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  2. Hey Matt, I'm up to link up. Would love to see your Agave. Weekends are good for me as well. Also, you guys are going to have to link me with this Lawrence guy, I'm done with BKM. -Scott.
  3. Hello again Matt. Good to know you connected with Lawrence. He is a really super guy. His talent and knowledge with those cars is beyond words. He's walked me through problems over the phone on several occasions. Man, you had a bad experience with BKM too? I'll stay clear of those guys. Weekends work best for me for a catch up. Let me know what you decide. I'm in the area but more on the Columbia St Waterfront side. Cheers, Albert
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    Silver tii spotted in DUMBO

    Hey Scott, Albert, Wanted to reply on this thread and (re)introduce myself. Albert, we caught up the same day I think you and Scott were talking at Whole Foods. I've got the Agave '73 roundie. She's an automatic, but love her nonetheless. My car is up in Poughkeepsie right now with the guru--needed some rust work and paint. Scott, I also brought my car to BKM after searching around for someone familiar with 02s. It wasn't a great experience and I'm convinced by car drove much worse and had carb issues after I got it back. They also broke my door key and didn't tell me about it--I found it in two pieces sitting on my dash and had to raise the issue with them. Anyways, it's good to catch up with you guys on here. Maybe we could grab a coffee around Brooklyn sometime before the winter hits. Have a good one, Matt
  5. Oh man. Sucks to be involved with dishonest guys. And overpriced. Thanks for the heads up. I'll stay away. The shop that forgot to put the cotter pin on my wheel is Alfa Motors in Cobble Hill. I've been going to them on and off over the years. Decent guys and I see 02s at the shop regularly but damn…how do you forget the cotter pin? I have a feeling they probably let the young apprentice at the shop finish the wheel and he missed it. The owner apologized for the botched job and covered the expenses I had for the shop down in Maryland that repaired the wheel to get me back on the road. Good thing I was able to retrieve it. It ended up in the grass between North and South bound traffic which means it crossed 4 lanes. Crazy. I know Little Garage from when they were in Queens. I actually bought my second 02 from Matt's secretary at the time. This mustve been around '95. There's L&R on Union St next to Dinosaur BBQ. Louie is good but he's getting old and he kinda misses stuff too. Been going to him since '95. He knows 02s pretty well as he's had many at the shop over the years. He recently did a restoration to a Sahara roundie. Decent job. Oh well, I guess the search continues for a close, reliable 02 man or garage. Good luck with your motor work.
  6. Wow. That sounds harrowing. Glad to hear you're okay. I do not recommend going to the shop I am currently stuck in. BKM in L.I.C. is known for BMWs, but the proprietor is a nightmare. Has been working on my car off and on for years, but its only recently come to my attention how dishonest this guy is. Super-overpriced parts from junked cars mixed with intimidation and fast talking, and rampant lying make a bad combo. In trying to figure out my current situation, I've encountered two former customers who he has swindled in ways that confirm previous times he has swindled me, and my father both. Stay far-far away. Hoping to extricate myself from his garage without too much more financial, mental, or if it comes to it, physical pain. I myself have had good experience with Little Garage (Matt works on a lot of 02s), but is somewhat expensive, and an hour drive from Brooklyn isn't exactly convenient, but he does know the cars.
  7. Oh boy. Motor meltdown? Hope not too serious. I too had a predicament recently–my whole rear left wheel flew off my car cruising up 95 N. I had the bearing replaced recently and they forgot to put the cotter pin back in to secure the axle nut. Luckily I didnt cause an accident and I was unharmed. Would you mind sharing the shop that did the work on your motor? Im still in search of a local 02 man or shop thats sensitive to our cars. As I mentioned before, my 02 guru is up in Poughkeepsie and its not always convenient to get the car to him. He will be giving my car a full evaluation for safety though since this latest incident.
  8. Yeah, that's me! Had been trying to remember your name on here and find you, as I recently had a motor meltdown and remembered you'd mentioned you knew a few trustworthy mechanics here in NY. Too late now, but good to link regardless!
  9. Hey there. Are you Scott? If you are, I met you at the Wholefoods parking lot a couple weeks ago. I have the red '71. You have the silver '69. There's another 02 around downtown Brooklyn. I pass him regularly in the morning on Furman St. Colorado roundie. I think he has CA plates.
  10. I know the car, and have met the owner, but can not remember his name. Beautiful car. As for DUMBO and 02s, there are two that are regularly in the neighborhood, but garage on Jay st. One is mine (Silver '69), the other is a Sahara '74/'76, a friend's. Keep an eye out!
  11. Hey guys. Did anyone park a silver tii square light at Washigton and Front tonight? I was parked around the corner on Front St. Red round light with silver bladed roof rack. I go to the gym around there a couple nights a week and never see any 02s. Albert
  12. Alright let's make it official! Going to post to the events and main board now. I know a couple other NY 02's who aren't as active on the forum, and will let them know otherwise. You should do the same, if you know any!
  13. Works for me also Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  14. Looks like Albert and Tom both prefer Sunday 10/7. And as for place, Jacob Riis Park is most popular with one vote Wondering if we should aim for Saturday 10/6 instead with Sunday 10/7 as the rain date?
  15. A little far for me, but let me know what is decided Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  16. Oh right, this jam here: http://www.yorktowncarsandcoffee.com/index.html Yeah, 8-10am is a bit aggressive coming from the city on a Sunday ;) But might be an easy one to tack on to for starters. Thoughts?
  17. There's a Sunday morning C&C every week just off the Taconic in Yorktown, NY. Lots of cars, LOTS of Corvettes. I've only seen one 02. Kinda far for LI'rs, but weekly nonetheless.
  18. Let's pick a date: https://doodle.com/poll/nw9ueadby5s98dec And let's vote on a place: https://doodle.com/poll/evpvh5u7pyr4u5gv Let me know if you have other places in mind that have public parking or plenty of street parking on the weekend. We can't meet on private lots (e.g. malls, Starbucks, etc) without registering our event. And since we'll likely be only a handful, I think we can manage this way.
  19. Welcome, I would say another car is never a problem and any help you need with your 2002 always feel free to ask questions Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  20. Just joined the club! Hello everyone! Unfortunately Fred, my 74 Tii, is incapacitated with a pretty long way to go to get him up and running again. But I have other cars, so if I'm around for one of the C&C's, I may just show up in a competing German marque if you don't mind? It would be great to see other cars to get some ideas and advice along the way. I can use all the help I can get! Thx! Nick
  21. Riis is cool or even Ft Tilden right next door. Either works for me.
  22. Sounds good to me, as long as its not too far for everyone. Im coming from Long Island myself Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk