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  1. I have 2 pieces of the trim that goes between the tail lights for sale. Both are in similar condition, have all the clips, and the little plastic nuts that hold them in place. One set has slight corrosion on the clips. $50 each plus shipping. Set 1: Set 2:
  2. I have this radio pulled from a 71 up on ebay, take a look: https://www.ebay.com/itm/312601715127
  3. It's so true. The struggle is real-er than ever. This is certainly discounted - but not discounted enough to pounce immediately and throw all your cares away (or my need to buy primer and paint first).
  4. Do you have any rust free door glass holder-things? The metal part that the glass slides into?
  5. If you’re taking about the red side marker lights I’m pretty sure I have a set or two you can choose from. I dont have any spare license plate covers though.
  6. For sale is a set of the anti-friction sliders pulled from a 71 sunroof car. They show basically no wear and are free from cracks or chips. Asking $70 plus shipping & PayPal fees, these will likely fit in a USPS flat-rate envelope sandwiched with lots of cardboard so it doesn't bend. I also have some other sunroof parts available - everything except the cables (the plastic bits on the end are broken), the long side pieces and the plastic bits that the long pieces slide into.
  7. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/befestigungssatz-fuer-obere-umlaufende-chromzierleiste-51-08-00.html @BLUNT may also sell the same or similar set.
  8. Excellent Condition Repair Manual for BMW 1500 1600 1800 2000 2000C CS 1800Ti TiLux. Cover shows some staining, one or two pages have creasing and a tear around the binder holes. Photos are crisp, sharp and retain their detail. Includes a veryyy cool page with hand-drawn plans for window mechanism, and a few handwritten notes were written by mechanics are inside as shown in photos. $175 +shipping
  9. ohgodno

    The start

    How much of each material did you purchase?
  10. This happened over the course of a bunch of months. It's all the metalwork to the floor pans and trunk area. First, we removed all the sound deadening from the floors and then the cutting began. The car got three floor pans replaced with new metal, one patch we had to fabricate for the rear seat shelf, then patches on the front inner wings, and finally a few outer rocker panel patches — the inners were solid, rust treated, painted and then sealed up. The undercoating was stripped from the underside then sandblasted - and treated with POR15 (cleaner, zinc phosphate metal-prep, then POR15), the same for the inner panels of the floor. Then hit it all with seam sealer. Then we moved on to the trunk - the spare tire well was shot. We cut it out and decided to mount the spare UNDER the car like a truck (hell yes). fabricated it up, welded it in, then moved on to the gas tank surround. It had been poorly patched in the past, and we discovered all kinds of rot underneath it. So like everything, cut it out, sandblast it, make a new piece, weld it in, POR15, seam sealer. IMG_7041.MP4 IMG_7040.MP4 IMG_7059.MP4 IMG_7244.MP4 IMG_7245.MP4 IMG_7276.MP4 IMG_7313.MP4 IMG_7959.MP4 IMG_7960.MP4 IMG_8052.MP4
  11. It was actually OK - took the sandblaster to it and POR15 system.
  12. Took off the front fenders to see what was underneath the seemingly solid fenders. After burning off the old lead that smooths out the upper seam, we removed all the fender bolts holding everything on. A bit of wiggling with a screwdriver to break the old body glue and the fenders were free. We discovered the blinker buckets were largely gone - and "remade" during a previous restoration of the car - a scotchbrite pad was shoved into the space for body filler to grip to as the bucket was "fixed". The outer edge of the headlight areas were also rotted out and after drilling the spot welds off removed and we made some new ones to put in their place.
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