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About this blog

This is the story of a once loved but recently neglected 1973 Sahara 2002. I'm starting this blog about a year into an ongoing "restoration" mostly to celebrate that it is back on the road and document the process. Many of the following posts will be back dated. 


Entries in this blog

Rear Subframe Refurb, Rear Brakes, and Suspension

While the car was cut to pieces, I spent time rebuilding the rear subframe and related parts. It was a nice break from all the grinding, cutting, and scraping on the body. The rear subframe was sand blasted by precariously hanging one end out of a HF sand blaster with a few trash bags strapped to the side to contain the dust. It was then primed with corroseal and coated with a few coats of brushed on gloss enamel. The same treatment was given to the differential case, diff bracket, and rear cont



Cutting and Welding

The only sheet metal I purchased was rear subframe mounts from WN, everything else was self fabricated and welded out of sheet metal. Based on the quality of previous repair work and the overall condition of the car,  I wasn't shooting for concourse grade work here. My goals were to make it safe, water tight, and to extend it's life by cutting out and patching any rust I could. The most involved (scary) parts of the project were the subframe reinforcement and the gas tank / trunk / rear fender a



How she sat

I purchased the car a little over a year ago. I knew going into ownership that I was getting my self into a project. Not quite the scale it has turned into, but i'm still enjoying the process. A pre-purchase inspection showed lots of rust on the underside, mostly focused in the rear.  In particular the subframe mounts, wheel wheels, spare tire holder, rear control arms, and shock towers were all swiss cheese. Basically the usual suspects... The PO had some less than stellar work done on the fron



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