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  1. I'm 2 days late, but I also attended Bimmerfest West and ended up finding this group of 02s while on the freeway and fell into their group for the rest of the trip as well as the event. Great group of guys, and great conversation (when it wasn't being drowned out by the sound of people over-revving their straight piped BMWs at cold start)
  2. ahh, had a feeling I missed a spelling error somewhere in there, I filed down the edge because from what I have been told the sharp edge it came with is not ideal. And yes, friction compound. I haven't gotten to the adjustment, bleeding, or handbrake adjustment yet, but that should be done soon. I bought these shoes from blunttech: https://blunttech.com/products/3182282 a screwdriver jammed up against my leg worked just fine! (may cause rage inducing annoyance)
  3. That was part of my decision to keep it stock, but less of one than the issue of cost and how well stock performs
  4. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to work on my 02 as often as I would like, but over the past week or so I have managed to make the time I needed to work on my rear brakes which have been needing replacing. Both wheel cylinders have been leaking so I began to figure out what I wanted to do. After looking at the options of rebuilding my rear brakes with the OEM tii parts or doing a possible rear disk brake upgrade, I decided to go with the OEM tii setup. I went with this because if I upgraded the rear brakes I would need to do the same with the front for it to match, and it didn't seem like the best financial decision at the time to go with new disks for each wheel. The wheel cylinder leaking ended up getting on the brake pads, which were worn and needed replacing soon regardless I still need to file down the edge of the new brake shoes on the bottom and top edge, as well as bleed the brakes after replacing the wheel cylinders. This was my first time working on brakes so the first side (passenger side) took far longer than the second side (drivers). I had difficulty reinstalling the spring but after some trial and error, I found that clamping each shoe in place and using vice-grips to wrestle the spring into place was the best option to get it seated correctly. . Next on my list, I will be swapping out shocks, maybe springs, or just going with coilovers instead. But I will need to do some more research first to make a proper decision on this, I'm not certain what springs I have at the moment, how long of a wait I should expect for Bilstein B8 front strut inserts/ rear shocks to be back in stock, and don't know pretty much anything for the coilover option.
  5. I won't complain that they are replicas if they didn't cost me any extra! plus they are still good quality it seems
  6. yep, except it doesn't stop that well, both rear brake cylinders are leaking, that's what is next on my list and will likely be my next update. (also I need to create a rubber bushing for the front suspension, the camber plate made it a bit rough of a ride cuz its all metal.)
  7. Hello whoever may be viewing this! My name is Quinn Ward, I am 16 years old at the time of writing this, and I live in SoCal so I have plenty reason to install AC, trust me. Here is what has happened up until now with my and my 02. I first found interest in the 02 when my father brought home a tan 1975. Soon after he introduced me to the roundie model years, and that’s when I decided that it was the car I wanted as my first. after a while of searching and going out to look at some available cars, we ended up finding a black 1972 2002 that was converted into a tii (except the clock and badge). After receiving if we found it to be less than we expected, we ended up deciding to use it as a pa. rts car for both my dad and I. We then found the car I ended up keeping, a white 1973 2002tii, mostly stock but it has some modifications including IE springs. I then began building it up and learning by working on it myself over time. In no particular order, here is what I have done so far: -swap front seats with recaros and reupholster front and rear in a beautiful high quality navy blue leather -installed parking brake upgrade -installed 1992-1995 Civic arm rest, also reupholstered in the same leather with my fathers brand logo burned into it. -installed BEHR AC unit with all modern components -installed sound deadening in the doors -replaced transmission mount -installed stereo system using some left over Polk speakers and a sub as well as an amp and an out of sight audio mk3 unit, allowing me to use either the original radio or Bluetooth to my phone. -replaced door panels for ones in better condition with holes already cut for the speakers -fixed dash clock -swapped Tii manifold -repowder coated and zinc plated tii intake -replaced mechanical fuel injection belt -installed and powder coated strut bar -installed rs001 replica wheels from pats car -installed camber plates to fit the wheels -machiened custom spring hats to fit camber plates -installed new horns -swapped our steering wheel -installed passenger side mirror -built hidden phone mount -installed driving lights -swapped out windshield washers -swapped our steering colum stocks -installed kill switch -installed volume control, bass level, and on off switch for stereo system -installed trunk fuel filler -replace wheel roundels -installed dual shear selector rod -installed aluminum short shift lever Quite the list! Here is a kinda sorta before and after (this was before adding front camber and removing wheel spacers) Here come come all the photos:
  8. Hello, I was just looking at the Honda civic armrest forum and saw your custom arm rests and I'm interested. Are they still available? If so could you send me a link to where I could buy one?

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