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  1. Why not? everything else on my car has gone modern, why not these
  2. So, while the Vintage itself was a blast, the trip also served as a multi day shakedown cruise of the car. Discovered a handful of issues that need to be addressed: Swap bowden cables on left - controlling opposite, no real impact Bowden cable to heater valve - off? Certainly doesn’t open the valve Heater valve- leaking, need to look into that Why am I running so damn hot? Does fan turn on with engine running? Do I need a New water pump? Might as well Pull radiator, flush and test Buy spare brake switch Pedal return spring/Throttle return spring not resetting all the way Coolant leak from block to heater valve (three way) Vacuum nipple on intake header is cracked I need a Roller on hood latch arm I need hood gaskets.
  3. The Vintage 2019 was awesome. So glad we came to this wonderful event. Enjoy the picture dump, next post will be a run down of all of the issues I discovered on the extended shake down cruise.
  4. Going to necro this thread a bit because I saw a car with a full set of gas struts for hood and trunk today at the Vintage. Grabbed some pictures of the brackets
  5. Disregard! Was able to pull it out and clean up the terminals. Works for now.
  6. Started today on the blue ridge parkway drive. Any idea how to make it stop?
  7. Not sure actually... Though like o said, after another fifteen minutes of waiting it started just fine.
  8. Mechanical Came from Chesapeake VA to Asheville NC, but the care drive just fine for a half hour here. Vent line is not plugged. At least the vent line coming from near the filler port.
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