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  1. For anyone who might be interested there’s a couple of them left on eBay for $20 . ... compared to $100+ from the usual suspects
  2. Might anyone know whether BMW 61311369289 , a rear defrost switch believed to be for a 320i, would fit in the dummy green of the stock console?
  3. There’s a guy over on the 911S registry that will service your Kuenzel for $50. If it needs repair he sends it to Jeff in Texas who rebuilt mine for $150. Wish I could be more helpful but will look in my file for receipts and more info. north Hollywood became accustomed to the Porsche market where it’s whatever the market will bear.
  4. What are you using for the plastic door fasteners?
  5. wire them good and proper like an FAA mechanic
  6. It happened to me as well. Was desperate for a drivers side frame rail. Payment sent through Zelle was the problem, so add that service as a no/no for internet purchases. Brian Baker was his name. I am fortunate to have a family member in the data mining business and there were enough others here on this forum to put together enough phone #, addresses and alias that I found his current address. The culprit was unlucky enough to live in the same county. 24 hours after A visit to police headquarters and interview with a detective I received my money back through Zelle. Brian Baker has a GoFund Me account trying to raise money to adopt a cute little girl.
  7. A decent auto interior shop can sew a very nice leatherette wrap on a dash and make it look almost original but for a couple of seams. Cost effective solution for a nice high quality driver.
  8. very nice ride...for some reason those wheels/tires look massive...a set of 13s would be more proportional and make the car dynamite
  9. Original Tii wheels? Thought they were 5.5....what do I know?
  10. The goal is to get it to look as it did when it rolled off the showroom floor, stance included....finally got the 5.5 “ wheels and hubcaps on
  11. Before I get too aggressive, do these caps get removed to inboard or outboard? They are not cooperating. Thanks for the help
  12. You are correct about style...that’s what makes the world go around
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