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  1. Hello All, I have a 1974 2002, but often think about getting an 1800 one day. As I was googling car pictures (like I know we all do) and I noticed this color combination and just love it. Did the 1800s ever come in two tone, maybe in Germany, or was this done by the owner? At any rate, some great inspiration for me to dream of a future car. P.S. I love the whitewalls on this too... I know its not a popular opinion but my family has always had American cars from the 1950s so that taste has likely rubbed off on me. Cheers, Ric
  2. This is a great idea for a project, it will be cool to see what all turns up. And you are right., Conserv... Here in NJ my '74 is listed as a model "200" on the title. I remember the MVC telling me they only were allowed three characters.
  3. I had this done not too long ago, it made such a huge difference in handling.
  4. Finished the carpet install, and got the Blaupunkt Frankfurt in... Turned the knob, and voila! Success! IMG_6728.MOV
  5. Wow, nice job and an awesome car. Be sure to keep us posted on progress, it'll be fun to see how it comes along. Take care, Ric
  6. A good idea - a man has often has no greater friend that a roll of Gorilla Tape. I was an engineer in the space program for some time, and you would be amazed at how often it was used.
  7. Thanks Mike, I should be able to access the back of the tear as they're just near the fold-over. I'll give it a try.
  8. Hi Everyone, I’d like to repair three tears I have in the bottom front portion of my back seat. The rest of the seat is in good shape, so I don’t want to go for a re-cover. This portion of the seat doesn’t really get seen by anyone (check out the photos) so it doesn’t have to be all that elegant. Furthermore I’m planning on dying the vinyl black so a patch could be any color. I really just don’t want the tears to propagate. Have any of you done this or have recommendations on how to go about it, what material/adhesive/technique? Kind regards, Ric
  9. That's awesome! It even looks like there's a Blaupunkt Frankfurt in there.
  10. Themis, you are correct. After a little more inspection, the screws in question would be narrower than a #14, and definitely not as long (lest they pierce the electronics of the wiper switch). For some more clarity, I took a few more photos, and you can see that I am looking to fix Part #9 in the realoem drawing to the plastic part via the areas indicated by the red arrows below. The last photo is me holding the piece up to the bottom of the steering column for reference. Ric
  11. Perfect, thank you - this is exactly what I was looking for Cheers, Ric
  12. Hello everyone, Does anyone happen to know the technical specs for the screws that secure the "Lower Steering Column Knee Bolster Trim Panel" to the Steering Column? (see photos). A jaunt through the search function and the realoem diagrams were not fruitful, at least for me. I'm sure I can pick these up at the hardware store, but I don't know what to look for. Thanks, Ric
  13. Thanks Esty, you're right... it looks like that will be a tricky step. The padding that is fixed to the back of the carpeting in that area is pretty thick
  14. Yes! This makes more sense... After looking at a few other photos online through the lens of your post, I can see that the zig zag at 5:00 from the brake pedal pass-though would be for the gas pedal. And you're right, I'll have figure some way to accommodate the accelerator nubs. Thanks!
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