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  1. I have a bunch of glass for some reason. Would be happy to see some get used. PM me if you still need it
  2. Amazing! Thanks for all the info. It will take some time to do the homework but I will certainly report back asap.
  3. I get that. In the case with my car, it was tagged with a replacement VIN # by CA DMV and also has a state of California control #. It was originally delivered to Liechtenstein from the factory in 1971 and shows no signs of ever having a VIN # on it other than this one applied by the state of CA in the door jam. I am hoping they could share the documentation showing when and why. I don't care who so they could block that part out. There is the rectangular area on the inside fender where the VIN is normally stamped but there's definitely no numbers ever stamped there and no signs of grind marks that would lead one to believe they were ground off. Also cant find any on the other typical locations. No signs of rivet holes either where the badge is usually applied. So, you're next question is how does he know it was delivered to Liechtenstein and how was BMW able to provide info, etc.? The VIN number is an actual BMW VIN #, not made up by CA DMV so I assume there was paperwork at some point with that number provided to DMV when it was imported... Or the car was badly injured in an accident and rebuilt with new parts and the old VIN plate and stamp were not transferred to the rebuilt car? Would be nice to know...
  4. https://www.google.com/url?client=internal-uds-cse&cx=001779225245372747843:uh-hxdgtdx8&q=https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/wcm/connect/badb4920-162f-4b8a-8102-853f419a46d1/inf70.pdf%3FMOD%3DAJPERES%26CVID%3D&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjQ6K2WxaHlAhVRdt8KHSzgCZ4QFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw0-na7LiINjlPCo868pBBkj
  5. Thanks, I was able to speak with someone at CA DMV and I am submitting a request form for microfilm documents. It was delivered to Liechtenstein from the factory in '71 so I shot them an email too. Land of less than 37k might remember something, right?
  6. Hello all- I am trying to find some history on the 02's I own. I've done the decoder, BMW archive request and tried the common carfax and epicvin attempts but is there a website for short vin #s or specifically vintage cars? Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot for all your insight everyone. I will try to do what's best for this car. I dont have the skills or budget to make it happen but I will find someone who will.
  8. That one is in the paint shop after having a roll cage installed. Planning on dark blue over white interior. That one is a 1973 and original color was Golf 070
  9. Ah! AC was a dealer installed option. This car has the BEHR system
  10. Thanks, I will check the differential and transmission. I may have some paperwork in the folder, I'll comb through that as well.
  11. Hello all- I'm reaching out on thoughts of what to do with my 1974 Tii. I bought it in a package with 2 others this was "marketed" as a parts car due to the rust/rot. In looking it over more closely, I've discovered some features that I feel may be worth trying to find someone who would restore it. The numbers on the engine block, steering column and wheel well match, It has the original fuel injection pump, factory AC and sunroof... and maybe more good features if you guys suggest where I should look? This car may have been fully loaded? I reached out to BMW and they responded with: The BMW 2002 tii US VIN was manufactured on January 28th, 1974 and delivered on January 31st, 1974 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Malaga, paint code 021. The car is missing the original seats, steering wheel, bar that went over the rear bumper, drivers side door and passengers side mirror. but other than that, seems all there and original. The paint was changed from Malaga to Golf yellow and done poorly many years ago. The worst part of the car is the rust and rot on the floorboards and rocker panels. The car had been parked for well over a decade and I have not tried to start it but I can get the motor to turn. I am thinking to list it on BaT, or another place you may suggest that is better at matching someone with a project car? What details should I have readily available for the perspective buyers? Thank you guys
  12. I agree at this point that its highly unlikely/impossible to be original/factory. I doubt they were dyed from what I can tell and more likely reupholstered and done well. The car was Agave and resprayed several years ago. Door cards and carpets also replaced. Thanks a lot to everyone for their input. I will analyze it further in hopes to settle on a definite answer.
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