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  1. I actually think almost any Miata is a better choice here. Faster, handles better, is more reliable, inexpensive to fix and really fun to drive and modify. Don't knock it until you've driven one. A VERY fun car that's instinct driven. It's not Italian, but its name does end in a vowel, just like yours, Vince!
  2. $40K with 2 days to go. I'm afraid Vince might be right with his estimates.🤠
  3. I like the green 74. Of course I'd go over it with a fine toothed comb before I made an offer, but from little pix there are it looks ok. Show up with cash and drive her home perhaps? Make sure you do an onsite compression test first. Having just spent 3 years restoring a 74, I'd be chomping at the bit to get my hands on a rust free example now that I know my way around. Maybe 7k, all cash would take it? Good luck!
  4. Those don't look like the foam pieces I found stuffed back high in my wheel well toward the trunk, and you say those are still there anyway. I have no idea what those square pieces are.
  5. Take a pic of the foam you're talking about, There's not much back behind them to discuss, to be honest.
  6. I'm guessing you left the sound deadening in place? I little MLV and some insulation would puff that up a little. Nice work!
  7. With all the hoopla surrounding this car (with a cracked dash and non OEM bits and pieces) and the sky high estimates, I doubt this car will be driven anywhere. At least if it reaches some of the prices being bandied about.
  8. What do they say? From your lips to God's ears? Hide tide raises all boats, and all that stuff? One can only hope! Other than this "one owner' marketing ploy, perhaps you're correct, though. $50K is a lot of dough, however. You can get a 'saweet' Porsche for that money these days, boys. Beauty late G50 or not so great 356. Once you go past $50k it opens all sorts of choices. I'm sticking with $40k plus.
  9. Nice Car! I'm gonna take a stab...$40 plus. GLWA
  10. It's a simple matter of originality versus what is better. It was SOP to put the battery in the engine compartment back in the day. Smarter people than I figured out that was not the optimal location. Plus, batteries changed. No one should be ashamed for improving a car in any way, shape or location.
  11. I've got an Anti-Gravity Li-Pho in my tii. Weighs 2.8 pounds. I have no idea how long it'll last, but so far, so good. It cost me $225 and I got it like 6 months ago. It's clearly not original and costs more than all of them. Batteries are the least of my worries with my cars.
  12. No idea why anyone would go lead acid anymore. Obsolete. AGM or Li-Pho is the way to go.

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