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  2. I'm very excited for Sunday. Weather is looking good so far! We got donuts and coffee covered. See you all then!
  3. Here's a little flyer I made that you all can post on social media, if you want.
  4. Sounds good to me, can distribute the flyer via FB/IG Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. Looks like we have a winner: 9/22. Let's lock that in, and maybe keep 9/29 (second most votes) as a rain date? I can create a flyer that we can then use to spread the word further on other channels.
  6. My 02 is still on jackstands but ill bring another bmw
  7. Good event. Good people. Erik is right, lets keep this going. And thanks to Ricky too. If the 15th is not picked, I recommend going to Caffeine and Carburetors in New Canaan that day. Great event. Check out the web site.
  8. So far, Sunday 9/29 got the most votes (3). Anyone else want to chime in on picking a date? >> https://doodle.com/poll/8zv26cwuwikudqgq
  9. Hi all, I think we all agree that last year's 2002 meetup at Singlecut Beersmiths was a great time. I spoke with Rich and he'd love to host us again on a Sunday this September. There's five Sundays in September, so I figured we do a little poll to find the one that works best for most. Please check it out and enter your preferences. Ideally you all select as many Sundays as would work for you. https://doodle.com/poll/8zv26cwuwikudqgq Let's do it! –Erik
  10. Will be out of town but we should have another meet up soon Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  11. Recently had pleasant experiences with these two shops: General mechanic: Andre DiSalvo, proprietor at Barnett Auto Repair in LIC. Wheel alignment: Marbren Tire, also in LIC.
  12. Hey all, CarPark NYC is putting together another cars & coffee, this time at Industry City in south west Brooklyn. DM them on Instagram to ask for a spot. Their last few editions were really fun - here's some coverage on Petrolicious from the May event: https://petrolicious.com/articles/rain-or-shine-carpark-nyc-puts-on-an-excellent-car-show-in-the-heart-of-brooklyn Maybe I'll see some of you guys there! Cheers, Erik
  13. looking for a radiator for my 68. if anyone has one they'd part with, let me know. Im in Queens. Thanks
  14. Anyone else got accepted and will be there with their car this Sunday morning? Weather is looking dry and decent. I met up with Jeff (who organized it) at a happy hour over at Zürich Classic Motors this week. He said about 100 cars are registered, with plenty of old BMWs in the mix. I'll see you there!
  15. I filled out their reg form. Not sure if they'll accept me again. But last year was fun!
  16. I’ve actually been super busy, but mostly lazy, and haven’t reached out. (I also have a buddy whose friend runs an out-of-state shop, who may be able to do it if I bring the prefabbes mounts. I think Manimal is brewing something up.) I may want to do an M20 swap, also, and the transmission housing between the two 4-speeds will be different, so I might do them together. I want to drain ALL of the fluids from the car as it sits, change the break pads, put it back together, check the engine, and then reevaluate my future plans. I’ll update it here if I do anything.
  17. I see this post is a little old but am just seeing it, did you find out if theyll do the work for you i live nearby and always see 2002s in the lot
  18. Id be happy to help lets figure out when Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  19. Hi all, Me and Liesel are slowing coming out of hibernation. I need to tackle a couple of things for the season and am, quite honestly, a bit anxious to tackle them by myself, due to lack of experience and fear of "improving for the worse" if I go at it by myself. Who of you in NYC would be willing and able to spend a weekend day with me to tackle these: Timing and carb tune improvements to get car to start cold on its own and reliably without starter fluid. I have a timing light (which I admit I never used), but no exhaust analysis equipment Carb is a brand new Weber 32/36 (electric choke) from Pierce Manifolds, supposedly pre-tuned for a 2002 Replacing leaky parts inside one of the rear drum brakes, do a complete flush (so I can upgrade from DOT 3/4 to DOT 5) I don't have the knowledge or tools to safely disassemble and reassemble a drum break, or to power flush the circuit. Got a private garage with power, floor jack, jack stands and basic tools. Open to discussing different ways of making it up to you. Went to a nearby shop the other day (M-Spec Performance), and they don't touch carbs and also charge $160/hr for labor... I'd feel stupid spending a fortune on something that could be trivial after all. Help Thanks! Erik
  20. Ohh okay, when I called, I spoke to one of the kids over there so maybe he just wasn't aware of the pricing haha. If you can get it clean enough then go for it. Mine's a bit crusty and I'd rather have it blasted and acid dipped to get it cleaned out and then coated professionally.
  21. No Sal from Fingers. From the link you posted. I think I’m going to try to clean it out myself. I’ve seen a couple of write ups where they used vinegar or Evaporust to clear the rust. Then use redkote to seal it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I just called Sal. He quoted me $295. Seal and paint. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Check out http://www.fingersradiator.com/ I gave them a call to inquire about my gas tank a few weeks ago. Very reasonable - like $150 to prep and coat the tank inside and out! They're a ways away from you there in NY, but google radiator shops in your area and give them a call. Not too many around anymore, but they're still out there.
  24. So, I’m looking to do the 4-Speed Automatic swap, detailed in the post below, and literally nowhere else. I’m not capable of doing that work, and my mechanic is a generalist. I go to him for everyday needs on all of my cars, but go to a specialist if I’m bringing one of my other cars to a track day. I’m told that The Little Garage has a ton of 2002 experience, so I’m happy to spend a little more to get something done right, and they happen to be near where I’ll keep the 2002. Any thoughts? Thanks. Seth

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