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  1. Stoddard, Pelican , Pegasus all have what you need by the meter. Nanufactures by Cohline
  2. We ancient infantrymen still believe the 12” slit trench works best
  3. I don’t think the photos above show an up-close factory routing of the fuel supply line from the filter. Thinking it was probably braided and routed under the air filter horn and used some kind of a wire hold down on the KF . The experts will know
  4. That's some serious camber Noud...got tires?
  5. It’s installed by inserting it up through the console opening?
  6. Got the idea early that With the battery relocated you can get cooler air to the intake... then I saw that there was another likeminded member here on FAQ that had actually done it. So, after removing and refastening the overcenter attachments it is finished
  7. Pix of engine bay, interior, trunk? Or did I miss them?
  8. Symptom Happened to me twice in my driving career spanning some 55 years.The first was a clogged canister filter that let enough fuel through to drive around town all day, but not enough on the highway after 5 min . The other was too large main jets that soaked the plugs at high speed and low load.
  9. Ideal for a group snipe hunt
  10. Sorry to be so doleful and hopeful you haven't invested too much in this puppy but it's appearance on the face it classifies it as junk. The rust looks to be distributed pretty much all over the entire car and I don't think you have found it all yet. For me the rust makes it a parts car. But if, for some reason I was keen on salvage, the approach would be complete disassembly and a proper strip with a goal of making it a reliable track car or street rocket, although the sun roof would make that problematic. As you know there are lots of folks here who do this as a livelihood and can give you perhaps better advice but mine is you can't begin to understand what you have until its down to bare metal.
  11. Not just salt water...zinc anodes are a must on any metal immersed in even fresh water
  12. ^^^yeah , that’s it. Knew there had to be something there. Is there one on the driver side? Thanks Les
  13. Tii? If you have a clock, the stock # for the bulb is a BA 7. LEDs are nice.
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