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  1. If were looking at #3 it looks like an old gasket stuck there perhaps, if that is just the mating surface that looks like it might be part of your issue no way youre getting a good seal there
  2. So i was able to get a window for a fellow FAQ member for a great price will be fitting it today and hopefully pitting this issue to rest..that is until i do the passenger side😨
  3. Get us a closer pic here, i zoomed in and i think i can see a defect on 3 but its hard to say. I know you said they are new gaskets but the latest video is symptomatic of a vacuum leak. The trouble with vacuum leaks is that everything can appear to be fine but a doubled up gasket or a hairline crack will cause issues
  4. Got a lead locally should check out by the end of the week
  5. interested in door glass if you still have it tried to PM but cant
  6. Ive been looking locally id hate to have to grab it off ebay...going to cost way too much thankfully i havnt had many incidents where i have to pay the price for a lesson..this isnt the end of the world hopefully ill be able to find something under $100
  7. Clear looking for something in NY so i dont have to spend a fortune on shipping
  8. Looking for clear in Long island NY
  9. So a quick update i shattered the window glass..totally on accident...usually id be throwing stuff across the garage..really just worried about finding a replacement if anyone has an idea?
  10. Looking for driver side window glass
  11. ah yes I read that but kind of missed the part that said loosen the regulator bolts too..will give this a try tonight
  12. So I was in the garage over the weekend and Im having trouble figuring out how to adjust the vent glass I know the 2 bolts at the base of the door are part of the adjustment ...just seems like im not doing this correctly
  13. You are correct its a bit low but I couldn't get it better than where I have it now, the seal was done a while ago...I should have taken the time to adjust the door then but I was honestly a little inexperienced...I have no trouble with motor and mechanical work but when it comes to making it pretty I lack some of the skills.. learning slowly but surely
  14. Ive heard that works, I do have 2 on order should be here next week...so ill wait until then
  15. You are correct in your observation, not sure of the accident part but I am sure this car has been repainted by some slop who had little regard but that's ok because EVENTUALLY I will get after a proper paint job, for now I just needed to have the door close properly so I don't have to slam it and it bounce almost every time. The best thing is that this car runs, drives and stops...have had it for 3 years doing a little at a time..you all should have seen it when I bought it lmaoo
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