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From Empty Shell to m20 Turbo Beast

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Seats sorted

blog-0139247001428131346.jpgBeen looking for some time and these popped up.

Another tick for my checklist

Really happy with the condition, unsure if Ill even re-cover

Better start focusing on the car now or there will be nothing to put all the good stuff in ;)


blog-0341438001428131382.jpgEven though I should be focused on the shell I got a little side tracked and started sorting the Drivetrain out.

Specs of Engine Pictured

M20 2.7 Stroker

Ported and Polished Head

PPM Race Double Valve Springs

PPM Race Inconel Valves

PPM Billet Rocker Arms

PPM Forged Billet Rods

PPM Forged Phosphate Coated Pistons

PPM 272 Turbo Camshaft

ARP Studs

MLS head Gasket

G260 Gearbox


Link Xtreme Standalone ECU with Ignition System

Im still undecided on Turbo and need to sort a custom manifold as Im concerned about using an e30 one clearance and fitment wise



Hi All,

This is my first blog ever

I will start by bringing up to speed on my 1969 2002 build.

Last year after owning several modern Japanese and Euro performance cars I thought what I really wanted was an older project car.

The 2002 Appealed on several levels with one being the fact I had only seen 1 on the road over several years of looking.

As this is my first full build from scratch I may need to leverage the Brains trust that is 2002faq haha

My shell was purchased middle of last year so the first few entries will bring the blog up to present


blog-0191344001428131433.jpgLATE LAST YEAR

car Leaves Melbourne

Car arrives at engineers for rotisserie build/Mounting.

My first physical view of car, looks ok. Lots and lots to do.

Car sits at engineers for nearly 2 months before he builds and fits Rotisserie

Car is then transported while mounted to its new little home in my garage


Suspect Found


Car has been found,

after looking at several rust buckets I settled on this fellow.

Car was described as rust free stating that all rust has been, cut, welded, lead rubbed and primed.

My thought process is that im better off paying a similar amount for a rust free shell opposed to a rusted up complete car.

The car is 2000km away and being a trusting fellow Ive bought sight unseen.