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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Will be out of town but we should have another meet up soon Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. Recently had pleasant experiences with these two shops: General mechanic: Andre DiSalvo, proprietor at Barnett Auto Repair in LIC. Wheel alignment: Marbren Tire, also in LIC.
  4. Hey all, CarPark NYC is putting together another cars & coffee, this time at Industry City in south west Brooklyn. DM them on Instagram to ask for a spot. Their last few editions were really fun - here's some coverage on Petrolicious from the May event: https://petrolicious.com/articles/rain-or-shine-carpark-nyc-puts-on-an-excellent-car-show-in-the-heart-of-brooklyn Maybe I'll see some of you guys there! Cheers, Erik
  5. looking for a radiator for my 68. if anyone has one they'd part with, let me know. Im in Queens. Thanks
  6. Anyone else got accepted and will be there with their car this Sunday morning? Weather is looking dry and decent. I met up with Jeff (who organized it) at a happy hour over at Zürich Classic Motors this week. He said about 100 cars are registered, with plenty of old BMWs in the mix. I'll see you there!
  7. I filled out their reg form. Not sure if they'll accept me again. But last year was fun!
  8. until
    Info and registration at https://www.eagevents.com/event/carpark-cars-coffee/
  9. Sorry about the late reply, but.. I'm in the Western New York area! I actually live in Orchard Park (right near the Bills stadium). Coincidentally, I was also very new to the '02 scene in august of 2015, as I purchased my '72 Malaga 2002 in June of 2015. In fact, I'm kind of kicking myself now for not taking more time to explore the "Regional Groups" section of the forum, as I probably would have noticed this post a lot sooner. Do you still have your '02, and if so, would you be interested in meeting up sometime? I'm a die-hard car enthusiast who is always looking for other enthusiasts to discuss any and all things automotive. Speaking of which, if you're not already aware, some people have organized a local "Cars & Coffee" gathering for the Buffalo area that is held on the third Sunday of every month (April through October) at the Eastern Hills Mall parking lot, from about 8 or 9AM to about noon. It actually yields a surprisingly large turnout, with an excellent variety that generally has something for everyone. It is free, and I have had a blast every time i have attended so far. They have a Facebook page with all the information on it, but they are planning on holding the first meet of the year this coming Sunday if you are interested. As long as the weather cooperates, I plan to be there with my '02.
  10. Hi, recently bought my first 2002 and I'm looking for shop recommendations in the area. I can handle most issues with these cars myself but looking for a shop to handle some more restoration-related issues (mounting E30 seats, heater box rebuild, weather stripping etc)
  11. Morning guy I am JahMike from Queens NY looking to buy a bmw 2002 shell 1969-1976
  12. Looking like a weather permitting. Rain may be on the way
  13. I'll probably be in Portland that weekend.
  14. I'm thinking meetup at the Mt Ivy Diner at 8:30am Saturday Oct. 8th
  15. Seven Lakes/ Bear Mtn. Looking at the Columbus day weekend again. Saturday Oct 9th. Start a role call Daron
  16. I'm planning on going this year with my two boys. First time. Looking forward to it. Would be happy to caravan down with folks.
  17. Hi Sam, I am in setauket, We are neighbors, In process of rebuilding my 73. Tony..
  18. Anyone from NY going to the Vintage this year?
  19. I would just invest in a storage place and do work there or just take it to a shop to get the work done. The amount of money you'll put in storage can probably get it running. Welcome to NYC.
  20. Hi everyone. I'm in the neighborhood as well, Essex County and have a '72 tii. Would be up for a drive once it starts warming up. Vince [email protected]
  21. We could meet at the Sunday morning weekly get-together at Captree State Park. Every Sunday morning after Labor Day there are about 200 cars that get together, all makes, every vintage era you can imagine, although I haven't seen a 2002 for the 15 or 20 times I've been there. Starts early, about 7:30 a.m. and goes on in the season until it gets too cold to be enjoyable. Regards, Maurice.
  22. Ok, so that's 3. Couple more guys check in and we could get a nice cruise to Montauk together one day.
  23. I'm in Brooklyn so not that far from you guys. I had the Little Garage do some work on my head and suspension and they did an OK job but for the $ I would have expected slightly more attention to detail. For example they proposed an electric fan setup because the old fan was hitting the radiator a little (I believe the car had some front end munch at some point) when they did that they removed the AC condenser without asking. The AC didn't work but I was planning to R&R it and I had to ask for it back and don't know if they jettisoned any parts. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  24. Either way would work. Local brokers who deal with that type of space could guide you better to find the kind of setup that would work for you. Regards, Maurice.

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