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Style 10

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Just a small entry for today. The tires on the car were cracked and dry-rotted, a consequence of sitting in a garage for a few years. I'd been pricing out my options for replacements on the 14" Bottlecaps, but as many here know, 15" tires are more available and cost effective. I'd seen the E30 "Style 10" wheel posted here very infrequently, and though the wheel looks far more modern than the 2002 design, I feel like they stay in character with the vehicle. I found a great set available and jumped on them. I gave the wheels a fresh coat of wax throughout and paired them with Yokohama S.Drive in 195/50/R15.


The fronts stand a bit proud of the fender with the 24 offset, but the car will receive new suspension with camber plates before long and that will be remedied. The car is still scruffy, but I think it is starting to look like someone cares for it again.



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