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  1. Looking to sell my 1973 2002 Automatic. She is a round tail US spec in really nice driver condition. VIN is 2533825. The car is an early production model, manufactured on February 8, 1973, and was delivered on February 13, 1973, to the BMW importer Hoffman Motor Corps. in New York City. The original color is Agave, paint code 071. It has been repainted in its lifetime, but still sports the same Agave color. Most folks are out for a manual in the 2002, but this Automatic is rare and a nice candidate for swap if you so desired. My opinion is that this car still has a lot of punch and it’s plenty fun cruising around, especially for someone who loves 2002s but doesn’t have the skillset for operating a manual. I’ve owned the car for two years and have just had a blast driving it. The engine was rebuilt in 2003 and really runs solid. I have paperwork to show that work done and I also have work to show the brand new brakes that were put on when I purchased the car. That said, I’m eyeing another car with more space and just don’t have the parking room for a third vehicle. Since owning, I’ve taken pride in making a number of updates but all keeping it in line with the original design: - I completely overhauled the interior but I still kept it in the style of original seats. That was done last year. - I put brand new brakes on front and back (discs, calipers, etc.). That was done in the first year of ownership (2018). - I put new lugs from BluntTechon the E21 turbine wheels - I bought and installed new US spec turn indicators from an FAQ member last year. - I also have a number of other parts that I’ve not yet installed but will come with the car, including: - new door brakes and hinges - a neue klasse steering wheel in great shape - four old steel wheels, two are Tii 5” Lemmerz and two are 4.5” Kronprinz Lastly, there is some good history to this car, that I spent time digging into. This roundie spent most of its life in Pall Alto, California, where it was first purchased from H&E German Car Sales and Service. Regular service is documented at service stations in Monterey, California, through 92,000 miles in 1984. The car made its way to the east coast after it was purchase by a military service member that drove it to Virginia. After a few years, the car was then purchase by the previous owner who was also a military member. He owned the car and worked on it with his son until I purchased it in 2018. some photos are included here—take a look and text me with any questions. I prefer to do that for now and then we can talk if there are serious offers. Also feel free to look at my Instagram account for some more lifestyle photos of the car: @Golde7302 Thanks, Matt 630-437-1092
  2. Hi Julio, Just checking back in on these. Matt
  3. I guess I’d be curious to know what shipping looks like for both options. I may as well have the tires if it’s not too much extra SH cost. Thanks, Julio.
  4. Hi Julio. I’d love to have these. Would you mind shipping them? I may even take them with the brand new tires if you could do that with shipping. I live in Brooklyn. But may ask for them to ship to Phoenicia NY 12464. Thanks, Matt
  5. I’ll take the license plate lights. Can you message me for shipping costs to Phoenicia, NY? Thanks, Matt
  6. Dang. Wish you were on the other coast. One away from four matching set steelies from 71 no less! Awesome. GLWS.
  7. Bill. I’m interested after all. PM’d.
  8. Thanks very much Bill. The Tii wheel would be 5” wide instead of the traditional 4.5”. These look amazing. I’m just struggling to find two Tii wheels to fit my 02. I’d rather go that route instead of buying four new ones that are 4.5”. if you have any with a 5Jx13 stamp on them let me know. take care! Matt
  9. Thanks, Bill. Any chance you have a Tii steel wheel or two among your wheels? Also, do you have any photos of how this looks on your 02 so I could get better pespective? Matt
  10. Looks Ike that would fit a double-barrel Weber, right? I’m interested if so.
  11. Believe that 4.80 is the manufacture date code. April 1980.
  12. Do you have a photo of the date on this bottle, Julio?
  13. Any of these still available by chance? Thanks, Matt
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