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  1. BKGolde02

    14" E30 Steel Wheels

  2. BKGolde02

    WTB: 2002 gas tank

    Suspect mine has some corrosion inside, as my rear fuel filter is turning orange way to frequently. Looking for a nice condition swap out. FWIW, I have a 1973 roundie. Thanks, Matt
  3. BKGolde02

    Where to find OG radio delete plate?

    Here’s a few pictures of my console. Any help with the wiring would be much appreciated—maybe I’ll take one more crack at the installation. @joebarthlow any help on how you did the wiring based on how mine looks here?
  4. I've got a '73 roundie with a retrofitted Blaupunkt radio, but I can't quite get it wired properly. I'm wondering if it's worth the hassle at this point, and instead may just turn to a bluetooth speaker and play jams through my phone. That said, does anyone know if there are 'delete plates' available or easily made to clean up the hole where typical radio would go? Appreciate any help on this. Matt
  5. BKGolde02

    Front Turn Indicators - US

    Interested. PM coming.
  6. BKGolde02

    ~ ~ ~ parts lot ~ ~ ~

    Thx. Couple questions: -price on those NOS flaps? I only see price for he reflective pair. - do you have any extra signals for sale? Preferably looking for euro version in nice condition. Matt
  7. BKGolde02

    4 hubcaps for sale

    Interested. Could you give me sense of shipping cost to 11231? Thx, Matt
  8. BKGolde02

    parting out a shell

    Do you have a rust free driver’s side front fender? thx, Matt
  9. BKGolde02

    WTB Hirschmann Antenna for 2002

    Any luck with photos, Brandon?
  10. BKGolde02

    WTB Hirschmann Antenna for 2002

    Brandon. Can you send me photos of the red jewel antenna? Thank you, Matt
  11. BKGolde02

    Pair of OEM door brakes

    lll take these. PM coming. Thanks Matt
  12. BKGolde02

    Parting 1970 2002

    Brandon, if no one has swooped in on the driver’s side fender I would be interested if you have some photos to share. Thx, Matt
  13. BKGolde02

    Silver tii spotted in DUMBO

    Hey Scott, Albert, Wanted to reply on this thread and (re)introduce myself. Albert, we caught up the same day I think you and Scott were talking at Whole Foods. I've got the Agave '73 roundie. She's an automatic, but love her nonetheless. My car is up in Poughkeepsie right now with the guru--needed some rust work and paint. Scott, I also brought my car to BKM after searching around for someone familiar with 02s. It wasn't a great experience and I'm convinced by car drove much worse and had carb issues after I got it back. They also broke my door key and didn't tell me about it--I found it in two pieces sitting on my dash and had to raise the issue with them. Anyways, it's good to catch up with you guys on here. Maybe we could grab a coffee around Brooklyn sometime before the winter hits. Have a good one, Matt