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Wheel Saga part 2: Electric Boogaloo



If you spend enough time on this site, you tend to see a variety of wheel/tire combinations, some rarer than others. When I put the Style 10 wheels on my car I had only seen 2 or 3 photos of them mounted on 2002’s. I noticed that the wheels were pretty heavy, the steering felt slower, and I was lusting after other setups. I had seen @bluebmw car on Alpinas and really liked it, and was excited to have basically stumbled into this set of wheels on accident. I decided this would be my inspiration:




I bought a $50 set of wheels and tires to put on the E21 before it left my possession, stripped the rotten tires off the Alpina wheels and dropped them off at a local powder coating shop.  The wheels I had lucked into were the OZ Alpina reps, 15x6 et12, we settled on a traditional Silver color that they mainly used for coating sand rail roll bars.


If you are wheel hunting, I highly recommend www.willtheyfit.com as a resource- it is where I discovered that I was going to probably rub fenders without serious camber work. Since I had not lowered my car yet, I found a local shop to roll all 4 fenders. It should be noted that the paint on my car is less than perfect, so I didn’t have any heartburn about losing more as it flaked off the inner fenders.


Got the wheels back from the shop, began masking and painting the centers.3D47281F-40AF-435E-BC4D-628D04CF6938.thumb.jpeg.3bce9f6e4495c6351f0622a369cbd7b2.jpeg






I really took my time and used a 1/4” striping tape to get super crisp lines. I’m really proud of how they turned out, and was able to swap the tires from my Style 10 wheels onto these and was in business.








Last thing I did was get a before and after in the same spot as the Style 10s. The Style 10’s sold to a local E30 guy who was pumped up on them. From an aesthetic standpoint I think these wheels are about as good as it gets.






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