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  1. NYNick

    I love my Volvo.......

    You guys and your Volvos...
  2. NYNick

    VIN metal tag font

    Mine's a little better than yours Steve (or worse, depending on your viewpoint, LOL). Of course, I'm the kind of guy that likes the look of my rear roundel, which is completely devoid of paint. I think it looks cool, so I polished it!
  3. "Aftermarket" may be the answer. Send 'em back and try OEM.
  4. NYNick

    VIN metal tag font

    Sorry Andrew, I disagree with you (for once!). There are certain items on a car that should never be touched. Some would argue (Hello, Steve!), that NO items should ever be touched, or at least appear to ever have been touched. This plate, along with the VIN stamp on the fender and engine block, should always be preserved. Any alteration or replacement sends up a HUGE red flag IMO and detracts from the car's originality. When buying, it's usually very easy to spot one of these replacement plates. Either the font is slightly off, the rivets are different or they're too new looking or sloppy. I'd be suspicious from the get go and start looking for other issues. Why would anyone replace the plate, I would be asking? New fender? Bad accident? Phony car? Preserving the plate in your 02 file saves the controversy, but why bother? It's a 40+ year old car. Some things just need to stay undisturbed. This plate, for me, is one of them, I feel. Nick
  5. This doesn't sound right. It sounds like the front rail bolts aren't torqued down to the floors all the way. If they were, there's no way the seat should lean back, at all. If it is in fact loose rails within the bottom rails, you've got an entirely different problem, perhaps with the bearings inside the rails themselves. I'd check the front bolts first. Maybe they're loose.
  6. NYNick

    Cooling System Flush

    I used Evaporust to clean the inside of my gas tank. It worked pretty well. I'd trust it no problem inside my radiator. Non toxic. I like to flush my radiators backwards to go against the normal coolant flow. Nick
  7. NYNick

    tii fuel line routing

    Lift the car, put it on jack stands and get under it. Start at the pump location and work your way sideways first. You'll see the loops for the rubber line first that travel towards the driver side, then the clips that hold the steel line that travel up the length of the driver side under the rocker, curving and then traveling up and into the engine bay. The clips and loops tell all. Back by the pump (which I removed when I went with an in tank pump), you'll see the holes in the trunk that are for the fuel lines as well. Once you start looking, it's all pretty easy to figure out.
  8. NYNick

    Fred's first drive

    Thanks Steve. Besides the gas tank issue, it looks like we have intermittent ignition. I'm guessing coil or distributor. It's already has Pertronix, so I guess we'll work backwards from there.
  9. NYNick

    Fred's first drive

    Fred's second drive was way, way better than his first...until it wasn't. Car drove very well and solidly. Suspension was rock solid with not one rattle. Engine pulled strongly in every gear. I was actually surprised how high the revs need to be for each gear for proper torque. I was thrilled. Really happy. Filled the tank for the first time, added some injector cleaner and drove, pretty hard. Immediately smelled gas. Upon inspection it appears there's either a pinhole leak at the top right hand side of the tank or the seam is violated/corroded. Curious, since I had the tank 'tested'. I'm guessing they didn't test it at all. Do they make plastic tanks for 02's? Then it didn't start, no matter what. Back to the mechanic he went, to tackle both issues. I still owe him a little money, so might as well. It was good while it lasted. Very good!
  10. NYNick

    Fred's first drive

    Picking him up tomorrow. Hope to post a "Fred's second drive" thread soon!
  11. Ok Rasta, I'll bite. No, I haven't used BaT, and I wouldn't. Who needs the microscopic haters when you can stay right here with the lovers? Just my .02 cents Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  12. Why not list it here? A nice car with an oil leak shouldn't scare that many people off. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  13. NYNick

    Fred's first drive

    Yup. BTW Tod, I have a place in Palm Coast! Fred's in NY though.
  14. NYNick

    Fred's first drive

    ANSA, somewhat centered, LOL.
  15. So I stopped by the shop today to check out Fred's progress and to see if I could take him home. There are a few things still to do, like bleeding the brakes, front end noise (turned out to be a spring pad not set correctly), stiff steering, a bit of a cold start issue and the gas gauge not working, but I was able to take it for a brief drive. Engine and transmission are very strong. Suspension feels good but I really didn't do any cornering. All part of the sorting process I guess. Please excuse the shaky and lousy video. It's not easy holding a cell phone while driving a stick. Still very exciting and he's coming home Friday! Nick 20190417_104536.mp4