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so close to driving



the last little steps seem to take quite a bit of time.  I did wheel the car out into the sunlight just cause. wallpaper.thumb.jpg.cfa10823ff0846043aaf2259db296131.jpg

The Uro door seal install really was not too bad. Followed the excellent advice from the FAQ.  starting at the corner and then jumping to the bottom of the door and working up sure helped.  also the harbor freight plastic tools for interior panels are great for weather strip installation.  They allow you to push the rubber into the correct tracks without damage. With the right tool and method it did not take much time at all.  Also the permatex adhesive worked well too. 



With the outside of the car sealed up I closed up the tunnel to have the cabin sealed up for the pending drive. I am originally from Texas, living in Michigan.  The Indiana plates are a call back to 2009 when I first was bit with the BMW 2002 bug and joined the FAQ. 



The last parts holding me up is the driveshaft.  I have received an adapter for the driveshaft to transmission.  Which will allow me to use a GM 1350 spicer style flange and U-joint.  On the rear another adapter will allow use of a Spicer 1310 joint.  Once I have these adapters I can measure have the custom driveshaft built up. 


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