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  1. This parts supplier is about as trustworthy as sushi from a gas station
  2. You are right...it's a torsional spring which is what jturner is installing I presume. But "sway bar" is a misnomer.
  3. The one final option is heat...plenty of it...like from oxy-acetylene ….and if you have any stud left a good vice grip. Barring that you are in for a long day.
  4. Keep us updated...nothing adds bling better than a nice tidy electrical harness and panel
  5. For a performance aftermarket installation, the down link length should be adjustable. I has to be adjustable so that, when attached to the antiroll bar arm when the car is on the ground, there is no load imposed on either wheel. If you want to get really anal, have someone of your weight sit in the driver's seat and then adjust the link. Not too critical for a street build. But if you are looking to lower your lap time by a few tenths you'll be happy you did it right.
  6. message to ST: it is an anti-roll bar. Don't mind me, I had a bad day.
  7. "The front strut may be assembled incorrectly. There is a concave/convex washer that must be correctly positioned or the steering will bind. Third from top in yellow, looks like it is in the convex position in the diagram." +1....what he said
  8. Edgar I’ll taktthem shipping to 12549
  9. Beer is dispensed by a hawker in the aisle. Cash only and he doesn’t have the coins for the change. Nobody adds the dime along with the 5 and the 10, so “Keep the change mate”....
  10. The price of a beer in a plastic cup in Yankee Stadium is $15.10 (Guess why the $.10)
  11. The placement in the car is what I would like to see, Thanks, Mike
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