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Brake Booster Delete



Finally got back to it with the 2002. Life is not allowing for frequent garage time, so dialing in expectations with this car has been a priority for me. Right now, I'm just focusing on what I know I can get done. Long term plans remain the same, but short term accomplishments will keep me motivated on this project. Before sending the car off to fabrication I purchased the Chase Bays booster delete kit. I know there are a lot of strong opinions on this, but this is the direction I'm going. For anyone else interested in running something similar, bare in mind it requires some modification. 






As shown above, the input rod into the master cylinder interferes with the pedal arm. It has to be cut back fairly significantly to clear. I ended up cutting off a little more than actually indicated by the paint marker line. But gives you a rough idea of the modification necessary. 








Likewise the supplied hardware to mount the booster delete was too long, so that was trimmed. I was finally able to mock up the new setup for the first time. Something that other's who have done this stressed is you have to have the bias adjustment valve to make this work properly. Chase Bays advertises that it mounts to the master cylinder well, but in the 2002 chassis it places it in a very awkward spot to actually fit hard lines. So I'll be figuring out a way to mount it to the fender sheet metal. But finally gives you an idea of how that will look. 


Next step, pull everything out of the engine bay. 


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Unless you modify the “bell-crank”, your pedal is going to feel like a brick. You need to change the pedal ratio.


I’ve included some photos to show you what needs to be done.

My buddy made me an adapter to mate a generation 2 Corvette master cylinder to the factory pick-up point of the “2002”. (the master cylinder was purchased at O’Reillys for $44).........









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Though I don't own this car anymore, to respond to the above, there are a few other 2002s running around with this booster delete kit and the Wilwood big brake kit. Of the two I know of, neither have modified the linkage in any way, and neither reported any issues or difficulty with the brakes beyond a firmer pedal. 


This is likely all to taste, I don't mind a tough pedal as long as the car still stops well when I ask it to. The bigger concern with this kit, and something that was frequently brought up in other threads, is the single circuit master. I think had I continued on this project, I would have ditched this for a completely different pedal box and master setup. For both safety, and packaging's sake, I think that would have been a better call. 

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