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  1. grizzlebar

    Time for a Pro? or do I go?

    Getting caught up on a bunch of posts now, I’m also running the 123 - think the 02 sensor swap resolved everything?
  2. grizzlebar

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Ordered carpet for a rear seat delete. Coming up for sale in the near future - full set of 6 series rear buckets and arm rest in blue leather
  3. grizzlebar

    Rear seat delete carpeting install

    nice, just ordered my salt and pepper set from Esty. Will get some wood next week
  4. grizzlebar

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Toyed with the idea of just doing a rear seat delete rather than getting the set of 6 series seats I have recovered... Not sure yet
  5. grizzlebar

    1 Series-2002, discuss.

    Front end: A/A+ Rear: B-
  6. grizzlebar

    In need of a 74-76 tachometer

    I've got one as well
  7. grizzlebar

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Two car, but a bit deeper than average. Plus 12 foot high walls
  8. grizzlebar

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Broke ground on the new garage project
  9. grizzlebar

    Interior thoughts

    Were the rear seats custom recovered or do you know if a kit is available?
  10. grizzlebar

    Kosei K1 wheels

    And they’re sold. Thank you all.
  11. grizzlebar

    Front strut brace

    Will do
  12. grizzlebar

    Wiper fluid pump wanted. Late model 02'

    I may have one of those actually... Now if I could just remember where it is. Send me a pm and I’ll see if I can find it in the storage unit.
  13. grizzlebar

    Now for a nice tune.

    Any luck reaching out to Holley for guidance? @Holley Tech
  14. grizzlebar

    Kosei K1 wheels

  15. grizzlebar

    Kosei K1 wheels

    15x7, 4x100 No tires Comes with hub rings and center caps Located in 23323 Asking $300