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  1. If the sale falls through or if you have any more S&P sets, let me know, thanks.
  2. I have both - in NY however. If you can't find one local - shoot a PM.
  3. My own custom shop?? Kind-of, sort-of, not really, almost, nebulous really… just my friend and I building stuff in his carport. Maybe someday it'll be an official thing. But I think of it as commemorating the time an effort we spend building stuff. It took a couple weeks, I went a few rounds with the design before asking for the file to get the tweaks just right to match the OEM gauges - grand total was $352.
  4. I just installed my SpeedHut Gauge this week, I deleted the wood trim from my '75 gauge—I do like the look of the textured plastic—but there's a little bit of a gap around the unit that the wood panel or OEM plastic bezels typically hide. SpeedHut were great a great help and even sent me the live file for the artwork to edit myself.
  5. No. It’s usually the 245. This transmission is the 240 - it’s shorter than the 245 and is considered less desirable because it is less robust. This model, being from an e30, also doesn’t have a speedometer gear.
  6. Clearing out some of the parts horde...Two sets of e21 seats and one lonely passenger seat from a 2002. Black vinyl e21 seats have tears and wear on the drivers bottom and a tear on the passenger headrest. $150 OBO Dark Blue vinyl e21 seats have similar wear on the drivers seat. $150 OBO Lonely 2002 passenger seat. Inka and Black vinyl. Tear on the side of this one. Probably good for parts, making into an office chair or reupholstery... unless you want one randomly inka and black seat in your ride. $50 OBO I’m willing to ship these at the buyers expense - they’re bulky and heavy - even via greyhound it’s not cheap. Also willing to meet or deliver if you’re within 1-2 hours of the Hudson Valley in NY. I also have a front and rear set of power e28 seats in Taurus Red Leather. I also have most of the interior console etc from an e28. PM if interested.
  7. Header pending. Orphan Mud Flap still available - open to offers on it.
  8. There's a slight gap - I'll get my feeler gauges and let you know exactly what the gap is in the center of the flange - I'm pretty sure it can be machined flat, in fact that was my plan for my project until I found a Stahl header randomly on craigslist.
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