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  1. Do the math. There's plenty of googles on the subject. breakerbarmath
  2. Unsure how much I paid for this MLV floor mat from HD, but knowing me, it wasn't a lot.
  3. Do the floors (moisture), leave the back. Soundproof over both areas. No big deal. FWIW, I left my soundproofing loose on the floor except where it had to be glued (tunnel etc). I like to be able to get under there if I need/want to. I used a MLV floor mat from HD. Dynamat is overrated, overdone and expensive IMO, but what do I know?
  4. Actually, a nice ride is the ultimate social distancing and good for the soul. 1) You get to drive the car 2) The cops have better things to do than stop some guy out for a joy ride 3) You get to 'socially distance' from your significant other. I went out last Sunday with the 02 for about an hour and a half. Good to just get out.
  5. Just did all four on my 1972 911. All 8 pistons were frozen. It took me and my neighbor about 2 hours total to get them out with compressed air. It was quite difficult. I removed the brake fluid by unscrewing the bleeder valves and then filled the channel with PB Blaster. I don't think that helped. Didn't hurt. What worked was banging the caliper with a BFH while we applied compressed air and PB Blaster. Once we saw a tiny bit of movement, we pushed the piston back in with a C Clamp and then repeated the process. A little bit out, a little bit in, back and forth. Finally, they pop out with a BANG! Yes, put a towel or something over the piston and a piece of wood in between the two of them so the other one doesn't get damaged in the process. Once one is free you have to clamp it down back inside to remove the other one. Those rubber seal kits are easily available from almost anywhere. I got mine from Centric.
  6. I get the airplanes and hot women part, but you've gone to far with that first one you mentioned!
  7. Last week I thought of putting together a very informal and spur of the moment trek or 2 hour drive somewhere for anybody who wanted to show up, in any car. Now, with NYS on 100% non-essential shut down, I'm not sure the troopers would allow it.
  8. I'm wearing my virus prevention oven mitts to Stop and Shop, so those driving gloves look positively 'twee' by comparison. Of course, I have the honor of living in the state with the highest positive cases in the nation, so there's that.
  9. I don't think robots can hold a piece of chalk.
  10. Seems to me draining the oil and inspecting the oil and plug would be telling. If not, certainly dropping the pan would do it. 15 minutes tops.
  11. If your dash is brittle, maybe if you heat it just a little it'll soften up...not too much!!
  12. All car dealership sales departments are like this. There are a bunch of very illuminating videos on youtube explaining how they work to get as much money from you as possible. (Hint, hint. The longer they make you wait the weaker you get. Hint, hint. They make the real money when you meet with the finance guy, not necessarily on the price of the car). However, I've found BMW, Mercedes and Porsche dealerships to be the worst. These salespeople have treated me like if I have to ask the price I can't afford the car. I've traveled hundreds of miles to avoid one dealership who treated me poorly to buy the same car from another. Screw them. But, congrats on your new car! They look great together.
  13. I was starting to think you guys voted me off the island!
  14. In my case every time I tried to respond, it went right to the picture loading file thing at the bottom. I couldn't type, quote, send messages, nothing. Oh well, I'm back now.

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