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  1. Guys, need some help. I noticed at the top of my radiator that the opening hole sticking out from the top left/right (right bear the cap) is missing it’s tube/rubber line. Questions are—where does that line actually go, and is my car suffering significantly for missing it? Seems to be driving fine. Thank you!!
  2. Have a rust free drivers side fender Harry?
  3. Chance you could show a few photos of the other (interior) side of the front driver’s side fender? Thank you.
  4. Thanks Harry. I’ll check with them.
  5. Any old Tii steel wheels? I would need two.
  6. PM sent. Would love to have these, Jarocho. Please let me know if you don't mind shipping to Brooklyn :). Matt
  7. Reached out to BMW Group Classic for birthday details on "Golde" 1973 Round-Tail Automatic VIN 2533825 Manufactured: February 8, 1973 Delivered: February 13, 1973 (BMW Importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in NYC) Original Color: Agave (Paint Code 071)
  8. Indeed. Definitely didn't want to upend your sale. Looks like a great set of wheels--and I'm not sure about these from Italy. For others to explore.
  9. In case anyone missed out on these. Here's another set for consideration on CT Craigslist. https://nwct.craigslist.org/wto/d/kent-minilite-wheels/6829079515.html?lang=en&cc=gb
  10. Does it come with a time machine? 😉
  11. I don’t need a reason to drive on Sunday, but today I ran up to CT for 60-mile drive to grab four free 13” steelies that just might be able to be saved. I’m told all four wheels came from a prior Tii owner, but not sure these were ever on the car or just sitting as spares. Would have been a staggered setup if so... Two wheels are Lemmerz 5JX13 with date stamp August 1972. Two wheels are Kronprinz 41/2JX13 with date stamp September 1967. Photos are below after a quick wipedown—much more work will be needed. Thanks to @mvliotta for the find!
  12. Thanks for heads up. I’m in Brooklyn and just made arrangements to grab them this week.
  13. Agree. If we can get turn signals and drop them in to see how they fit, should be pretty telling re: NOS or aftermarket. Thanks, Matt

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