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  1. All of the Doolittle raiders are gone now. They reside in heaven and visit Hornet pilots’ ready room often
  2. Would anyone have a photo of the stance of a USA showroom car, as delivered in 73? Maybe one of your cars when new about that time (not an advertisement photo).
  3. Mike A

    I'm sorry

    Let’s see...1 Porsche before Vietnam and somewhere between 20-25 Porsche and 4 bimmers after. It’s a disease...terminal.
  4. For a January 73 Tii , do these switches appear to be correct ? The connectors match those in the original harness so I'm hopeful there are no surprises. Unfortunately I won't have access to the car for awhile to test them.
  5. I think pretty much all aftermarket rotors are Centric nowadays. Over on the early 911 forum somebody tracked down that even the Ate variety are made by the same Centric supplier. I use them on the 911S and here too
  6. brings up a question....has anyone been successful in cutting these aftermarket rotors when changing pads?
  7. Damn! I now remember that my new 72 had that feature. It served to deplete the battery a number of times. Thanks for jarring the gray matter
  8. So, mystery solved thanks to some help from people in the know at Vintage Sports Restoration. The car is a 73 tii . The switches that came with the car were the later variety and had to be rewired to connect to the original harness. A new set of early switches on the list.
  9. Thanks Nick , he was on my list Thanks again Steve.....you know I just realized that I have never seen the word copacetic spelled before
  10. Thanks Steve....My car came with later switches that were bugged to the earlier harness... the connectors didn’t match.....And there was no heat shield
  11. For a 73 Tii, would anyone have access to a photo of the early style switches (dimmer on the left) and one of the manifold heat shield ?
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