers as noted above and they're all expensive. It's all the same German material. I could've 'cheaped out' and gone with $20 or $30 psy alternatives, but they wouldn't have been houndstooth or tweed and that's what I thought would look cool. I could be wrong (and/or dumb), but I made my decision and will have to live with it. My Polaris Tii is very unusual with a factory tan interior instead of blue. I'm keeping it that way with some modifications, one of which are E21 sport seats re-upholstered in OEM tan with houndstooth Black and Tan inserts. I'm hoping it looks as good as I think it will. Thank you all for your help. I will post pictures of the seats when they are finished. Nick
  13. Thanks Andrew. Still waiting for Veteran to return my call. Otherwise GTS Classics has the order at $165 py.
  14. To the fender? 22 There's a Torque Spec Spreadsheet somewhere. That's where I got those numbers. Edit: Nm. I shoulda put foot lbs. 16 it is.