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  1. ^^^ I hear ya, but somebody working with these cars since they were first built surely must have worked out the numbers, no?
  2. Sorry to be so direct, but that’s a cob job . You didn’t buy this car from Select Classics did you?. Looks like the bottom half of the rail was gobbed on by a hack who knows nothing about welding. The gap in the rail at the critical point leads me to believe there is little structural support in the piece. Have you checked the floor and the area below the pedal box? Hard to imagine that the rail would be this far gone with no corrosion in the floor area
  3. Probably a rhetorical question, but why do we discuss coil spring options for the 02 by the name on the box as opposed to the specifications, spring rate and free length in particular? Would not this information be a better way to identify what works for street, performance, race?
  4. Mike A


    I was born too early
  5. Mike A


    Probably...I have a letter from BMW somewhere in the files and it may authenticate the 29th. I’ll check
  6. ^^^ correct ….5".....lost consciousness for a minute
  7. +1 for having one set each of the FPS alloys and 5 1/2" steelies on the Tii . Hard to go wrong with OEM
  8. Yup...Glasurit , single stage...that's the ticket
  9. Jeez....they look better than any wheels I’ve seen for the 02.
  10. it's a simple relay installation correct? One for dim, one for brights? (The wire gage should be 10 and 12 twelve AWG....leave the 14-18 in the drawer). The 2d schematic is probably what you have ( combine one dim and one bright into one bulb to match the 3 conductors in your headlight pigtail)
  11. At long last, it has finally been explained https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/ownership/how-to-check-your-cars-engine-oil/ar-AADsR2y?ocid=spartanntp
  12. The rubber piece in the trunk that fits over the shock absorber. I need one. Zip is 12549. Thanks for your help
  13. A far cry from what I remember in 1967

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