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  1. Hi All, I have a '74 non-tii that has a cracked exhaust manifold and seeing this an opportunity to upgrade. Does anyone have one available in good shape? Kind regards, Ric
  2. Me too, I actually think about this car from time to time. I wish I could take it on, it's awesome
  3. Hey Jerry, thanks! I just checked the link you posted for my car (4228086), and got this information below which is really neat to see. Unfortunately, it looks like I need to hold a California ID in order to submit an online VIN history (I'm in NJ). I'll try to call the California DMV next week to see if they can maybe help me offline. Vehicle Information STAR Certification Required Referee Certification Required Program Area NO NO Enhanced Test Records Make Model Year Date / Time Pass / Fail Certificate Referee Inspection BMW 2002 1974 05/30/2002 12:35 p.m. P EP934255C NO BMW 2002 1974 05/30/2002 12:31 p.m. A NO BMW 2002 1974 05/30/2002 10:49 a.m. P NO BMW 2002 1974 08/08/2000 03:04 p.m. P DW939016C NO BMW 2002 1974 07/17/1998 12:01 p.m. P DC427099C NO BMW 2002 1974 07/25/1996 01:39 p.m. P AG077682C NO Number of Tests Found = 6 Pass/Fail Code Definitions: P=Pass, F=Fail, A=Aborted, R=Not Ready, D = Data Check Fail. The vehicle's OBD system data is inappropriate for the vehicle being tested, T=Failed test with Emission Device found to be Tampered. *A "Blank" column can also indicate an aborted test.
  4. Interesting - I've never heard of a VIN history, but it sounds like what I would need as well. Prior to me having it shipped to Jersey, my car was in California for decades and I know essentially nothing of its history. What kind of information would one get from a VIN history? Perhaps I can get in touch with the California DMV...
  5. Hi All, The recent activity on this thread had me looking through to see if anyone has done NJ yet. I didn't see it, so I reached out to the NJ MVC tonight. I'll let you know what I find out. Ric
  6. Steve, thanks for taking the time to give such a thorough and helpful response! Exactly the information I was looking for. And man, after the repaint (and even in the 2020 photo) the Polaris is looking amazing Ric
  7. When I wrote to BMW archives I received an email back that the original color on my '74 was "Polaris Metallic" (Code 060), which makes sense to me as that is more or less the current color. However, I am perhaps being stuck on the word "metallic". If I have a look at my car right now, it seems silver/gray, but I don't see it as true metallic paint. I know my car was repainted once in the past, maybe they didn't use the right color? Also, I know from searching on this site that Polaris had variants of names "neu, PVC, etc..." Anyway, I bring this up as I'm getting the car repainted soon, and I'll be asking for Polaris, paint code 060. Should my expectations be a metallic paint? From my research, it seems @Conserv is an authority on the matter, does anyone happen to know? Thanks, Ric
  8. Thanks John! I think this would be just the think I'd need
  9. Thanks Les, do you know where a fella would pick up such brackets if they are needed?
  10. I agree with Esty, I used vinyl dye from Autozone to change my rear seat and door cards to from blue to black, and it worked really well for me. I just made sure they were ultra clean and used several light coats.
  11. Hi All, I'm in the process of buying the BluntTech bumper conversion kit for my '74, and am wondering how the front license plate mounts. Unfortunately, here in New Jersey, a front plate is still required for my car. Is there some sort of alteration that is needed, or holes that need to be drilled? I have a question in with BluntTech on this, but I wanted to check with anyone here that actually had to put such a solution into practice on their car. Thanks Ric
  12. Haha! Thanks ! Yours look great - you could eat off of those!
  13. Steve, these photos are awesome! Great quality for the time as well. Especially cool for me as my 74 is Polaris; it's fun to imagine what it looked like when it just rolled off the line. Cheers, Ric
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