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  1. Wait long enough and maybe a set can be traded for a roll of toilet paper.
  2. Bump it up. Long neck diff rear subframe also available.
  3. I think that's actually for a clardy
  4. Rear subframe for a long neck differential. Used but super solid condition. Photos to come. $200 plus the cheapest shipping I can find for you.
  5. Bump it up. Will also take offers. I still have a decent amount of other parts around... More valve covers, timing covers, flat top Pistons, blocks, cranks, water dividers, a driveshaft or three... front bumper center section, a pair of front seats good for really nice cores, a small patch panel for late nose center, plus a bunch of other items - ask and I'll see if I have it.
  6. 71 stamped valve cover. Cleaned it up with some dish soap and took some pictures. Will look great after a wire wheel, glass bead blast & paint, or vapor hone. $50 plus shipping & PayPal junk.
  7. How's the door glass metal thingy at the bottom - solid, rusted, a mix?
  8. I also got a set of sub-standard WN fenders. The mounting flange was mis-shaped, and the mounting holes never lined up - I made a paper template from the old fenders' flange (what was left of it from rust) - and trimmed accordingly on the new WN fenders. Also had to drill out the blinker holes and reshape them with a hammer and dolly to more closely match OEM. In order to get the gaps with the doors correct we welded on some washers around the mounting holes. If you've got the money - buy the OEM stuff, but if you're on a tighter budget prepare for some labor if you want proper fitment right out of the box.
  9. I have a set of bottlecaps from an e30 - they're chrome for some reason (its in rough condition) - came on my '75 02. If you're interested I can sandblast them and paint them for you.
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