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  1. I have a set of bottlecaps from an e30 - they're chrome for some reason (its in rough condition) - came on my '75 02. If you're interested I can sandblast them and paint them for you.
  2. I have a set of 5 from an e21. The tires are shot but I can get them dismounted. 78-82 stamps on them.
  3. Updated. Also have M10 bottom-end parts. Block (remanufactured I think 80s date), Oil Pan, Crank, Flat-Top Pistons, etc etc.
  4. Doing a 50% off sale on my 2002 posters in honor of 500 posts on my Instagram account (struggleworks_2002) for our 2002 builds. Check it out: www.struggleworks.com Use the code: THEGRAM for half-off Sale ends tonight at midnight Pacific. We have loads of different body styles and 15 colors to choose from. Custom posters are also available - PM for details.
  5. That should be fine. Can you email me a few photos? c.v.struggle@gmail
  6. Hey. Looking for center hood trim. c.v.struggle@gmail.com
  7. Would like to send a PM also. Looking for Center Hood trim.

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