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  1. Ahh... a gusset to eliminate (almost) deflection. Makes sense
  2. Actually a great deal....on the way back from acquiring a very pricey piece of antiquity for my 72 911S .... had to inspect it first ...how did you know?
  3. Well then....avoid using the Stacon connectors....solder and shrink tube
  4. I thought it came preassembled , harness and all connectors. Did you not want to go the plug and play route?
  5. Run them under a bench wire wheel and paint them
  6. Yeah...The longitudinal would need some serious reinforcement to build up its section modulus. I would bet that car’s suspension geometry moves quite a bit under stress
  7. Steve.... other than hack off the top of the sedan what structural mods were added to the chassis to prevent the car from folding in half?
  8. Maybe it’s me , but with all the work you’ve done thus far and the work you can still DIY including the head I can’t understand why you would want to put it back in the car without going all the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to have a shop do a full bottom rebuild. Have the head done as well before it gets reassembled. ( The guides on mine failed at 140,000 mi) Money well spent , and if you can do much of the gofer work for the shop, it won’t be that expensive. If it was mine I would always be worried about the health of that motor back in the car without the full service. Mike
  9. I am too intimidated to point out to a tenured professor that the rubber was "not correct"
  10. On today For you guys that like ragtops (can’t get my phone to provide a link)
  11. No resistors used .no hyper flash issues ..and .the reverse lights are amazing
  12. Was looking for a photo of how it was installed. Thank you. What size mandrel? Looks like maybe a bicycle spoke would do
  13. Bought mine from Superbrightleds.com....they have every bulb you would want. But if you decide to replace the instrument bulbs, leave the generator bulb in the cluster...the tach won't work without it.

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