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  1. I have nothing to compare this setup to as I installed it on my car without ever driving another one but man, the car handles beautifully! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Flying a small plane on mushrooms...now there's an idea!
  3. Wow. Talk about going postal. I hope you don't own a gun. Ever try therapy?
  4. Make sure you can hear the fuel pump run when you turn the key but don't engage the starter. Maybe another electrical issue.
  5. Patient: "Hey Doc, every time I have a sip of tea, I get a sharp pain in my eye." Doctor: "Take the spoon out of the cup next time." Move.
  6. Get out your Electrical meter and start testing the battery and then forward all the way to the starter. I'm betting one of your connections to ground is crappy. You can also jump the car directly to the starter to see if the problem is 'behind' the starter. Take your relocated battery out of the loop as well. Should be easy to locate the issue.
  7. So, I installed my refurbed pedal box BEFORE I installed the outer cover. I used closed cell weatherstripping between the pedal box and the body to close up any gap and prevent water intrusion. I then used aluminum tape to seal up those factory holes. If someone (like me?) needs entry they can just punch through the tape. The difficulty came when I went to install the cover. There is very little clearance between the pedal box and the frame rail. I struggled with this and even toyed with cutting it up into pieces to get it to fit by gluing. Others chimed in and said I should've installed the cover BEFORE I installed the box. Well, it was too late for that. Enter my old standby, blue DAWN LIQUID soap. I lubed up the cover, lubed up the frame rail and lubed up that side of the box. That worked like a charm and it slipped right into place! After letting it dry, I peeled back the cover where I could and sprayed the box and cover with 3M 90. That thing is on there good now!
  8. I'm telling ya, my pedal box has two access holes. Here's a pic. One on the bottom, one on the side. Clearly not created by rust. My car is a 74 however.
  9. I knew it was California! It's always California. What with all the traffic and thieves, God knows why you people live there. Oh, right, the weather. Hmmm. Burbank and Beverly Hills. For the love of God, where is a safe place to live and shop around there? You have to understand something Slavs. It's just not like that everywhere else, even metro NYC, DFW or VA. As I said before in different way, if they're stalking your neighborhood on bicycles and with drones, you've got a WAY bigger problem than crap being stolen out of your classic car. Time to get outta Dodge.
  10. Let me guess...West Coast? We drive cars that catch peoples eyes. I haven't gotten so many thumbs up, honks and waves since I drove my 65 GTO 10 years ago, and I have driven some pretty flashy cars from time to time. I live 40 miles from NYC. I suppose that might happen if I parked the 02 on the streets down there and left it open for hours, but nothing like that ever happens out here in the suburbs. Of course, I'm careful. I park away from others. I don't leave it in a parking lot for 8 hours every day. I lock it up. I'm careful where I take it. If you've got thieves drilling out your trunk and door locks after you've gone shopping, you've got bigger problems than people stealing little crap from a classic car. Holy crap man, stay out fo those neighborhoods. Your car draws attention.
  11. To celebrate Fred getting a new stereo system (1000 watt amp, new head unit and MB Quart speakers) I took him out to check out the sound. Lucky for you guys, I turned down the music to so you could hear the sweet sound of that ANSA Sport. As always, I apologize once again for the shaky video; you know, shifting, changing lanes and all.... 20190607_125132.mp4
  12. I installed a 1000 Watt Pioneer amp under my rear seat delete and a pioneer head unit under my dash cause I have deleted my console as well. The MB Quart speakers hidden under my parcel shelf sound great! I've got music!
  13. I'm still slamming my trunk. No big deal.
  14. esty, My carpet is in place. The rocker carpet and the tunnel. This will affect the measurements a bit as I can't get to the steel body because of the carpet thickness but, the total length of string I used from rocker to rocker and over the hump was 56 inches +/-. Figure about 19 inches on each side and 18 inches up over and down the tunnel. You can extrapolate from there I'm guessing. Hope this helps! Nick
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