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  1. I'm glad you also got a pic of Jovis' car in its natural habitat... on the lift. and im pretty sure he isn't on the FAQ to defend himself. Perfect!
  2. looks to me like your car has the nose off of a square tail car based on the holes for the big bumpers and the shape of the sheet metal behind the grills you have on it right now. The metal grills you have on it right now are for roundies, if im correct about your car, you will need the later black plastic ones from the square tails instead. the center kidney is also different so you will need the later version of it as well
  3. Did I ever say S14? I sure as hell wish I had one, but nope. still the old m10 in my tii
  4. I used all stock internals including the pistons since he scoring on the cylinder walls was light enough to where it fell within spec for the stock pistons after machining. It looked like no one has ever torn down my motor before I did, which I was surprised by since its original to the car. I replaced the water pump. oil pump, timing chain, timing chain guide and tensioner, and had the MFI pump rebuilt by Jerry Fairchild who also said that the pump looked like it had not been gone through in a very long time, possibly ever since it was first put on the car. I didn't have much trouble finding timing chain parts, but I did have some trouble finding an oil pump chain that fit right (the one I got ended up being too wide) so I just used the original one and made a custom shim to remove slack. So far I have only put about 65 miles on it but i'm happy with it and nothing has ended up broken yet. As an added bonus, I now no longer have the oil leak I couldn't track down for the life of me before the rebuild... that makes up for needing to rebuild the whole thing, right?
  5. I drove my tii home for the first time today since I finished rebuilding the motor, no issues at all even though I was in 100°F heat... although im now regretting not getting my AC fixed before I took the drive. This was my first time I have rebuilt a motor and I went through the whole process on my own (except for the machining of course), I couldn't be happier with how it turned out
  6. I managed 105mph (according to my almost definitely inaccurate speedometer) with 2 passengers once in my tii, but it has a 5 speed which helped
  7. the Tii bracket part # is 12411261706 but they seem to be NLA, idk what the part # is for a regular 02 but IE sells them https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/starter-bracket-2002/
  8. Im going through a similar situation with my 73tii, which I have also been working on since I was 15, so hopefully I could help with what I have learned from the process. While I was driving I suddenly lost compression (went from 150 to 20-30 psi on cylinders 3 and 4) and had to limp the car home on 2 cylinders with a horrible noise anywhere over 2k RPM. What ended up happening is that I blew a half inch hole in the head gasket between cylinders 3 and 4 and 2 of my 4 pistons were toast... I pulled out the motor and took everything apart by myself to save on labor while putting all the hardware in bags that I labeled by where they were on the motor (one bag for the timing cover for example) to help make installation a bit easier. I obviously ended up doing a full rebuild but I definitely saved a hell of a lot of money by doing all the labor on my own, including reassembly. I'm not done yet but the motor is back in the car and now i'm just waiting on my rebuilt k fish pump and injectors to get back to me. If you dont want to do the work yourself and are in the valley or LA area in general I would highly recommend Meccanica If you are willing to do some of the work yourself and are nearby Id be happy to help with whatever is needed. TLDR: do it yourself, I did, it helped me save a lot...
  9. oooo its back! but now I want pizza... although thats not really out of the ordinary for me
  10. speaking of which, here is mine! aaaaand of course when i pull out my pistons.... so now im doing a full rebuild. YAY!! I'm almost done actually, just waiting on my Kfish to come back This is my first time rebuilding a motor, and by the looks of it the first time my motor has been rebuilt
  11. the dash does look like its in remarkably good condition though from what I can see... good being a relative term of course
  12. wait a minute... is that Ken's car with its 3rd brake light still attached??? noooo it cant be
  13. Does he really exist? he can be any one of us and we would never know...
  14. The fan shroud, the second Tii diagnostic plug by the valve cover, tool kits maybe?
  15. I run an out of sight audio box. It works great, and you can keep your stock radio working in the car too. http://www.outofsightaudio.com
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