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  1. I bought a new one from Bluntech. Don't seem to remember it being that expensive. Here's one on Pelican https://www.pelicanparts.com/More_Info/33173404100.htm?pn=33-17-3-404-100-BOE
  2. Didn't know about the other buyers or, more importantly, the "work done on his behalf". Sounds like he strung you along. I hate stuff like this. Such a bunch or turds floating around the world these days. You don't mention any specific agreement regarding the deposit, so that's an open ended thing. But he sent his money (you think he knew he could challenge Paypal if he backed out?), made you run around and forced you to turn away other buyers. That's worth something. Now that I know all this, half seems fair. But how much was the deposit? If it's $10K and you're keeping $5K, that's one thing. If it's $1K and you're keeping $500, that's another.
  3. Why not give him the entire deposit back? Did you lose another deal because of this one? I'd chalk up the experience to living and learning and send him his money back. Selling is diffilult these days.
  4. The pistons you removed have to be put back in to create an air seal for the other pistons to be pushed out. They're loose now anyway so they'll come back out after you pop the other ones out. You need to secure them with a C clamp or something so they don't pop out again while you're working on the other ones. Also, protect them from damage from the other ones popping out, with force, with a piece of wood. I had to bang the calipers strategically with a BFH to get the stuck pistons to move. I also sprayed them with PB blaster and used a C clamp to see if they would push IN at all first, just to see if there was any movement. Once they budged, I knew I was going to get them out. A little out, a little in etc. Good luck. Nothing is easy anymore. I had 8 frozen pistons in the 911. EIGHT!
  5. It comes out 4 or 5 feet ands then stops. Then I cut it off, then I drive it, then more comes out. It's clear I need a new muffler. Having said that, I like the sound of the ANSA (like an old British sports car) but they're backordered. I found one for $237 but was wondering what else is comparable ands would work and if you think the price is too high? I only need the rear most section from the tai pipe to the first connection. Thx Update: found it for $165 plus shipping. Still, any suggestions?
  6. Exactly what it looked like. I pulled it out. Let's see if more Rasta comes out. Maybe there's Ganja in there too, mon?
  7. Yes, it used to go vroom vroom. Now it goes VROOM VROOM!!
  8. Take 'em both off. You'll be shocked how much they weigh. (74 ibs)
  9. Wish I was up there celebrating with you guys, but I don't blame you one bit for keeping the borders closed. I'm betting they don't reopen July 21st either, based on the uncontrolled spread in so many states. When they do, I'll be at the cottage in 12 hours, just maybe not this summer!
  10. Yeah, I was dragging about 5 feet of the stuff when I got home. Have to take it out again for a spin before I become the laughing stock of C&C this weekend.
  11. So my ANSA tail pipe fell off my (ANSA?) muffler. I was lucky to notice it in my garage instead of leaving it on the road. My local shop welded it back on for me in a jiffy...thanks goes to Graham! But before he did, we noticed some fiberglass or fiber like woven material coming out of the muffler. It's almost like a rope type nylon type substance. I stuffed it back in there and off we went. Got home and some of it was now trailing out of my tail pipe. I pulled it out but am wondering if there's more of it in there (probably), what is it (noise reduction?) and do I just need a new muffler/exhaust system? Car runs fine, still about the same sound level. What's up? TIA. Nick
  12. Why these monkeys put these things on so tight is beyond me.
  13. I got ATE's back, but rebuilding is the way to go.
  14. Calipers are easy to rebuild bud. The hardest part is getting the old pistons out. If you have a compressor, you can "blow" them out, clean them up, paint the calipers (if you want), replace the piston boots, clips and pads and you're good to go. Or, you can buy new calipers using your old calipers as a trade for the core charge. They come already done. Unfortunately, you may not be getting the OEM tii calipers back, but what you do get back will probably be ATE or similar and fine. This is what I did. Unloaded(no pads). This price is after you send them your old calipers: http://www.brakewarehouse.com/catalog-2/vehicle/bmw/1974/2002tii/disc-brake-caliper?engine=&submodel= Or, you can do it yourself: http://www.brakewarehouse.com/catalog-2/vehicle/bmw/1974/2002tii/disc-brake-caliper-repair-kit?engine=&submodel= Buy some pads of choice and you're good to go. Everyone should rebuild a caliper at least once IMO. I just did all 4 on the 911. The pistons were all rusted and frozen inside the cylinders. We fought them like crazy but got them out. I'm sure there's a Tech thread somewhere about this. I can't believe your lines didn't break. Mine turned to dust as soon as I put a wrench to them. GL! Nick
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