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  1. I'm going with the booster is not allowing the MC to return. I discovered this when I replaced everything for the pedal to the pads in the brake system. The only thing I didn't replace, at the time, was the brake booster. I ended up replacing that also. Problem was solved. fwiw, Matt
  2. Here is a generic spark plug and possible symptom chart I found on internet search.
  3. Check your spark plugs. If they have burned oil on them, then your oil is getting into the combustion chambers, most likely past an oil controlled part. Rings or valve guide seals would be my next place to look. Fwiw, Matt
  4. I unfortunately can not say that is my car in the above picture, however, it is a customers car.
  5. It could also be a little oxidation on the plug for the switch itself. I have seen the plug get heated and can cause a wire not to be connected to the switch.
  6. Do the tail lights illuminate in that position? It could be a bad fuse or a wire broke. The instrument lights should also illuminate in the first position from off.
  7. I can't speak for that part, as I have ordered ones similar and found out they were the wide link chain for the S14 oil pump and crank sprockets.
  8. I think you are missing a tab on the metal bracket. There is also a stand off nut on the valve cover. FWIW, Matt
  9. I believe you can buy the oil pump chain separately, from IE. You will need to re-shim your oil pump correctly. Sorry, they do not have the master link. Oil Pump Sprocket & Chain – M10 – Ireland Engineering | Racing & Performance Parts for BMW & MINI (iemotorsport.com)
  10. They have all worked for me, with a couple of shims. I do know there are two lengths, one for the splined shaft and one for the very early pump with the gear type pump. IE has the one for the splined sprocket/shaft. I've used 3 of them so far without issue. FWIW, Matt
  11. Ireland Engineering sells them. Look for it under the engine category. They also have the nut and gear.
  12. I would use the proper o-ring, one should have come in the lower end gasket set. Victor-Reinz and Elirng both come eith those.
  13. Welcome and congratulation on finding a fine example in great shape. As far as your transmission, check the linkage adjustment and I'm sure you checked the ATF level when hot and on level ground. I too have a 67 NK (originally with an automatic), well it's actually a 5/66 production. Cheers, Matt
  14. Check with walloth and nesch or wallothnesch.com
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