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So I am pretty sure that I am going with a MS3 Gold box, so the autotune function needs to be run by a computer so I integrated a Raspberry Pi 3  and a screen into my replacement center console plate. The Pi will run Tunerstudio,  the prefered software for tuning the MS3 box. It will also run a nav app as well as perhaps some a/v.  I integrated a GPS module that can also be used for 0-60, perhaps an accelerometer is in the future. And will also have an Echo Auto as well, just waiting for some usb bits. 


A lot of work, it turned out ok. Kinda looks stock if you squint. The fan knob on the right is about 2mm lower as the hole is a little big for the fan controller potentiometer, I will scootch it up a bit and tighten it up.   



Still waiting on the turbo back from Turbonetics, I am in no hurry.  I also have the injectors being checked out, just to make sure that they are ok.  I am keeping an eye peeled for Black Friday deals on the MS3 Gold box.  The button where the fog light switch would normally go is for the power trunk release. 






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Lol, this all sounds surprisingly familiar, albeit a decade removed in the specific technology involved. . . but still, :D!

Not that it probably matters at this point as you already seem rather pot-committed, but instead of running Tuner Studio in the car all the time, I use the mobile version Shadow Dash for monitoring and datalogging, and then I can run the autotune in TS on a captured datalog at my desk (instead of on-the-fly) so that I can get a better idea of exactly what (and why) autotune wants to change before I actually implement it.  This mostly helps me keep the tables 'smoothed' from box to box, as the autotune sometimes yields pretty big jumps between adjacent cells.  Just FYI.


2012-07-07 16.51.20.jpg

2013-10-27 17.18.17.jpg

2013-10-27 17.41.20.jpg

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Dude great minds think alike.  I actually have an iphone 7 that I was going to use for the same purpose, but decided to go with a Pi instead as I was trying to go for a behr clone type of look and retain my A/C.  It was just a little too wide to sneak everything in the places I wanted. 


Thanks for the tip on the 5v power supply. 


Kind Regards


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