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  1. grizzlebar

    yet another alternator post

    Update: ended up finding a 318i being parted out and picked up the alternator and brackets for a song. @Healey3000, do you remember which parts you ordered? Also, anyone have a good guide on rebuilding the alternator itself? I'll need to clean up and paint the casing too as it will definitely not match my engine.
  2. grizzlebar

    WTB: E30 Alternator bracket + adjusting bar

    Any luck? I need the support bracket as well At the very least - do you have a link for the support bracket?
  3. grizzlebar

    HobbieDave a/c bracket

    Best to email him direct
  4. Noticed this in most recent Costco email - seems like a solid deal. May have to pick one up.
  5. Sadly I haven’t had much time to do anything over the past few months. Maybe next summer? All depends on my ship’s schedule...
  6. grizzlebar

    Holley Sniper EFI

    I do. And try to keep mine updated as progress allows.
  7. grizzlebar

    Holley Sniper EFI

    In the absence of a blog, can you at least post a few in-progress updates?
  8. grizzlebar

    Looking for a back seat in black

    I've got a back seat (upper and lower) in black from a 1976. Located in Virginia Beach but driving up to Newport in early November...
  9. I don't have a cluster, but I do have all the gauges from one. Swapped out all my gauges for speedhut.
  10. grizzlebar

    Catch can installation pics please!

    On the firewall behind the Weber
  11. I'm considering a RestoModAir system, need to measure my heater box space to see if it'll work. Should I go that route, I would probably make custom vents to take the place of the heater control panel (adding two to the passenger side)
  12. grizzlebar

    New KoogleWerks parts availability update

    love the double din set up, actually working on a mocking up a similar set for mine except it'll be double din, bmw clock/cubby, with a custom switch panel on the bottom. wish I had your equipment...
  13. following this as I'm looking to replace my push-type with a toggle switch
  14. Did they ever get back to you about a 2l 4cyl application?
  15. hoping they get back to you with something positive - would like to see this project through