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  1. ohgodno

    What Lies Beneath… the fenders.

    It was actually OK - took the sandblaster to it and POR15 system.
  2. Took off the front fenders to see what was underneath the seemingly solid fenders. After burning off the old lead that smooths out the upper seam, we removed all the fender bolts holding everything on. A bit of wiggling with a screwdriver to break the old body glue and the fenders were free. We discovered the blinker buckets were largely gone - and "remade" during a previous restoration of the car - a scotchbrite pad was shoved into the space for body filler to grip to as the bucket was "fixed". The outer edge of the headlight areas were also rotted out and after drilling the spot welds off removed and we made some new ones to put in their place.
  3. ohgodno

    2002 Posters

    Bump it up - get some garage art. 👍
  4. ohgodno

    Bav auto

    Ive bought a good number of things from FCP euro. Lifetime warranty on all the parts and they have a pretty good selection. Sad to see bav go though.
  5. ohgodno

    Powerplant Pickup

    Got a great price on an M10 from an 84 E30 - and went out and picked it up. The plan is to run the EFI as-is and keep the Getrag 240 its paired with.
  6. ohgodno

    Off to Fab

  7. ohgodno


    Beginning the teardown of PNaB. Weaving our way through the wiring harness that seems to have had a couple of alarms systems and stereos spliced in. IMG_4592.MP4
  8. ohgodno

    Dapper Lighting headlights install (v2’s)

    Looks amazing, nice work.
  9. Posts are going to be a bit rapid-fire since this all happened about a year ago but I wanted to pop this on the FAQ and not just our IG. The pickup of the new project - 1975 BMW 2002. We've dubbed the project: Project Not a Bronco, since my wife really wants an early bronco, but they're insanely expensive and I wanted a 2002 anyways. We're meeting halfway and the plan is to paint it in Colorado Orange. As it sits: • there are three floorboards that need replacing • a motor and transmission need to be sourced • a patch needs to be made for the spare tire well • dents pulled from the nose • rust patches on the rockers • replacement fenders The body has some layers of primer and filler that we plan to strip off down to bare metal to see if there are any other discoveries. IMG_4464.MP4
  10. If you come across any more of these I'm interested in one, thanks.
  11. ohgodno

    Hoods and trunk lids. CHEAP

    PM sent also
  12. ohgodno

    Hoods and trunk lids. CHEAP

    PM sent also
  13. ohgodno

    2002 Posters

    Bump it up!!!
  14. ohgodno

    67 1600 part out

    Sent a text for a fre things.