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  1. I planned on doing this as well and I"m happy to see and hear such great results. Do they make this stuff for the gutter trim too?
  2. NYNick

    Window Regulator Install

    Love to see more pix of the EZ Cool install.
  3. NYNick

    Window Regulator Install

    Is that EZ Cool on the firewall or something similar? Certainly doesn't look stock. Also are you making your own brake lines? I tackled that job and it was quite illuminating but satisfying as well. Your car looks great.
  4. NYNick

    Window Regulator Install

    My God Raj. Your car looks like it's coming out, um, perfect? Wow. Did you repaint and re-plate the interior armatures of the doors as well?
  5. NYNick

    Battery recommendations

    A friend of mine just bought a lithium type battery for his old 911. Weighs 3 1/2 lbs! Doesn't help you, but I'll be buying one for my Tii when I get around to it.
  6. My 74Tii had 3 round relays. Nice to know they're interchangeable.
  7. NYNick

    Getting nervous, should I hoard?

    Extra parts? Hell, I've got extra CARS I don't even drive. And a beautiful wife. And you can never have enough storage.
  8. Steve, I'm shocked, shocked I say, that you di Steve, I'm shocked, shocked I say, that you own and drive a non-original, lsd swapped, higher compression, ported and diff swapped 02. Where did we go wrong with you?
  9. NYNick

    Source for wiper arm pivot

    Yes to adjusting the motor linkage to get the wipers to park in the down position.
  10. I'm not sure the grill idea is great, but I agree a photo shopped pic of the finished project is a good idea. I have conda green powder coated wheels on another car of mine that are accented by some script and the model name of the same color. It's a love/hate thing, but mostly everybody loves the look. I'm actually thinking of doing something similar to my Tii. I like thinking outside the box with car wheels, accents, stripes etc. Most people don't but if tastefully done (and get a second opinion on your taste!), it can be very cool. Try to stay with what's been done before, especially in racing if you're gonna chase that dream. Good luck!
  11. Nope. I lit the insides up with a light, got some rags and spent some time finagling around in there cleaning. Quite honestly, I spent more time and energy cleaning with BrakeKleen then I did lubing. I figured the cleaner I got things, the better the lube would work afterwards. BrakeKleen does a great job, and PB blaster gets inside of everything. That a little oil and Bob's your Uncle!
  12. I recently put the door handles back on my car. Beforehand, I used BrakeKleen to dissolve any built up grease within their mechanisms before cleaning them off, polishing and re-lubricating them. Man, they looked great and the action in them was beautiful. Meanwhile, a good look inside the door showed 40 some odd years of built up and dried up grease and crud, especially on the window wheels and tracks, but also on the door latch mechan ism and the window gear thingy. BrakeKleen to the rescue first, on a rag, to clean them up as best I could. Then lubed these babies up with PB Blaster on a rag again, and some 3 in one oil. I'm not a fan of the white lithium stuff as it gets hard after a while. The way I look at it, I don't want to have to go inside there again. Clean and lube everything you can get to while you have the door card off. BTW, my door latches and windows work like a charm now.
  13. It was my understanding that 74's didn't have that aluminum heat shield on the bottom left hand corner; or something like that. Or is it Tii's? Can't remember.
  14. NYNick

    Seat trim made of what?

    Steve, Where did you get your seats redone? I'm local to you as you know. Thx Nick
  15. NYNick

    BaT 1972 Tii

    2K2tii I saw a lot of those issues when I was reviewing the pictures as well. I noticed all the work that needs to be done because I've been doing many of the improvements to my car that this car needs. I could've done a ground up resto for that price. So what are you saying? Are you saying the car wasn't purchased for $68K, or was purchased for less somehow? Please educate me on how this works. Nick