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A quickie update

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vacca rabite


Its only been a solid year since i have updated this blog.  Bad Zach, no cookie for you!


Over the past year I have:

Bought a rusty parts car to harvest parts for my slightly less rusty car.

Bought all the stuff required to redo the trunk metal floors.

Cut out and welded up a LOT of rust all over the car.

Cut out all the rotten trunk metal, and making my plan for welding in the good stuff.

Redid my engine mounts, and a bunch of other smaller jobs around the engine bay.

Got new tires put on an mounted.


At this point there are basically three issue spots that remain.  Both rockers still need love.  The drivers side rocker is cleaned out, and still needs to be welded up.

The pass side rocker is in much better shape, but still needs rot cut out.

The trunk.  I've cut out 90% of the rust out of the trunk.  The trunk floor kit I have is modular, its not the big single stamped piece.  Which is nice as its going to let me do this in stages.  I want to finish up the trunk before I finish the rockers.  My thinking here is that when the trunk is done, I can put back in the gas tank that I sealed 2 years ago, run fuel lines and START THE CAR.  This will be a big moral victory, as it means no more pushing the car around when I want to work on it.  I can just drive that bitch!


I also toyed with the idea of buying a rolling shell in good shape and moving all the parts I have over.  Saving me the joy of a lot more welding.

This idea nearly came to fruition a week ago, when I came across an estate auction for a guy nearish to me that built 2002s.  

"Well hey there" I thought to myself.  Up for auction were two rolling shells, both of which had the rust work done, one of which was painted and the other wasn't.  I decided I would make a go for the unpainted body.  As it was still more or less bare metal, and had no title I was hoping that I could pick it up for a few grand.


I was wrong.


The painted body sold for $14K.  Absolutely stupid money for a car that had brand new paint already failing in places.

The untitled, unpainted body sold for $4K.  I was in the auction until $3K but was not going to go any higher then that.  The guy that wont the auction was the guy that was bidding (but ultimately lost the auction for) the painted body.  He had cash and was determined to come home with a car.


IMO, this is crazy money.  This is "buy a nice running and driving car" money for a car that had mediocre paint at best.  The rolling shell was also somewhat crazy IMO.  I guess you can chalk it up to "east coast premium," but again it was approaching driver car money for a shell that still needed several grand worth of work before it was actually a car again.


The whole thing left me feeling pretty good about my little green 2002 that I paid 2002 for in June of 2016.  I've been keeping track of my costs, and I'm going to be way under 4K once my rust remediation is complete - and my car has a clean title.


Cheers all!




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