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  1. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth they were part of the right of passage
  2. A little piece of worthless trivia ....Fuch wheels also came in 14s, they were for “comfort “. They are next to nothing in value. The 15s are going for $4000/set restored.
  3. Those numbers have to be related to something meaningful . How about kilograms for full compression, or maybe newton per centimeter might make sense
  4. Yeah , I realized that “lbs “ really don’t mean much other than being relative to the actual rate...so it was the spring’s position relative to the trailing arm center of rotation that was my wake up moment . My suspension tuning days are long gone, not planning to reinvent the wheel here with this project.
  5. Ahh yeah...the rears are inboard
  6. Maybe that “Orange is the new red”
  7. That’s what confuses me. Any one of those springs (assuming I understand the specification ) is more stiff than the fronts. Might there be a second color which identifies a softer spring, as the blue does for the fronts?
  8. My 73 Tii has remnants of blue and white ID paint on the front coils (614-636), nothing on the rear. What would be the paint scheme on a typical set of rear springs matched to the front for a street car by the factory ?
  9. Engine in the car , it may not be a good idea. Engine out is probably good housekeeping I would think
  10. The age old “collector” vs “enthusiast” mindset....the single most overused term over on the early 911S forum is the word “correct “, as in “that’s not correct”.
  11. It’s a freakin stripped track car. What do decent track cars go for nowadays?

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