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  1. I bought my first BMW 2002 when I was 17, still in high school. 1976 Jade Grun for $2350. I have owned one ever since. I was driving my Grandma's '65 Ford Falcon with a 170ci six cylinder. I wanted a P-car 356, but glad the insurance company wouldn't insure a 17 year old kid...LOL..it was meant to be. Cheers, Matt
  2. Yes, that's one of the alignment pins. There is another one on top, opposite side. Cheers
  3. HAHAHAHA Nah, I thought the topic was about car cover endorsements.....car cover companies we like, etc..... My apologies, if I misconstrued the topic.. I do like the car cover OP selected also.
  4. I have used these covers and inside and out. They are very durable and protect delicate paint surfaces. Not the cheapest but, worth the money. (in my opinion). https://www.facebook.com/TheCanvasShoppe Cheers, Matt I know not BMW...I will get one for my NK when it's finished.
  5. I removed my factory plate and welded in this plate (custom for an NK). I also reinforced to left engine mount support. FWIW Matt
  6. I got these from Maximillian, customer street car.
  7. Looks more like a 245 5spd..... looks good though!!!
  8. Need to know the Compression ratio for the E12 pistons, I have used 9.3 to 1 for a 1.8i head, however, you need to clay the head to piston clearance, I have equally ground away the combustion chamber in the past and haven not had any issues. The build was for a 320i and a stock cam, though. proceed cautiously if you pursue this setup. my 2 worthless cents.
  9. I’ll take the headlight buckets and swan mirror...
  10. This was my car's specs with stock springs, strut mounts (new) and Poly bushings throughout. Matt
  11. Make sure your front tire pressures are equal when cold and warm.
  12. I bet the oil pump seized and possibly disintegrated during that failure.
  13. I had an Agave car, and loved the color. See the 1973 vin 2590054 in the registry.. keep it Agave.. My thoughts, Matt
  14. I will put this here just for more "streetable" sound, I don't have any sound of it under load, driving, but it does sound better and deeper. EFI / IE SS exhaust, Stubby headers. Enjoy, Matt IMG_3197.MOV
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