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  1. I put a new pump in the tank.
  2. Thanks Dave. I cleaned all seals first by soaking them in blue dawn and then scrubbing them with q scotch bright...didn't do anything to the painted surfaces. It was 48 degrees in the garage yesterday...too cold for glue I think. But the length issue is the problem. I put the sill plate cover down temporarily, inserted the seal ends, and try to work backwards. There are 'turns' on both sides...one by the door latch and one above the door hinge that are pretty much set in stone for the seal. There are turns in the seal as well. The latch side I can MAYBE see getting it to work from the hard turn up and the hard turn down. The door hinge side, no way. I'm afraid I'm going to have to pull up the glued portions all the way to the top and start over, but there's NO WAY I'm pulling the top of the door seal off to re-do that! This job is a PIA!
  3. My OEM seals are giving me a helluva time. First the upper part was quite the battle but I managed to get them tucked into the lip. I found I needed to actually pull the front part of the seal down so I could see the rubber lip tucking in one tuck at a time. Argh. Now I'm trying to glue the sides. My glue isn't cooperating. Might be because it's not warm enough in the garage, but the big problem is the rocker panel and sill plate. The seal is WAAAY too long to fit in the sill plate, like 3 inches. I've checked the top and sides and I was careful not to stretch it too much as I put it on, but I would like to have the sill plate and seal at least close to being where they should be before I get out the 3M weather stripping glue. Any tips? Nick
  4. Just bought a new Sachs 228mm kit. I priced it at one of our vendors, my mechanic's supplier and google. It was $217 at Autohaus, more than $100 cheaper than the other two. Too good to be true? Yes, but upon receipt; no. It's the real deal.
  5. Mine are OEM (translated means big $). I haven't gotten to glue the A and B pillars yet as I've got some vinyl to apply on the B pillar tomorrow and then I can finish gluing the door seals. Right off the bat it looks like the seals on the door bottoms may extend too much for the plastic rocker panel trim piece. These jobs are one offs for me. It's kinda a crap shoot. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.
  6. NYNick

    Parting 1970 2002

    Sunroof handle “cup” that the handle folds into. It’s recessed into the headliner. Got one? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. NYNick

    Weight difference

    Steve and others, You may have noted above the my old carpet "and accents" weighed 17.4 lbs. This was OEM. I received my esty carpet set the other day. Here are the weights: To be installed: esty carpet; Carpet set=16.2 lbs Rear seat delete carpet set=7.2 lbs Front carpet mats (optional)=3.4 lbs. Sub Total=26.8 lbs MLV and EZ Cool installed=12 lbs Total= 38.8 lbs Removed: OEM rear seat=32 lbs OEM carpet=17.4 lbs Ice ice baby floor insulation=19.2 lbs Hose, dryer etc=2.6 lbs Behr A/C=12.6 lbs Console=5.0 lbs Tunnel cardboard insulation=5.2 lbs Rear belts=3.2 lbs Total= 97.2 lbs 58.4 lbs difference for the interior so far. I still need to weigh the E21's when they come back from being reupholstered, but I expect a plus 3-4 pound delta versus the old OEM's. Still, I'll be well over 50 lbs lost inside. Losses for the battery (30 lbs), bumpers (70+) and the A/C equipment and I'll be pushing 150-200. Now all I've got to do is get this thing on the road! LOL.
  8. Just did my door seals. Argh, what a pain.
  9. Please tell us which Porsches have had heated windshields. I'd be interested to know.
  10. Cool idea, no pun intended. $335 USD before shipping.
  11. I stand corrected. A 67S is worth half a dozen 02's, maybe more.. I'm not sure I would've made the switch but I get it. I sold an 09 911 Turbo for much the same reason. I've got a 72T that's gotta go if you're interested. Needs some work but rust free. PM me if you want. Good luck with the 02. Nick
  12. Good luck with getting the 02 to be as much fun as a SWB 67 911. Why would you have EVER sold that? Worth a few 02's these days.
  13. At the bottom of my interior parts bin I found these two springs at the front of the picture rattling around. There were only a few bits left in there so I thought they went with the vent windows. Also there’s one flat plastic washer I’m not sure where that goes either. I checked Realoem and didn’t find they go with the vent window. Does anybody know about either or both? As a bonus, you can have all those brand new binder clips I got for the headliner for the price of shipping them! Hell, you can have them even if you don’t know about the springs! Thx Nick Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk