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more progress

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Some more progress was made over the holiday weekend.  The cooling system finally got the full plumb up.  It ended up taking 4 hoses to make 2.  The system seems to purge the air pretty well and that's what matters.  Haven't gotten warm enough to trip the fan yet, so that will still need to be checked out.  All in I think the engine bay turned out fairly clean for this much modern in a car that never had it. IMG_7395.thumb.JPG.c2107ce2b579bbbd0006db89d80d0d51.JPG

it really is amazing how much work it takes to make a modern EFI engine look simple.  The pay off is it starts every time at the bump of the starter and revs nice.  i am really looking forward to the first drive. 


Over the weekend I also upgraded from the Girling brake setup to the Massive Brake kit.  I never was really pleased with how the girling setup came out.  My aftermarket master cylinder was set fro single line calipers, meaning the girling setup was a bit nasty.  The massive brake kit is a really nice bracket, and less than complete kit. I will give them credit for trying to make it right, but I still had to scramble, vacation time is not that plentiful, to find the correct bolt after it shipped with the wrong ones.  I have the brake lines routed the way I believe the kit would have you.  In the future I will go back and do it the correct way with braided lines straight from the caliper to the chassis.  That way I can get rid of two more joints. 



The wiring also came along ways.  The signals and console got wired up.  Now at this point getting my gauges on a switched 12V and a plate light are really all electrically that is keeping the 2402 off the road.  Now I just have to work out the driveshaft for that elusive first drive. 



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