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  1. I drove another German brand yesterday Steve, and I don't even know the build date. Are we still friends?
  2. I took that sticker off my car very carefully before paint. It wasn't easy and it didn't come off perfectly. It now resides in my restoration book, along with all the other original stickers I could get off.
  3. I'd agree with you based on the theory Roundie tii's bring more money than Square Tail tii's....maybe, depending, all things being equal. But cars are never equal, especially old cars. Certainly on a percentage of appreciated uptick in value, one versus the other, I'd say the % increase/decrease would be the same. But to say it matters more to one than the other needs qualification. And to qualify you need an apples to apples comparison, which leads to analysis. I'm too tired to even care that much...😃
  4. I'm paying close attention.
  5. I had the same problem on my drivers side door. Still haven't fixed it.
  6. Did you receive the exhaust yet? I think I bought mine from them as well, and it arrived with a dented chrome exhaust tip. I don't think I'm the only one, either.
  7. ..because my stinkin' passenger side wiper arm fell off somewhere! I backtracked twice to no avail. Anybody got one for a squaretail? Crap.
  8. I have a 74 tii and I'm pretty proud of it. I did most of the work myself and farmed out what was beyond my skill level. It is not perfect. In fact, there are things that most likely would be flamed on BaT or elsewhere. I'm an amateur not a pro. What's a poor boy to do? Drive it and enjoy the fruits of my labor.
  9. I think this one will. I have a call into Pierce. I just want to be sure it fits the ball and is the correct length. Thanks everyone. https://www.piercemanifolds.com/JPS_ADJUSTABLE_ROD_75500_070_p/75500.080.htm
  10. Hal, It turns out we need either the entire rod (Part # 13511260343)(NLA) or just the cupped end. I think I'd rather just have the entire rod. Any leads on getting the correct replacement? Thank you. Nick
  11. So Euro tii's have serial numbers that start with 273? Guess so. Somebody spent a ton of money on this car. Some of the details are well done and probably cost a pretty penny, some of them are terrible. No thanks.
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