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Boost for Goosed



Ok I am going to level with you all.  I always wanted to turbo a car, and the opportunity popped up earlier this week.  One of the fellow 02ers posted a system in parts for sale.  It is a complete system from what I understand. It was advertised with a megasquirt and boost controller that I passed on, as I have my heart set on a Haltech EFI system. 


The challenge is always time. I couldn't take the car off the road for the 3-5 months to have the system fabricated for my car, so a turbo was always a distant dream.   Because the setup had already been fitted to an 02, the number of tweaks that it may need would keep it off the road for perhaps a week, or not at all. 


The fun part( for me) is actually getting it running correctly, as the system was installed on a roller, and then taken off never to be installed on a running motor. 


It is being boxed up now, and will arrive shortly.   Here are the bits and pieces included.  I haven't decided to try it on my existing setup.  I need to do a leakdown test, as I suspect my compression is not great.   If I do install it,  I would run it in a low boost mode until I get the bits organised for the bottom end. 


Enjoy the pics. 


P.S.. it is even dual scroll with ceramic ball bearings. 




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Aww, but it was all ready to roll for Megasquirt with the 02Again trigger wheel and EDIS! Call the guy back and say you want the MS box after all! JK, I'm sure you'll be equally happy (albiet poorer) with a Haltech too.  Good luck with the new high pressure install!!!

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Thank much.  I am deciding between the MS3 Gold from EFI source, Holley HP and Haltech.   They are $950, $1950 and $3K +.  To be fair the Holley has a lot of the connectors that I need, as well as a bar sensor and IAT.   I can keep my tune and my screen if I go Holley, which is my preference.   Just trying to get a handle on the budget.


I like the idea of the MS3 but the connector and wire quality on the DiY stuff is largely questionable.  The MS3 gold uses a Deutch (sp?) type connector, so it appears to be more robust, and is frankly easier to use.  


The Holley is weatherproof as well as the Haltech.  The Holley is more turnkey,  the Haltech is more ala carte.   To get the same functionality, you have to buy a lot more modules for the Haltech.   


The shaft is sloppy in the Turbo, so off to Turbonetics to have it fixed, some people believe that they are sloppy only to have oil dampen it only time will tell.  The problem is that the compressor wheels are NLA, so once it touches the side, it is junk.   We will see how far out of spec it is. Hopefully it is salvageable, I kinda like the old school stuff once it is fixed it should last. 


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So for those who care, the turbo is offically a peice of worn out shit.   I am trying to get what money I can get from Paypal.  I mistakenly disputed the transaction early and ran out of time, so all I can do is dispute $500 of the turbo cost.  The quote is below. 


I fucked up with paypal.  My fault.  it will cost me $800 for that error.  Live and learn, but I should have known better.   Of course I am probably better buying a new one for that price, but the ceramic BB is so long lasting, I am leaning towards fixing it. 


"Here is a breakdown of the parts that your turbo needs.

Hopefully you take this advice and not be used turbo online in the future. This particular unit is rather old in fact the turbine wheel that it has we no longer make. So you would need to purchase a new turbine wheel and turbine housing because your new wheel will not fit your existing turbine housing.


Labor $290

Turbine Wheel $305.07

Turbine housing $263.10

Ball Bearing Maintenance (Repair) kit $406.12

That brings your total to $1,264.29


Please let me know how you would like to proceed.  " 




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