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  1. Is this possibly shortened for a 5 speed swap?
  2. Been here at least 10 times looking at this so I'll pull the trigger this is too cool. Hopefully I dont have any issues installing wish me luck! Pming you
  3. yes definitely count me in! I wish I had the tools/design savvy-ness to do this
  4. Really interested but I have 0 electrical experience as a novice would it be a big task installing?
  5. SHWEEET ordered a Red Turbo one!
  6. Hey Guys, Looking for a 3 Bolt Flange Driveshaft for my 02 it's one of the last pieces I need for my 5 speed conversion. Let me know your price shipped to 78748! Thank you, -Anthony
  7. damn man this sucks sorry you experienced this hope this it's a crazy thought that scammers are on a forum like this
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