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  1. M3 turn signals behind the wheels and switch back LED rings on the headlights
  2. grizzlebar

    A New Project

    Picked up this fun toy today from another 2002 owner. Let the beach runs begin.
  3. 3d printed, theres a forum post on this upgrade where the guy uploaded the stl file
  4. Edit - uploaded a pdf of my wiring notes because the picture wasn't exactly readable. if anyone needs assistance with my shorthand, let me know
  5. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N25TJV3/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_4VO5CbF27WJPP
  6. I posted it on two of the 2002 Facebook pages and included links to your stl file. I suspect numerous people will follow suit shortly.
  7. Following the guidelines in a recent forum post, I decided to jump on the ATC fuse block upgrade train. wiring.pdf
  8. Made some jumpers to go with the ATC fuse block There’s the wiring plan for anyone wanting to copy
  9. Made a bracket for the relay box project and started mapping out the electrical connections so I can build jumpers and go to ATC fuses
  10. I think my overheating issues may be tied to my alternator/water pump belt being too loose. I replaced both the alt and belt just before the Vintage and it nearly over heated a few times while down there. Anyone have a good guide, preferably with pictures or videos showing how tight it needs to be mounted? I know if it gets too tight you run the risk of destroying the water pump itself.

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