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  1. Well aren't you a sly fox.....New From W&N $460 American including shipping
  2. Mike A

    Unusual front signal light setup

    That's a Select Classic fix. Any chance the the car from Dallas, Texas?
  3. Mike A

    Bav auto

    Confirmed that the inventory went to ECS
  4. for a Neue Klasse 4 door, Ordered incorrectly for my project , it is NIB for $300. plus whatever the shipping cost. Mike
  5. W&N new frame rail for the Neu Klasse 4 door....ordered incorrectly for my project. Brand new
  6. My first experiment with EvapoRust. This fuel pickup was pretty corroded. The photos are after an overnight immersion. It came out with a better than expected result. There remains deep corrosion under the top tubing sweeps that wasn't removed... that will have to get the blast cabinet treatment.
  7. Mike A

    Battery Tenders

    ^^^^ Yeah, ditto for the wife's e46 BMW in Florida since 2003.. not used for 7 months ..mounted a Shumacher.in the engine bay and she plugs it in when leaving after the season. The original battery was replaced in 2016 after failing to take a full charge.
  8. When it comes to torque specs everybody has opinions, I trust professionals with the requisite background, both practical and academic. See for instance Carroll Smith, "Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners....", 1990. pp 48-52. You might find more info than you wanted to know
  9. Mike A

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    my experience with a 3 liter 6 cylinder 914 race car....TWM throttle bodies, Electromotive Tek1 ….pretty simple....programming a car to be drivable with a 906 cam took a little time, but that engine is still running strong 20 years later
  10. Harry...do you have a decent gas tank?
  11. Mike A

    Frame rail

    Anyone with a donor car for chassis parts to cut out? I need a decent drivers side frame rail . Thanks for any reply that may point me in the right direction. Mike
  12. Mike A

    74 tii Rebuild Questions

    factory grind stock cam or you will be going backwards
  13. Mike A


    I'm in if it has a decent driver's side frame rail 🙄
  14. Mike A

    1973 grill bracket help

    Harry has them for $25/pr