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  1. Shoulda been black flagged after that pace lap. What a dope.
  2. dry ice ice baby worked well for me. good job!
  3. As an aside, my car also came with no records until.... I removed the glove compartment getting the car stripped for paint and lo and behold, all sorts of stuff had fallen behind it. Helped me located the 1st and second owner, some jazz cassettes and a 40 year old box of Tiparillos as well.
  4. Nope. From BMW: "The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2780188 was manufactured on January 11th, 1974 and delivered on January 22nd, 1974 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Polaris metallic, paint code 060." I would add that the uber rare Polaris with Beige (a.k.a Nylon Brown) interior, the only one that is known to exist, is the classiest exterior-interiror combination. 😎 I've also seen a scratched out VIN before like this. Clearly Dieter was hung over.
  5. Green clips screw in. Go slow. You want them in there good and tight. Don't you have the old cards for hole templates?
  6. Is it because I refuse to endorse people doing full gainers off the diving board bumpers that I have never been invited to join?
  7. There's a 74 tii group? I feel so alone.
  8. Believe it or not, HD carries set screws. They're in those gray drawers in the hardware aisle. No idea if they have that size, but check the HD website. Who's got time for one day AMZN Prime delivery?
  9. I have 4 cars in the garage and she parks outside. I can live with my nut buster.
  10. Awesome. For the record, I pulled that idea right out of my butt. All those rookie hours in my garage trying to figure stuff out yields inventive solutions I guess.🤣 I hate that mirror attachment method btw. So stupid. Congrats!
  11. Welcome! As prior 912 owner and current Porschephile, I can relate. Personally, I left the originalists (wow, good word) behind years ago. Me and my cars are too old (and I'm too cheap!) to give a rats ass and besides, I like what I like. The knee trim, side reflectors, side blinkers (and console btw) all scream 'add-ons' for safety, looks or convenience reasons, and I don't like them. Mine are gone, along with some other personal choices. Have I sacrificed value? Well, we all know the market prefers purity and originality. I don't. I've made my bed and now I'm sleeping in it, in 2 911's and a tii. So be it. They're mine, for now.
  12. Just a thought..what about using the tip of a soldering iron to super heat it up and then try to loosen it?
  13. True Steve, all true. Yet a nice tii costs about the same as a nice, albeit younger, 911SC. You can't buy a nice 911 for the cost of a nice, regular 2002. That's for sure. With that choice, I tell all the young guys to buy base 02's. Way better value and the parts don't sport the Porsche tax.

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