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  1. Actually I don't need this . What I need is for Jblue (Brian Barker?) on this site to read this and sends me the frame rail that I bought from him on Jan 4. I have left negative feedback and will remove it if he makes good on the sale.
  2. …..more importantly, where is my frame rail that I bought from you on Jan 4? 30 messages and no response after you told me it was shipped. If you would respond with shipping info/tracking number it would be appreciated.
  3. Time and money have more than a philosophical relationship. if your "long delay" effectively becomes "never" you probably know the answer. I am having the same problem with another selling parts on this forum . Not ready to pull the plug yet, but kicking myself I the ass for trusting a newby who hasn't been vetted.
  4. Mike A

    Date code on these wheels?

    Ahhhh...thank you
  5. Can any of you detail geeks decipher the date code if there is one on this wheel? Thanks, Mike
  6. Mike A

    Gauge cluster, body panels, 4 speed

    Where is my frame rail that I bought from you said was shipped but did not provide a tracking number??? It has ben 8 days....does not take that long from Memphis to NY, What's the story?
  7. I am hopeful that I can come in under $60k for a full mechanical and interior resto of the Tii. Unfortunately I bought too high for a turd. But this one however was $80k (me doing much of the work).... but might be a little more on the gain given the current market
  8. Mike A

    trailing arm bushings

    ...as mentioned above , installing the new rubber is a simple matter with threaded rod and large washers....just make sure you have the fat end outboard...a little dish detergent makes it a snap, Good Luck.
  9. Mike A

    trailing arm bushings

    After 10 sec of thinking about it ( being the first time) and after finding it almost impossible to set up a press....yea, burning them out was the only way...get over it, it’s only slightly messy. Do it outside obviously
  10. Mike A

    Rally casualty

    I learned long ago when competing with a car.....It's never "if" or "when"...it is "how bad"
  11. Harry...I need the brackets. Please contact me. Thanks, Mike
  12. Mike A

    Early Warning Alert

    This may be a false alarm , and I'll provide the details if my fears are realized in a couple of days when the part doesn't show up. All you savvy tech guys already know this for sure....but do not pay anyone you do not know on this site (or any site obviously) using the bank transaction website called Zelle. The user name I just purchased a part from knows something about these cars and can provide photos before shipping. The scarry part right now is It was not easy to provide the photo since it had to be cut out of a donor car, very improbable had the person not been an 02 motor head. The user name preferred that I use Zelle, is relatively new to this site and has disappeared...incommunicado....
  13. Mike A

    Amazing network of scam sites

    Early warning Alert. A scammer who knows something about these cars and can provide photos of parts before shipping may have turned up on this site in Parts Wanted classified. Stand by....the part should be here no later than Tuesday. If it doesn't show I'll give you all the details. The cash transaction website Zelle was used ostensibly to avoid PayPal fees. I am worried because the user name is new to the site and has now gone missing.
  14. Mike A

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    Air dams perhaps belong on track cars (although I am not convinced that they make a difference even in that application below 120 mph). On street 02s they remind me of the whale tails on slab side early Porsches, too disco ...they just don't look right. But that's just me.
  15. Mike A

    Too many cars?

    Over the years I've had as many as 7 Porsches' in the stable....one was usually a track car ...that didn't include the street cars. Storage is always a problem. I'm now looking at a nice bugeye Sprite...that might push her over the edge....