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  1. grizzlebar

    The Vintage 2019

    Drive to Mt Mitchell
  2. I can't tell if that's heavier than I imagined they'd weigh, or lighter
  3. What options exist to make the front windows power windows? I've had a generic/universal SPAL set on mine for the past few years and am not completely thrilled with them. I remember there was talk some time ago from a builder/manufacturer about making a set of direct replacement power regulators, but I'm not sure if anything came of it.
  4. grizzlebar

    I got a lift!

    After searching for months and resigning I’d have to buy new and pay for installation, I managed to find a local guy selling a four post lift for a great price. Rather than disassemble it, I had a hauling company pick it up at his house and drop it off in my driveway.
  5. Lift is home. Now to just get it through the garage door...
  6. Picked up a four post lift in great condition from a guy in town. Gonna work on getting a tow truck to move it for me on Monday.
  7. Just pay shipping. Picture has dimensions. Gonna leave this up for a few days before trashing everything. Shipped from 23323 Recovered my rear cards and no longer need the original materials. Includes arm rests, ash trays, and original black coverings.
  8. Picked it up from the shop yesterday following the gas tank modifications. Took it and the dune buggy to a car show today
  9. Took the first drive in months thanks to finally sorting out the cooling issue. Ran great.
  10. Finally got the overheating issue sorted. After replacing the water pump and having everything flushed, it still wanted to run warm. Replaced the thermostat with a 71C version and now it is happy.
  11. Update: got a new water pump and had the radiator hot tanked, flushed and tested. Put everything back this afternoon and it seems to be working. Need to get under the car to tighten up one of the hoses and open the front to remount the electric fan but it looks like I’m in the clear.
  12. With the 40lb struts it sits there like a normal car.
  13. I have tried sending two pms but they keep showing up in my inbox. Have any non tii brackets ready to go?
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