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  1. How bad is bad for the door panels? I had amazing results cleaning mine up with GOOP. esty is the way to go for carpets. Quality products, good fit with minor modification. After investigating reupholstering my front seats and the cost, I chose to replace them with older, recovered Recaros. I kept the old seats for the next owner, but I love the fit and feel of the Recaros, as does my wife, believe it or not. Good luck my friend. Nick
  2. Nice job! I'd bet that undercoating weighs more than 15lbs! Just the soundproofing I took off the floor of the inside of the car weighed 19! Leisl's getting the full spa treatment!
  3. I have reached an age (or attitude?) where absolute speed doesn't matter to me anymore. I sold a 500HP somewhat exotic sports car because, well, it seemed like a complete waste to own and drive on the street. Seriously, what could I do with that power? Floor it on an on ramp? Play red light challenge with some 20 year old in a Subie or 60 year old with a Ferrari? I tracked it once....lotsa of money to crumple up into the concrete. Fun yes. I've come to appreciate 4's, especially 16 valve 4's. Sure I like my old 911/6, but it's hard to challenge on the street too. I do sometimes. My tii? Just flat out fun all the time. I guess the point is, buy or build the cars that provide YOU with the most fun. For me, that doesn't translate into high speed anymore. Just fun, safe on the street speed.
  4. Time to go to war. The longer you drag it out, the further and further the car will get from you. Good luck. No dilly dallying.
  5. DD=daily drives He drives his 02 every day. He finished up my car. Tell him Nick sent you. Good guy, small shop. Not a rip off. Bimmers Only is the name of the shop.
  6. I tried and failed. Gave the job to my engineer son and left the garage. He had it done in 20 minutes, all by feel.
  7. Vince, I'll address the pedal box, fuel pump, slave cylinders and insulation. As an aside: see all those brake and fuel lines in your picture? I replaced everything, even that hard fuel line in the left corner of your picture. I have extra lines if you want/need. Ah, the pedal box! Take a bunch of pictures before from all angles and order the bushing replacement kit from Blunt. Clean her up, paint and reassemble. A little fiddly, but no problems. I also installed the foam insulation afterwards. There's controversy on whether to do so, and it was difficult to do after the box was back on, but I got it on. I also taped up the access holes with aluminum tape beforehand. Replace the slave cylinder. Might as well. I removed the old grungy fuel pump and went with an in-tank pump. There's some pros and cons to doing so, and some cover plate mods for the gas tank, but I like having it not exposed to the elements. I insulated the engine bay before reinstalling the engine. I used EZCool since I had a bunch left over. Came out fine. I'll be home his week and quarantining for 2 weeks, but after that maybe I'll take a trip down to see you. Nick
  8. I dug deep and sprung for a 3 lb. Li-Pho. It's been working just fine but is expensive.
  9. I replaced an old ANSA with a new one recently. I actually think it's louder than the old one. As Mike says, the sporty sound is fine around town, but you're not going to listen to the stereo doing 70 MPH with the windows open. Still, it was cheap and easy to install. Doubtful I'll be taking any 3 hours trips in good old Fred anyway.
  10. Not me. Watch out for cops.They're all over the place on that road. Nick
  11. Think I'm all in for $1500 with these Recaros and they're better seats.
  12. Reconsider. Unless you're a stickler for originality, those horsehair pads are a fools errand. Better, less expensive seat options exist.
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