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  1. As I see most in this forum would have had a frame rail,floor panel or shock tower replacement in the life time of there 2002 build. Getting Quality parts I can imagine is a must. Wanted to know what recommendations would you guys have for such parts. I’m in the process of getting floor panels and frame rails for repairs. Was thinking about restoration -design. Prices look good. Wanted to know where most of you guys do your shopping at.
  2. Mines is ‘71. Picked it up about a month ago. Lots of work but love the car.
  3. Oh ok thanks. Is it better then mechanical fuel pump. Or doesn’t make a difference
  4. Just trying to figure out what this is. Figured you guys could give some insight into what it is. Just got into these cars and I’m newbie on 2002. Found next to the fuel tank.
  5. Got the car started today. But it quickly turned off. Glad that car engined turned over. Now have to figure why it’s not staying on. The car came with Mikuni carbs. Never worked on those. But I’ve read those are set and forget type of carbs. Waiting for new floor panels and frames for body repair.
  6. Thanks a lot mike. I’ve been basically going down the process of elimination in that order so far. I’m gonna give it another test before I pull the starter. Thank again
  7. In the process of ordering the frame rails and floor panels. And the Necessary things I need to do the repairs. I want to do it right and take my time. Things like this I feel I can’t rush. Especially for someone like me who’s never done that kind of work before. But my other main issues is getting the Electrical issues sorted out. I have the lights working but the starter doesn’t seem to make any click. So I tried to connecting the battery to the solenoid and still nothing. Checked the battery and it’s good. So I’m thinking maybe the starter.
  8. Yeah not sure what I’m gonna do. I mean how bad can the car look with that type of face. I’m really not looking for a full resto look. I just love these cars and having fun and modifying them. What you car think?
  9. Ok so I thought about this for a minute. If the nose on my car is a square tail nose. Shouldn’t there be any signs of welds around the nose area or around the firewall? And would I be able to tell by looking under the hood? I looked there and all you see is original paint. And the square boxes look like the person who had the car before me cut those boxes out. And is cutting out the Nose a common thing. Just curious about that. What should I look for.
  10. Looking for a ‘74 left and right grill. If anyone has please let me know. Thanks guys.
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