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  1. I'm SpaghetTii

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    I think I may have posted on this thread before, but without the archive info. so here ya go: The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2763102 was manufactured on November 22nd, 1972 and delivered on November 27th, 1972 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Polaris metallic, paint code 060. The car is now in CA, with either Chamonix or some other white-ish paint.
  2. I'm SpaghetTii

    Ether Injection

    I failed it as well, BUT I did watch a video on this at some point, I think it was something about pure oxygen being too dangerous cuz it likes to explode or something. IDK I don't like chemistry, it makes me remember that class... not good
  3. I'm SpaghetTii

    pic request

    Fair point, I didn’t consider that possibility yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm SpaghetTii

    pic request

    I haven’t seen a “white anodized” nardi in person, only polished. Does the white anodized work well with brushed aluminum(on the shift knob) or does it seem out of place? I know photos can only tell so much in this scenario so I’m not sure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I'm SpaghetTii

    pic request

    I saw that, thanks. But I only really found 2 pictures that were related to what I'm looking for, and only partially. Many had things off like tan interiors which totally changes how it looks relative to the same wheel in a blue or black interior. I'm just checking if anyone has something more specific to what I'm working with. It may be asking too much as far as how picky I'm being on these reference photos but I might as well try.
  6. I'm SpaghetTii

    pic request

    I did. again, I didn't find them to be good reference photos for what I'm considering. Different interior color or a stock shift knob could change how everything works off of each other a great deal IMO, this is for the same reason that I don't think the stock wheel fits aesthetically in my interior after what I have changed with it, even though it matched everything else beforehand. That's why I'm checking if anyone could provide references more accurate to my situation than a google search did(blue interior, pre 74 gauge cluster, kooglewerks shift knob, etc...)
  7. I'm SpaghetTii

    pic request

    Yesterday, I received and installed a wood and brushed aluminum kooglewerks handbrake grip and shift knob, and couldn't be happier with them. However, I could be happier with the steering wheel now that they are installed and the wheel seems out of place to me. I'm trying to decide what wheel I should go for (Nardi, Moto Lita...) but can't find any good reference photos of these wheels in a similar interior to mine. Here is what ive got. any reference photos from other faq members cars would be appreciated
  8. I'm SpaghetTii

    Name that part

    would the other go on the trans tunnel, under the dash maybe? i really have no idea (yep. now i see it)
  9. I'm SpaghetTii

    Behr Console Opportunity

    how about a switch panel that goes to nothing, so you can pretend your turning on a bunch of random crap when people get in the car. Maybe have one labeled "DONT TOUCH" and pretend to accidentally hit it when reaching for the radio, just for fun.
  10. I'm SpaghetTii

    Behr Console Opportunity

    I did that as well, I just put a reaaaal strong tiny magnet on the inside of the ashtray and one of the metal plates on the back of my phone meant for one of the store bought magnet mounts, works great and is totally invisible
  11. I'm SpaghetTii

    rear brake work

    ahh, had a feeling I missed a spelling error somewhere in there, I filed down the edge because from what I have been told the sharp edge it came with is not ideal. And yes, friction compound. I haven't gotten to the adjustment, bleeding, or handbrake adjustment yet, but that should be done soon. I bought these shoes from blunttech: https://blunttech.com/products/3182282 a screwdriver jammed up against my leg worked just fine! (may cause rage inducing annoyance)
  12. I'm SpaghetTii

    rear brake work

    That was part of my decision to keep it stock, but less of one than the issue of cost and how well stock performs
  13. I'm SpaghetTii

    rear brake work

    Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to work on my 02 as often as I would like, but over the past week or so I have managed to make the time I needed to work on my rear brakes which have been needing replacing. Both wheel cylinders have been leaking so I began to figure out what I wanted to do. After looking at the options of rebuilding my rear brakes with the OEM tii parts or doing a possible rear disk brake upgrade, I decided to go with the OEM tii setup. I went with this because if I upgraded the rear brakes I would need to do the same with the front for it to match, and it didn't seem like the best financial decision at the time to go with new disks for each wheel. The wheel cylinder leaking ended up getting on the brake pads, which were worn and needed replacing soon regardless I still need to file down the edge of the new brake shoes on the bottom and top edge, as well as bleed the brakes after replacing the wheel cylinders. This was my first time working on brakes so the first side (passenger side) took far longer than the second side (drivers). I had difficulty reinstalling the spring but after some trial and error, I found that clamping each shoe in place and using vice-grips to wrestle the spring into place was the best option to get it seated correctly. . Next on my list, I will be swapping out shocks, maybe springs, or just going with coilovers instead. But I will need to do some more research first to make a proper decision on this, I'm not certain what springs I have at the moment, how long of a wait I should expect for Bilstein B8 front strut inserts/ rear shocks to be back in stock, and don't know pretty much anything for the coilover option.
  14. I'm SpaghetTii

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I feel like I'm reading a post from my future self. I'm not looking forward to it...
  15. I'm SpaghetTii

    SoCalVintage ROLL CALL 2018

    It is looking like I won’t be bringing my tii this time. Even if I get the brakes done in time, I won’t be able to get the car back home in time. I’m still looking forward to meeting people and seeing some great cars regardless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk